1. I blame shipping fresh water to other countries, fresh water don’t cross salt water to make back to where it came from. Then there is the rising ocean waters have you ever heard of displacement, like build big island’s in the ocean ( like Dubi) , I’m sure these millionaires won’t talk about this. Jr. High geography class, it’s simple just open your eyes!

  2. If we all just don’t heat our homes in winter, don’t drive a vehicle and eat bugs then maybe we can still have glaciers. Or maybe they melt anyways. Oh well don’t think about it back to your crickets.

    1. Go into a garage with your car running for a while and see how you fair out. any carbon dioxide that isn’t in the air get absorbed into the sea which is why we are losing coral reefs at an astonishing rate.

  3. In Glacier National Park they had to change the signs that said the glaciers were shrinking. The glaciers have been growing. 99.9% of the glaciers have melted in the last 12000 years. The ice age is over.

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