The Case For A Boring President | All In | MSNBC

The Case For A Boring President | All In | MSNBC 1


    1. As 2 very small girls are tossed over a 14 ft fence. It’s not a CRISIS ITS A CHALLENGE. GET REAL.

    2. Donald Trump was nominated for five Noble Peace prize awards for the historic peace deals he took part in. He brought a lot of troops back home. Trump made great strides toward peace with North Korea. Biden attacked Syria for absolutely no reason. Biden is a warmonger. Did you notice the resurgence of ISIS in Syria? That screams Obama/Biden. The Obama administration illegally sold nuclear weapons to Iran. Biden was also the one who recently defended China and said Chinese genocide is just another cultural norm.

  1. Boring is good. We’ll take boring. Thank God for boring! No stupid tweets, no name calling, no salacious rumors. Ahhhhh! Boring! ❤💙💜

    1. No you wonder why your old lady left you & you pull the pud every night…YOUR’E BORING Vinnie

  2. It has been more than refreshing. A President busy getting things done for America and Americans.
    No more constant screw ups like trump.

    1. Have you read of his history as a landlord and real estate person? His racism is well documented. This is exclusive of the media you so despise.

    2. @Bill Soderholm I do know all about Joe Biden’s very racist actions and statements over the years.

    3. You mean like him voting for the bill that resulted in increased incarceration of AA citizens? Joe Biden openly admitted that was a mistake among other things.
      Not so much with Trump.

    4. To be indoctrinated. Your no different than how so many germans fell for it. Now your a puppet of evil. Everything you hate, you have become

  3. A Russian agent, a senile old man, and a criminal walk into a MacDonald’s…
    The cashier asks, “What can I get you Mr. Trump?”

    1. @Ann van de Kew I’ve been in business for myself for a long time, so I guess I don’t have a “legitimate job”. Part of being smart is knowing how to NOT slave away all day like you. I don’t wear a bacteria-laden mask all day either. I don’t cower in fear over non-existent threats. I don’t take experimental injections from proven liars either (example): ” “Pfizer has been a ‘habitual offender,’ persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results.” Anyway, enjoy being in the cult!

    1. At least the boarder is better. No wait. Well, at least the pandimic lockdowns are better. No wait. At least they stopped the pointless wall and built one around the white house to protect themselves.

  4. Q: Why does it seem anyone who is in Donald J. Trumps orbit appears to be ethically challenged in one form or another? Hmmm?

    1. IDK ask the “big” guy he might know. Get your info from Hunter. You know the guy Joe said was the smartest person he’s even known

  5. The presidency should have never fallen into the egomaniacal, narcissistic, do nothing hands of a reality tv host.

    1. @Mark B History doesn’t say otherwise. You say otherwise because you’re brainwashed by the main stream media.

    2. You are everything they projected him as. Thats the irony you cant handle. Thats being indoctrinated

  6. Boring, in this situation, is absolutely wonderful. So great to wake up and not worry about finding out what horrible thing T did.

  7. I think they’d need to make the case for a crazed unhinged one. A “boring” (sane) president makes his own case.

  8. Just having someone at the Resolute Desk who actually knows what the President actually does is a refreshing change.

  9. After the last guy who snorted Scarface sized mountains of Adderall to keep himself up so he could rage tweet his insanity all night long, this is blissful peace. I’ll take at least 8 years more, please.

    1. Help protect himself with a wall around the white house. And they tell you walls dont work. Where is the logic?

  10. I absolutely love me some sleepy Joe!! He was a fantastic Vice President & an even better President!! Our great country feels much safer with Joe at the helm!

  11. Stable Genius: “When I’m president, the US will no longer be the world’s laughing stock.”
    World: 😅😂🤣
    Biden: “What’s the story, Jack! 😎 ”
    World: 😴🥱

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