The Children Of Gaza Traumatized After Days of Conflict 1

The Children Of Gaza Traumatized After Days of Conflict


"It is a very violent experience that they have to go through every day," said Karl Schembri of the Norwegian Refugee Council. Schembri and Steve Sosebee, of the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund, speak with Ayman about the mental health toll of violence in Gaza.

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    1. ​@Truth91Germans were laughing too, but not long. So, keep laughing, Der gute Kamerad.

    2. @Aedammair Ornóra who really are the ones suppressing another people….and why? Think they should just take it because? We are all part of the Human Family….nothing right about any of it….just disgusting…so was your comment

    3. @Aedammair Ornóra Not an Atheist. I said I don’t believe God takes a group of people side and that has nothing to do with believing in a Higher power.

    4. @Dave Theseller She Anarchist. Let’s be clear Anarchist is not the same as AntiChrist. Anarchist believe that no form government is legitimate totally different the Anti Christ

  1. If US can build the Israeli dome, it can spend whatever it takes to clean up the damage from Israeli bombs.

  2. Steal peoples land and then call them terrorists when they try to defend themselves.“If I don’t steal it someone else will “
    Jacob, from New York City in Jerusalem 2021.

    1. @David Lee Hamas is nothing but controlled opposition, they were co-opted by the IDF long ago.

    2. @David Lee How is it their land? Where is the evidence that Israel existed anywhere but a Biblical Text prior to 1948.

    3. @Thyalwaysseek Jews lived in Israel continuously for thousands of years and many more well before 1948, under Ottoman and British rule.
      Actually, the period after the 2nd temple was at the time of the Romans, so it is recorded by Historians from that era (and not the Bible), such as Josephus Flavius. Yet, Jews inhabited Israel even after that.
      Workers migrated to Israel from across the middle east, as feudal peasants to land owners elsewhere. They eventually became Palestinians in 67, until then, Arab countries claimed all of Israel to themselves. They never had a country and never owned empty land (in 1948, Jerusalem was quite a small place). Today, they claim it is all theirs.

  3. Thank you for continuing to report on this story! As Americans we need to be better informed of the situation for people living in Gaza and Thank you to the NGOs who are supporting them.

    1. People of Gaza done belong there or own that land , they were given it by the stage of Israel and unfortunately the Hamas want to take over and want more and more , so Israel have every right to defend themselves. In imaging you believe America belongs to native Indians right ? Well think about that

  4. I don’t ever remember Jewish people flying 767s in to New York skyscrapers let me put that out there

    1. Israel should Stop destroying Palestinian’s houses with bulldozers and build their houses at Palestinians backyard.
      Israel should stop stealing land of Palestine. That’s final solution.

    2. Well they are essentially going up against the US Industrial Military Complex aren’t they.

    3. @Janet C-G Yes Hamas who has been infiltrated and is completely controlled by the IDF should stop triggering conflicts so they can justify slaughtering Palestinians and their children.

    4. @Thyalwaysseek pardon my ignorance. I absolutely love a good challenge to my knowledge. I’ll get back to you on that. You provided me my bedtime research topic. Have an extraordinary weekend

  5. The average age in Gaza is 18 years old? Does Israel wan to wipe out a bunch of unarmed teens? What happened to all the men? Did Israel wipe out all the men?

    1. They have witnessed Acts of Evils. They have been traumatized, that’s their expression of anger, frustration. You should understand.that.

    1. Yes of course you the American who is giving Israel the weapons that are killing these children are not to blame are you.

  6. My heart aches for Palestinian children. May God Protect, Bless innocent souls in Palestine.

  7. I’m SAD for all the children involved !? Is there any hope of “eventual” peace for this long suffering war !!??

    1. I live in NZ, I know our country is not sending any weapons or bombs to either country. I don’t believe either of these countries should get any outside help. You would think after all this time, they could at least be closer to a peaceful negotiation. I guess it’s not going to happen in my lifetime !?

  8. Thank God that the ceasefire still effective!.Cannot watch anymore the sufferings of these Palestine childrens no longer.Please,these children DID NOT DESERVED this kind of harsh treatment!.

  9. Imagine what the parent-less children that got thrown over the border wall are experiencing packed in a US convention center.

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