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  1. Great job young man Jamaicans need to appreciate our farmers more to be honest as a nation we look down on farming. Remember farmers feed the world

  2. The ashes from wood fire and donkey poop dried could also use as manure, that’s what my grandmother usually uses. We never eat fertilized food, fertilized food is not organic.

  3. The Covid-19 and ZOSO budgets could have done miracles for Jamaica’s economy going forward…. Why were these billions not invested in agriculture from 2016? Epoch committee, PSOJ and Grace senator boss couldn’t have forced this pon Andrew and his band, like how they forced em to do other stuff??

  4. Today farm machines are Air condition ..i DELIBERATELY said farm machines…that is the way..from the fields to the Supermarkets and on the plates of consumers

  5. This melon looks so gooooood!! Could ravish some right now! My dear no job is degrading. Food is the staff of life, so keek up the good work. Will pay off in the long run. Pray God bless your efforts as He blessed Isaac in the year of famine when he reaped a hundred fold.

  6. That was funny. Nuh tell d people dem yuh coming and dem stay out deh sey a you them a wait pan enuh.

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