The 13 Fallen Soldiers Passed ‘Doing The Most Honorable Thing’ Imaginable 1

The 13 Fallen Soldiers Passed ‘Doing The Most Honorable Thing’ Imaginable


Retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel and Kentucky Senate candidate, Amy McGrath, gives condolences to the families of the 13 soldiers who passed last week due to the bombing near the Kabul airport  .

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  1. Rest in peace to U.S. Army staff sergeant Knauss.

    Rest in peace to my 11 fallen Marine brothers and sisters. Until Valhalla.
    Semper Fi..

    And rest in peace to our brother Navy Corpsman “Doc” Soviak.
    Corpsman up!!!!
    A call that has never gone unanswered.

    1. As the heroes were brought out to be honored, our president glibly checks his watch while loved ones mourned . Hes a disgrace to this nation.

    2. @maria schultz He is CiC & probably wanted bgg to document the time of their arrival. When something important happens I always check the time so I can remember to put it in my journal. Give it a rest

    3. @Melissa Harrison , Its just like one of Trump’s aids said: “The president doesnt need to check his watch, everyone will wait.”

    1. @Geff Joldblum Biden is going to be heralded as the only president of the last 4 that actually had the guts to get the troops out and back home. This isn’t a hill that he is going to die on this is the hill that is going to guarantee him a second term, if he wants it.

    2. Trump also made a deal with Mexico on immigration and Joe had no problem ripping that up. So a president who’s been out of office for months still has the ability to conduct and approve military operations? Nope- Joe Biden owns this. Get some help for your TDS

  2. Wonderful acknowledgement of who these people are. My heart goes out to their families. They are to be honoured. That some of these people who died were babies at the time of 9/11 is inconsequential. All service men and women were babies at some stage.

  3. You know they wouldn’t have had to die if Obama had pulled out when the mission was accomplished in the first place

  4. It’s just sick to think about. They were an infant when the war started… 20 years old, not even old enough for a beer…

    1. Had Joe Talibiden been of sound mind those young Americans would be alive. Democrats voted for Talibiden as a joke and ppl died. Not so funny now is it?

    2. Am so sorry for their families. They were heroes, and they knew how dangerous their mission was. May they Rest In Peace.

    3. It’s no joke we voted for Biden & we support him still. Now is the time to honor these brave fallen heroes & all of our brave fallen heroes during this our longest war in Afghanistan. For all our troops that have fought in this long war we thank you all for your service & the sacrafices that you’ve made & the sacrafices your families have made as well. We the people thank you.

    4. @Melissa Harrison So true. It’s only the critics who still wanted to have a military presence in Afghan that are sounding off. It’s only these critics that can stand back and say, it could’ve been done differently !? It’s so easy to be a critic, when the buck stops with the President. The majority of Americans wants out, and rightly so !? It’s unfortunate that these 13 young heroes lives were taken. But how much more lives would have been sacrificed if the military had stayed on !??

      I, for one, will always remember, that it was President Biden who finally put an end to a war, that no other President would have done. It was he, who listened to the American people, and followed thru on it. The American people are the priority, and there are enough challenges on the home front to deal with.

    5. @Melissa Harrison Why would you voye for a man who has a history of racism? Who is on video touching little girls?

  5. Amen~
    May God rest ALL the men & women who have sacrificed with their lives. But all the veterans of Afghanistan war..God bless you..

  6. Today is the day to pray for the families of the fallen soldiers we have lost. I have a lot to say about the rest in the past 40+ years due to the wars in Afghanistan…but I will wait for anther day to complain as to the wrongs done in my birth place.

  7. My deepest sympathy to the families of our fallen 13 soldiers, thank you for your service. We lost 1,000 Americans yesterday to Covid19. It is time for all citizens to demonstrate there patriotism and care for our fellow citizens and get vaccinated.

    1. @Mark Antony correct, that is why 400,000 died for covid under Trump. But people want to ignore what you say, My Body My Choice

  8. such a tragedy for some Americans
    to deny
    that Marines are soldiers.
    ie “the marines are not soldiers of america”

  9. Thanks for your service, and SIP all of you. May the good Lord keep watch over my only child in the USAF.

  10. I’m sick to my stomach. This shouldn’t of happen, thank you so much to these brave souls! never forgotten. God bless you

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