1. Heat stroke lasts a while, end up being sensitive AF to the heat ,, for months if its bad.

    1. Yeah fell sick for the first time when I was only 12, doing athletics training. Was down for 2 weeks, had it happen to me a few times, last time was in 2004 where I ended up in hospital. It’s no joke, you feel like your heart is jumping out of your body, you are nauseas and faint and I had hot and cold fever.

  2. That is crazy what those health workers are going through. China is putting it’s own health workers at health risks.

  3. They should remove the suit and just wear masks and gloves. I find wearing the whole suit unnecessary. They can wash their work clothes and wear clean ones as an alternative.

  4. Cons say it isn’t happening. Maybe we the people should send them over there to help out and think about climate change.

  5. But a self-proclaimed bigly genius said, “it will go away when it gets warm”. It’s like you can’t believe anything he says.

    1. Yup. The moronic golden calf says thing based on “genius” thinking that only he and a 3 year old understands. – – Note that the reply from “Kristy Campbell” is a comment from a Bot the replies with the same thing when someone says something negative about the bigly genius/golden calf. I have gotten it myself on 3 different comments on other videos. I am guessing it keys on trigger words like “bigly genius”, “golden calf” and “moronic buffoon” among other descriptive terms.

  6. Damn talk about determination on their part never known anyone could stand a hazmat suit for that long😲

  7. People all over the world should work together for victory over the false leadership that refuses to take action against the crises.

  8. That moment water gushing .. I thought it was Urine.. Never seen sweat that much 😳🤨😟

  9. Wow this reminds me when covid first strike in China when people was dropping like flies on trains shops bars

  10. I had heat stroke earlier this week while being outside in the early evening (little direct sun on me). It was awful. I was down for two days. I’ve lived in the AZ desert of Phoenix for 30+ yrs and never had a problem before, but I am older now of course, so that’s a factor. Even if you think you can handle the heat, DO NOT RISK YOUR LIFE! These folks are not faking it. IT IS A SERIOUS CONDITION!!!

    1. I am so sorry you went through that; I hope you are okay and have someone to take care of you too. I have heard and know it is very hot there in Arizona. The weather here in Texas has been just unbearable! Just a week ago, it was 118 degrees, this whole week 103-105. Last February we went through a horrible arctic freeze, the coldest I have ever felt in my life and the Texas power grid was just 3 minutes shy of a total state blackout and now we are going through this heatwave drought and our Texas grid is under threat again because of the extensive heat. We have just been staying indoors, using our air conditioning, drinking tons of water and watching Christian movies. It is safer and not worth getting heat stroke or worse, you are right.

    2. My natural color is neon white. It actually works well in hot sunny weather as long as I don’t overdue it.

      I was able to run around in Guam stripped to the waist for about 4 hours before I started to get even a little pink, while my darker skinned Caucasian co workers looked like blistered lobsters.

  11. If the heat wave is brutal what then is the Chinese government…. “Dying together builds community strength”

  12. It is natural for the Chinese, the main culprit of environmental pollution, to suffer so much.🥱

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