1. Gen.
    John Kelly Active: 40 years, Marine
    Conan Delta Force K-9 Active: 4 years, Army
    Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman Active: 20 years, Army
    Sen. John McCain Retired: 22 years, Navy
    Gen. Mattis Retired: 44 years, Marine
    Robert Mueller Vietnam: 3 years, Marine
    Pres. Donald J. Trump Deferred: 5 times, Military Service

    1. @Kay Bel I guess you didn’t read the question properly, everything you mentioned have context and how exactly does that make him the best POTUS in history? I would say Lincoln was perhaps the best since he did at least go to war to free slaves. Trump is a criminal, even admitted by republican senators. Trump isn’t even the best at the one thing he does most, lie. I’ll add, I never voted for Obama or Hillary. I dislike Clinton Bush and Trump equally, it’s a pity America didn’t give Yang a chance, he would have actually made America awesome.

    2. @Raymond Tucker Jr , Hey Ray, thank you for your service. Currently how many Americans do you employ? (families do your businesses support) you see not everybody is cut out for the military, some people have to generate profit so you boys can get paid and have your toys.

  2. “Peter if you can, explain what this event was.”
    This wasnt his grandma getting ran over by a train… weird people.

    1. I really wish the media would put the laser focus on the fact Trump is actually technically a mere civilian committing Felony Fraud daily, and the High TREASON is just gravy…Tax Evasion prohibited Trump from being legally on 2016 ballots. Whether he or his shell corporations were indicted for Tax Evasion over the years with gobs of Tax Evasion cases pending, the fact is,until it’s all cleared up in full – found guilty of Tax Evasion personally or not – you and I can’t legally get on ballots until our tax debts and lawsuits either end in waiver or given waiver by IRS. And no way Trump had that waiver.
      So again: LIST OF NAMES from Clerks to Congressional Members who pulled illegal stings to ILLEGALLY get Trump on each State’s ballot with his signature on those Federal Election Commission Eligibility Affidavits he PERJURED HIMSELF on, in writing…we want those names in the media headlines. We aren’t talking about whistleblowers, I’m talking about the opposite:
      A Watergate Whitewater Nixon Clinton cover-up, chapter 3!
      Who could be so dumb to risk committing ELECTION FRAUD to get Tax Evasion FELON TRAITOR TRUMP on that RNC BALLOT?!!!

    1. Deborah Head….he’s got a book coming out. If he had anything of value, we would have already heard it.

    1. America vs Trump
      Not possible to debate.
      When even General Kelly jumps off white nationalist Trumptanic, it’s no longer a debate.
      America vs Trump, can’t be both.

    1. @EvilGenius You have no idea what I look like, so you make it up. tRump does the same thing….it’s called lying.

    2. @MatterIsNotSolid tRump awarded Rush Limbaugh the Presidential freedom award. You still need convincing tRump is a racist?

    3. Judy Hall, yes I hate tRump.  No apologies.  I admit openly – in fact I’m proud to say –  that I hate all compulsive liars, frauds, idiots who claim intelligence and irresponsibly take on jobs well beyond their ability, tax evading rich kids, serial adulterers, serial sexual assaulters, racists, misogynists, people who disrespect religion by using it for political gain, etc. etc. etc. and if you support someone like that then, yes Judy, I hate you too.

    1. Not really. The Trump admin has had more turnover than any other in history. Hard to feel bad when you see what he kept. A press Sec that doesn’t do briefings, etc ..

    1. @hung well just so long as its Jebus and not Jesus…Typing can be difficult on these small keyboards, but the letter “S”, is no where close to the letter “B”. Anyhow, moving on

    2. Finding God TrumPEDO the Sex Trafficking sex worker hubby with illegal immigrant Anchor Baby mistress sex escort turned wife… Jeffrey Epstein’s Boss Donald Trump was never getting anyplace near Holy Divinity … his soul is Satan’s, and has been since his fake military reform school days.
      No debate possible.

    3. Wendel Bolide Impeachment #2 coming, so General Kelly’s comments matter still, but yes, he should have kicked Trump in his raisinettes in 2017 and forced Mitch to flush Turd Trump.

    1. @Andrew M I predict he’s coming out with a book soon and looking to catch some attention for book sales.

      Bolton apparantly made a ton of money during pre sales.

    1. @Swirvin’ Birds 85% of the country though the economy was the number one issue in 2009. In 2020, 10% of the country thinks the economy is the number one issue.

      Would you say that the economy is doing better or worse than 10 years ago?

      Seems like 75% of the country would say that it’s gotten better. Oops. Or are you going to make the argument that that the economy is still as bad as it was in 2009, and people just don’t care about it anymore?

    2. @Logan White Don Jr. That insipid greasy haired troll. Highly unlikely he will be elected…well maybe head dog catcher.

    3. @Logan White nice try at twisting the record there. Ask yourself this. How much better was the economy in 2017 compared to 2009? Then ask yourself how much better is the economy today as compared to 2017? Not even close. Basically what you are saying is Trump didn’t mess up the economy…

    4. @Logan White like most trump supporters, when challenged on your nonsense you shift the conversation to something else. If everything is so marvelous under trump, then why haven’t he reached a 3% annual GDP rate yet? Why has the deficit exploded in his three years? Why haven’t he created more jobs in his three years compared to Obama’s last three years?
      You sir are exactly the type of voter enjoys having, those who believe anything, and research nothing. The only thing Don the con has done is tax cuts for the rich, which has added two TRILLION dollars to the debt, and never bothered to deal with things that will really help the American people such as healthcare, infrastructure, prescription drugs etc. But his base thinks he has done so much for them.

  3. No adult at the helm. We the people. 60’s n 70’s: love not war. Young people took over. It’s that time again. Be a hero to yourself…….Peter Tork

    1. Aramai Jonassi Definitely, and some have plea deals to broker still. They better hurry, because as soon as Trump is deleted,their bargaining chips all gone.

    2. No it’s not. It’s past time for those who hear these testimonies to divorce trump. Kelly, tillerson and Bolton got fired by trump. They all spoke out, Bolton even has a book.

  4. so this is not a CNN’s interview with John Kelly but an interview of someone who might have talked to John Kelly.
    CNN loves telephone game.

    1. John Kelly is and will always be a POS. Remember when he lied about Fredericka Wilson? When the video showed he was lying when he said she made the FBI building commemoration about herself the press asked if he’d like to apologize and he said “absolutely not.” That’s the kind of person this man is. He and trump are one in the same.

      Republican Comey shamelessly helped trump get elected, then turned on him because he had buyer’s remorse. Democrats seem to forget that hm Comeys one of the reasons we got trump and really hasn’t done much to get us out of it. I hope they don’t forget how hard Kelly defended trump.

    2. 11STARFIRE Your OP stated Kelly never saw any Trump crimes, when obviously he saw them daily.
      I stated he could have spared America having a ball sack in 2017, and end this Imitation presidency of Tax Evasion Sex Offender Poosie Groper Trump.
      But if this late location of his ballsack is even just to jump into a Trumptanic lifeboat 3 years too late to sell a book, I prefer the Trump Princess yacht hands jump off Trump’s criminal ship of fools than stay onboard indefinitely, screwing America. I agree they sucked, as NOBODY sane or decent should be working to defend nor legitimize scumbag Trump in 2016, 17, 18, 19 because it was obvious by 2020 or before, Trump was going to burn his term down from corruption & incompetency, as his creditors desired.
      My concerns are many, but expecting a clean election in 2020 has been pacified by allowing Midterms to run fairly cleanly FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of being able to hack Trump back in 2020 and be able to say, “Your theory is moot since Midterms swayed to Democrats, so no way we tampered in 2020.”
      All elements lining up for Second Impeachment, a slow Impeachment in which all subpoenas blocked are headlines for weeks… A Second WARRANTED, VALID IMPEACHMENT = Nullification of Trump’s massive campaign funds, and a clear case to be made of Trump’s illegitimacy due to Tax Evasion & Perjury on Federal Election Commission Eligibility Affidavits.
      Trump is a cornered rabid criminal, and will do anything to cheat another illegitimate term. His option is jail or worse now, so don’t imagine this will be a clean election if he’s not fully neutered.
      And as far as Rex goes, his Exxon Ukraine ties sink him, as he was clearing out State Department staff for Trump if you recall, so he was in on this plan by Trump to reinstate Vlad’s Crimea Criminal Cronies to run the courts and elections in Ukraine for easy Russian takeover. Rex has lots of problems coming. I suspect he likes the Table Shower like Robert Kraft, because he was the top executive of the world’s largest corporation in size & valuation, and what on Earth could cause a competent guy to toss it all getting associated with Trump? Howard Stern Show kkklown fart contest warm up act Donald Trump as anyone’s ‘boss’ is not just a step down, that’s a step into a dark pit.
      Tillerson was either being blackmailed or extorted & bribed to take a job with well known Wall Street loser and sleazeball Donald Trump, or promised a Putin payday. It makes no sense.
      I will agree on General Mattis, he held the line and in some ways, we may learn he stopped this 4th Reich agenda Trump needs to escape prosecution via dismantling the Justice System.
      So Mattis is definitely on a short list of patriots who risked name and reputation for America to curb Trump. Vindman, Yovanovich, etc…we do have heroes.
      None defending Trump in 2020.
      General Mattis hopefully can shed light on General Kelly and others and we may learn Kelly warrants an Oscar, but he definitely went low low into racism territory and I’ll always have a jaundiced eye over General Kelly for that, even if he’s an FBI or CIA informant.
      Year of the Rat not a good omen for Trump’s creditors in Charles Kushner’s International Russian-Israeli Crime Syndicate. Some more Lev Parnas types will pop out, and that Jamal Khashoggi’s Uncle being who Trump purchased his Trump Princess yacht from is going to be understood in 2020 as why Jared asked MBS to get old pictures from Jamal Khashoggi, by whatever means.

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