The Bigger Picture Being Missed About The Afghanistan Withdrawal 1

The Bigger Picture Being Missed About The Afghanistan Withdrawal


Foreign policy analyst David Rothkopf tells Jonathan Capehart that despite the immediate challenges of withdrawing from Afghanistan, "when we do have the benefit of history, we are going to realize this was the right thing to do."

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  1. The army didn’t fire back a single shot, and the Afghan president fled within a week.
    US military leaders sure got fleeced on this one!

    1. All probably stoned on heroin…./American war machine knew, all along, that the Afghan army were a bunch of beta males….they stayed to make their shareholders Uber wealthy…..

    2. @TheFlutecart Why would Americans combat? What is to be gained? We were helping Afghanistan soldiers so they can protect their own country and they gave up without a fight. We gave Afghanistan government and its people 20 years to get their s**t together. I mean for Christ sake how much time do they need?

    3. @Kickback Relax55 Oh They work We will find that out If We ever go back. We left enough ordinance for them to fight Us a LOT better than They had been. Good Ole U.S. Politics no brains at all.

    4. @Clark Kyle About 140 000 Afghans on both sides died in the fighting in the last 20 years. About 100 000 civilians also died.
      You want to see more dead Afghans?

  2. the afghan army , the warlords, the tribal leaders were either bought off, were always sympathetic to the taliban or just did what afghan tribesmen have always done that is go over to the winning side. totally pragmatic , nothing personal it was business.

    1. @21boxhead Yes, the chaos was planned by trumpompeo. But there’s nothing in the deal that says the government had to step down or flee. It’s easy enough to find the terms of trumps nearly unconditional surrender to the taliban

      Agreement for Bringing Peace to Afghanistan
      between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan which is not recognized by the United States
      as a state and is known as the Taliban and the United States of America
      February 29, 2020

    1. Ro – Until *then,* #45 will gaze happily at his *crayon-illustrated “Dayz Untill I Are Presidented Again” advent calendar,* perched in the middle of his *replica ‘Resolute Desk’.*

    2. That’s the problem isn’t it? Old T will NEVER get a Noble peace prize. Joe has one- upped him AGAIN!!!!!!!!

    1. @passerau So the $ of tax money spent on weapons, dones etc to the afgan army now in terrorist hands is no problem for you? Wtf is wrong with u americans….

    2. @Cody Davies Taliban just got army gear for 300.000 soldiers, payed by american tax money, How is this not a problem?

    3. Would have stuck to it like glue for another 20, but now there’s cheap fentanyl. Opium poppies are obsolete. The Trillion dollars worth of rare earth minerals China wants to level mountains for.. We’ll just buy it from them.

    4. ​@bread blowing a Billion dollars on that stupid airbase is enough of a reason to stay for good. Make it one of those ”US territories” like Guam.

    5. @Vvay k̃ͧ̍̒͒͝҉҉̞̫͎̩̝͓͍͞­̥̳̘͍ we spent 2 trillions in Training, arms, equipments and assistance for 20 years in Afghanistan. More importantly I don’t think we had a choice because of the agreement the previous administration signed with the Taliban.which was to leave by May 1st. if we didn’t leave we had to increase significantly the amount of Troops on the ground. which was retrograded from 15000 to 2,500. From 2018 december to 2020. What can you do with only 2500 troops? If we decided to stay that will mean increase the amount of soldier on the ground significantly to be able to have a combat posture in all 18 provinces just like what we did in 2005. Because the Taliban would have attack every single American civilian or military everywhere in Afghanistan. That’s the problem

  3. The one thing I can give credit to Biden for in relation to this matter is that he did say “it is his decision and the buck stops with him”.

    1. No doubt twice as much out there at half the price. It’ll take a while for them to get the hang of it and a long way to get to the Al Pacino ‘mountain of cocaine’ scenario, way past the false breasts for the harem, the electric attack dog polisher or the Russian ermine sink

  4. I wonder what we’ll do with all that extra money.
    Oh Right, pay for OUR OWN infrastructure.
    Cool beans.

    1. @Shrill Ethier way people would get massacred whether that’s war or the Taliban killing people. One way the USA loses 300mil a day and the other they save 300mil a day. While morally they should not leave Financially it’s a no-brainer and said the US runs off of money rather than morals.

    2. If you think the US government would spend 2 trillion$ on infrastructure, you live in a fairytale. That money is gonna go straight to more tanks, humvees and guns. To be left in the the next failed attempt at ‘nation building’.
      Or just left to rust away in some dessert in AC like what they are doing right now.

    3. It’s already being used for the 1 million illegal border jumpers so far this year. Maybe we use it to help Afghanis who assisted the U.S. and their allies resettle in a country where girls can go to school.

    4. @Ral Deform at least I’m not a paranoid turd. Living in reality is a real thing, you should try it.

  5. C’mon. Our memories are too short. We trained Bin Laden. Oompa Loompa and his ‘administration’ originally wanted to pull out in January after bringing the Taliban to the table without the Afghans. 17,000+ special visas were intentionally not processed in four years. This was doomed to be a repeat of what happened to the Kurds on Oompa Loompa’s watch. Meanwhile, Dubya is painting pretty pictures and the GQP is whining.

    1. It’s not that people can’t remember facts, they just don’t process them properly. If they can’t admit something to themselves today without being told what to think and how to feel (angry) how can they possibly ‘remember’ it. The facts never register in the first place.
      I do applaud you on hammering facts into your adversarial tone. The facts must be faced and it takes every type of voice to deliver them through the miasma

    Where was the sympathy when the US were bombing Afghanistan for 20 years?
    Now you blame Joe who put a STOP to it?

    1. NOBODY ASKED ME + just as long as we’re not blowin up a hillside full of kids out collecting firewood or sneaking off base in the middle of the night to murder villagers in their sleep for fun….CARRY ON

  7. The Afghan govt, military &by extension, the Afghan ppl, have failed themselves. They’ve given passive approval of the Taliban’s swift, uncontested return. We did everything for them and then some and in the end, they caved in and said “WE QUIT! HOLD THAT PLANE!!”

    1. Yes afghans didn’t believe our woke occupation. 18 year old female mayor etc. Everyone knew taliban would return. The issue is biden leaving Americans. Allies and equipment behind

  8. *20 years and $2.2 Trillion dollars to stop the Taliban from taking city of Kabul.*
    *6 days for the Taliban to take whole country including city of Kabul.*
    *~Lesson; Don’t invade someone else’s country and not expect a fight.*

  9. Pakistan gave refuge to Bin Ladin and the Taliban origins are from Pakistan as well, so basically Afghanistan is now run by Pakistan.

    1. They never showed Bin Laden’s body because he was a fictitious character to promote the fake wars on terror. Oil and Opium. Wake up sheeple.

  10. Biden can turn this into ‘success’ if he can finagle a very effective withdrawal of all our citizens, and all the Afghanis who hitched their wagon to the Star-Spangled Banner.
    Go, Joe!

    1. But he’s not going to for the simple reason that they’re going to be deaths they’re just not going to advertise it

  11. The presence of the Allies in Afghanistan over the last few years have given ordinary people a chance to become educated and to believe in a better world. The seeds that have been sown will, I believe, grow into a better Afghanistan in future years.

  12. Most these marines are fresh recruits they are still clean from kills. Their innocence can be seen so vividly.

  13. Complete failure on the Biden administration and top brass to plan and execute a needed withdrawal has caused death and needless suffering. It’s either willfull or incompetence, which is it.

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