"The bigger threat is going to be Laura": A pair of tropical storms are bearing down on U.S. coast 1

“The bigger threat is going to be Laura”: A pair of tropical storms are bearing down on U.S. coast


National Hurricane Centre Deputy Director Dr. Ed Rappaport explains the threat posed by Tropical Storms Marco and Laura.

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  1. Who cares ? This is Canadian news isn’t it ? So why would we care about the Gulf of Mexico why don’t you do a story on Trudeau’s corruption

    1. I know this may be a surprise for you if you do not know weather, but these storms will also impact Canada’s weather.

    1. @wheelmanstan You can look up the hurricane names for 2020…they are suppose to be in alphabetical order, so Laura should have been before Marco? Not Marco first then Laura.

  2. asteroid will nearly hit day before election as well, haha but it’s small, .043% chance… .05% Americans died from covid so far

  3. We definitely need some rain in Texas! But, the problem is flooding …every year…like the fires in Cali, hurricanes in Florida.

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