'The Call To Unite' Seeks To Bring People Together During A Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

‘The Call To Unite’ Seeks To Bring People Together During A Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Special Olympics Chair Tim Shriver saw an opportunity in the coronavirus pandemic for people to come together, and he joins Morning Joe to discuss editing the new book 'The Call to Unite: Voices of Hope and Awakening.' Aired on 03/30/2021.
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'The Call To Unite' Seeks To Bring People Together During A Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. hands across America reach out to someone at your table who is now a stranger. Do you miss them enough to try?

  2. Music is a powerful tool
    We need song writers to write
    About positive and constructive
    Issues with beautiful harmony .

    1. @Matt I’m betting $4.00 gasoline,10% inflation,and a huge tax increase,and ISIS will reappear!!!! Won’t that be great??!!

    2. @Matt Trump brought peace to the middle east and Creepy Joe NEVER brought peace to anyone anytime. Creepy actually is the only guy to ever be VP for 8 continuous years of war.He also voted to go into Iraq. What a slug.

  3. I can not talk with or deal with the people who would burn me at the stake for my beliefs. No. There is no unity with the purposefully ignorant

    1. Reckless endangerment, involuntary manslaughter, accessory to murder, intent and facilitating human trafficking are only a few of the Biden administrations and dnc’s crimes from a gargantuan yet growing list.

    2. @CasinoVa Beach you will be alright with time and a good doctor sorry republicans leaders don’t want you to have M4A

    3. lol.. good one. It’s a nice idea. But, there is a difference between saying a thing and actually living it…. Be the change you want to see in the world!

    1. @David Brown You just proved my point. Democrats are chilish name calling unimformed “people. Not worth our trouble.

  4. Not be hateful towards other Americans? Child please! What America are you talking about cause I wanna move there.

  5. t’s a Republicans way of protesting. I have family members that I thought were sensible people are taking a political, / religious stance on the virus. That is ridicules. Human life is at stake. We are all in this together. Is it that hard to put on a mask to save life’s.

  6. As long as racists and people who hate r empowered or have any impact in society then hope may b imaginary for decent people.

  7. Obama divided the country because racists hated that there was a black president.
    t’rump divided the country because reasonable people couldn’t understand how a person that dumb could get elected.

    Y’all see the difference.

  8. In my experience it’s “very American” to brush things under the rug. To minimize the moment, to avoid offending people or holding them accountable. Instead of utilizing it as a teaching moment, which would be the right thing to do.
    The flip side of that coin being a cultural addiction to drama. By that I mean, purposefully letting things happen or pushing them to the brink, creating the environment for crazy s*** to happen.
    I think these two opposing cultural forces explain America today.

  9. The divisions in our society have existed form it’s founding. What is different now, is the fanning of hate. Self help notions will change nothing, legislate laws which are enforced, get the guns off the street, address the income inequality, education funding for Public schools and colleges

  10. Education, recognise there is a whole world outside the US, foreigners reaction to Americans is that they compare the world to America, but the US is flawed, we are now seeing Americans as fundamentally racist, almost stupid, and democratically ignorant, Trump has exposed the true American, ready to embrace fascism, if it will protect them against the threat of black and brown people.

  11. I don’t think unity will exist unless some folks accept reality, and I don’t foresee it happening soon based on attitudes seen in the comments on any given political post.

  12. Oh that’ll be the day when the people who have written me off for being a Trump supporter come back around. I’m open to it any day. I didn’t end the friendship.

  13. Hate is the end product of fear of the unknown. Hope is the product of knowing that there is a better way

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