1. That’s a negative! Georgia is attached to the Chattahoochee and Creek Indians and many counties name still exist. I lived in Muscogee and as a kid I asked why and learned. How about teaching people why the name was given versus canceling a history. That is even more offensive.

    1. Also, it’s people like this that damage Atlanta. Look at the All Stars game. Brave translates to a warrior. The chop isn’t their to mock Native Americans. It’s there to celebrate a team. A team that honesty has united a lot of different people. United more people than the politicians that claim that they care. This video is marketed to get views. More views = more money.

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  4. Most amazing scene in sports is when they dim the lights and chop in Atlanta. BRAVES keep doing your thing. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  5. Anyone with a snarky punch 🥊 me in the face like his; you automatically know there’s gonna be a problem. 😝

  6. The name “Redskins” was racist. The “Indians” name at worst was just historically incorrect. There is nothing wrong with being named after a specific warrior tribe.

  7. Good luck getting fans to stop the chanting and chop. You going to toss the whole stadium of fans? 🤣

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