The Canadian economy posted its worst showing on record in 2020 1

The Canadian economy posted its worst showing on record in 2020


The Canadian economy posted its worst showing on record in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the country, shutting down businesses and putting millions out of work.

Statistics Canada says real gross domestic product shrank 5.4 per cent in 2020, the steepest annual decline since comparable data was first recorded in 1961.

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  1. Dont’t blame this on the pandemic, it was the liberals mishandleing of the pandemic that is to blame.

    1. @Shawn @arthur was wrong, wasn’t he. It wasn’t simply the liberals handling of the pandemic, it has been everything they have done since 2015 that has wrecked Canada. Their handling of the pandemic simply sped up the destruction.

    1. No surprise that trudeau will not release that info. Likely lots of cash silently handed over to big corporations. Wanna bet snc and bombardier got some pretty fat envelopes? And there is far more money than that missing. Maybe check trudeau’s off shore account. Bet he andnhis whole family were collecting CERB too.

  2. Imagine how many Canadians are not doing their taxes this year because they can’t pay back the cerb.

    1. You mean all those that were not eligible but applied and got it anyway because they knew the govt had screwed it all up so bad? That of course excludes all those self employed who applied even though they knew they were inelgible, and now trudeau is letting them all keep their ill-gotten gains. I am talking the teens that should not have gotten it and all the rest that were actually inelgible. No worries, trudeau will eventually get so desperate for votes, he will announce that anyone who got cerb who were not supposed to, will be able to keep the money. I mean sure that will mean hundreds of billions of wrongfully provided funds will be lost and just added to our trillion $+ debt, but as far as trudeau is concerned, it all just grows back on taxpayer funded trees, no problem!

    2. @Sandy G perfectly said. I know someone who lives in government housing living off the government and guess what? They claimed every cerb. But get this, every cerb for each of their 3 kinds under 15 years old. Maby I’m stupid for having an “essential” job.

    3. @Jeff Bush I knew this guy who knew this girl who had like eight kids and all the taxpayer money… Anyway, let’s privatize healthcare

    4. @Jeff Bush Your statement isn’t worth seriously engaging with, it’s frustrated venting at best.

  3. maybe we should talk about the millions of deaths related to lockdowns and unemployment forecast for the coming years.

  4. Don’t forget that a lot of money (CERB) were given to many Canadians who were not qualified. Those fradulent paid out would probably erase half of the deficits.

  5. Next is the horror show of the 2020 income tax returns being submitted between now and April 30th.
    Tax revenue has severely declined and the massive debt will be even higher!

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