1. Forgiving doesn’t mean not sending to prison for the remainder of his life or fighting off his rhetoric.

    1. Forgiveness is for the mental health of the victim, it’s not to forget what the perpetrator did.

  2. Always expected to forgive, enough is enough, people of color been forgiving since Emmett Till, since the Scottsboro Boys and look where it’s gotten us, nowhere…

    1. @Christopher Lucas no one is saying that you should keep your mouth shut. And having feelings about what happened is 👍 okay. And healthy. No one is implying you’re a racist either , making you feel the need to tell us how you’re married to a brown Asian lady. Racism is not okay in any way. And I’m sorry you have felt the effects too. What is a problem is the religious aspect of what you posted. And how strange that you don’t even address that when that’s what the issue was in the first place.

    2. @Clint Coop the lady that accused Emmett Till, admitted to lying about it and is still walking around free and unaffected

  3. Whether or not the person is forgiven doesn’t mean that they should get off scott free. It really is time to bring in Capital punishment for those who commit multiple homicides for any reason.

    1. I’ve always said. The good thing about the death penalty is that they can’t repeat offend. This world is just better off without some people in it.

    2. @Richard Owens that’s a problem with the process of the judicial system, not the act of capital punishment. It shouldn’t be that expensive to kill someone. The real issue with capital punishment and prison in general is that we punish innocent people and people for nonsense like having a bit of weed on them while being black

  4. Here we go again , how dare that reporter ask about “forgiveness”. So f…….inappropriate! Stop the damn stupid rhetoric about forgiveness; they are slaughtering us by design.

  5. Forgiveness is admirable and one can understand why victims and their families choose to forgive, but punishment should be swift, harsh and final.


  6. stop forgiving these maniacs! they don’t even WANT you to forgive them, don’t be doormat!

  7. Just because you turn the other cheek…it doesn’t mean you cannot grab the hand that will slap you.

  8. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, March 30 1953

  9. We have forgiven for years and it’s still the same these old school need to get out the way we shall over come some day ent cutting it no more it’s 2022

  10. This “turn the other cheek” “forgive your persecutors” ppl make me sick!!…Black ppl are expected to forgive the most heinous acts because of that Bible!!…smh

    1. They are reading it out of context. You forgive your brother and turn the other cheek for your people that stand with The Most High, not this pink meat weirdo.

  11. To forgive and forget this is so true but it is not an easy thing for everyone to do🤔

  12. I would never forgive this man. He is a monster. A life time of forgiveness has never helped then to keep the same systems in place for it to happen again. HELL NO!

    1. @Roxanna Mathis you know hitler accepted Jesus as his savior and that means you’ll be stuck with him in your gods heaven

  13. I have a problem with this why is it every time evil is done to black people we always have to forgive and forget enough of this foolishness we are dying out here in America and no one gives a dam!!….

    1. @Mike Pumps if you’re a true patriot my words shouldn’t be hard to understand

    1. Wayyyyyyyy too quick!!!
      Coming from the book of the oppressor!!!😒😒😒😒😤😤I’m so done

  14. My prayers are with the people that have lost their lives and their family my condolences.

  15. You can forgive this hardly adult man who recklessly killed so many people in apparantly racist attack. I hope people like him can get mental councelling so that we can avoid such incidents from ever happening. So tragic.

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