The CDC’s New Outdoor Mask Guidance Explained | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

The CDC's New Outdoor Mask Guidance Explained | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. For not yet infected people, the vaccine is the way to go. However, I do not concur with the attitude that those who suffered serious symptoms & survived are not “officially immune”, as scientifically their immunity should be the same or superior to being fully vaccinated. Even the EU is recognizing this reality, why aren’t we?!

    1. And yet if an American wants to visit the EU, they can’t just say they caught Covid already. They need to show their vaccine passport.

    2. I have gotten Covid-19, it lasted a week. I have been to Superspreader events including Sturgis. I just returned from Miami Florida, that party were Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Floyd Mayweather, P. Diddy, Jamie Foxx was at, i was there. Ten Miami police officers, Eight Miami firefighters, inside club with 6,000 people no one wearing a mask, including the police officers and firemen. I was at a Salsa party on South Beach 400 people dancing Salsa, Not one person wearing a mask people dancing Salsa with total strangers No one was wearing a mask. No one, the funny thing about this particular virus is after someone gets the Measles, the C.D.C. has never asked someone to get vaccinated after getting the measels. After you get the flu, the C.D.C has never asked someone to get a flu shot after getting the flu. The C.D.C biggest sponsor after the U.S. goverment is the Gates foundation. Please by all means goggle what i said to you. The best and safest route is the actual virus transmission If you don’t have underlying conditions. Did you know that not one person on the planet that was supposedly reinfected with Covid-19 has ever died? Plases fact check me on this. The virus is real, I had it, but I am over 50 and have been way, way ,way more sick with other flu’s. Jan live your life. My parents had covid, ivermectin killed the virus in less then two days. My parents are in their eighties.

  2. The CDC _highly encourages_ all the un-vaccinated people to draw a yellow Star of David on your mask whenever you are out in public.

    1. Oh no, you don’t need a chart for that, just follow police instructions and stop, even if you feel like stabbing someone in the face and don’t resist your arrest if you have a warrant for attempted armed robbery or were caught trying to pay with fake money and in possession of illegal drugs, good luck buddy.

    2. @Greg Bet that would be using common sense. People seem to need to be told who what where when and why nowadays.

    3. @wolveric0 exactly, all common sense things. Unfortunately common sense is rare these days. Thus the chart.😁😁

  3. I live in a county with a population of just over a million people. For weeks we have been averaging 300 to 500 new cases a day. I consider that too high a number to be relaxed about, but I wish the CDC would provide guidelines about what is dangerous and non dangerous amounts of community transmission of the virus.

  4. what happened to THE SCIENCE that you can still get the virus after fully vaccinated and also still spread it while wearing a mask

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