The ‘Clear Responsibility’ John Bolton Had While In The White House | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. And Republicans love this tremendous ignorant inept mad man. So many are sick.
    Vote trump’s family out, all of them !

    1. What a joke the Dems are…. Thay will do anything…. But people know… At least one that are informed

    2. If they will let us. It won’t be easy. After Trump comes his children. This is now a monarchy.

    1. @Paul Zaulda Think what were looking at is a president who wants to run this country like Hitler run Germany . Trump use to belong in a cult back in the 60s and he even faked an injury to avoid the draft . I remember all that . His dad had to bail him out and gave his son another 14 million that he lost . Trumps dad sent him to a collage just so he would have an education . Trump IQ is about 73 . about 4th grade level . Trump admitted back in the 60s he did not beleave in God .

    2. @Kenneth Nootbaar ok, your telling me things I already know. He needs to be removed from office. This was a sad experiment for Republicans.

    3. this commentator n guest cant be trusted – dont believe them – judge them – they are traitors

    4. yes they have. Maybe they should get phased out and we make a better less racist political environment?

    5. Ha ha. U got to be kidding…. Really…. After all the stupid thing the dems have done…. U have got to be kidding….. I can make a list a mile long…. Thay have done everything thay could to cripple our country… Shame on them…. I hope thay vote out DEMS in do nothing congress

    1. Everyone? No. Republicans are. That’s literally the only thing they do in office. Democrats try and pass legislation and republicans obstruct them and then get back to Monetizing. Sorry to be divisive but we can’t not call a spade a spade for the sake of diplomacy – we have to be honest and have some kind of reckoning here. The Republican Party IS the problem.

    1. @Connie Plum I forgot about that one. So many idiotic statements from this imbecile for the last 5 years or so, its hard to remember it all.

    2. @Martenson Lee I mean, it is coming from John Bolton, so you can choose to believe him or not, but the Israel/Puerto Rico things are true.

    3. @Martenson Lee
      Look it up, genius. Bunker Boy is the moron who said it. And it’s “you’re”…if you’re going to call someone stupid, you should always make sure that you’re not a prime example.

  2. AND when he came up with the disinfectant/lights theory, he turned to his medical staff and *insisted* that they begin studying it. Not just idiotic but also a huge waste of resources

  3. Wonder where the GOP is hiding today ? Warhawk GOPer Bolton’s book can’t be redacted or spun like the damning Mueller report. So sad, huh, Don the Con ?

    1. @Crimson Spirit True. People are quick to judge. That said, I think he should have found a way to say something to some one. The same can be said of most Republicans in office.
      I understand they fear for their jobs and may be afraid of other things we don’t know about, but there is strength in numbers.

    2. Agreed. I agree with Speaker Pelosi… I am sure he KNEW he should have, for the good of the country; he CHOSE NOT TO, which speaks for itself.

  4. Bolton should have said all this during the impeachment hearing. This is so bad and he waited so that he could cash in rather than inform and protect the American public.

    1. The Senate blocked all witnesses, but he should have found a way to do something. I can say the same for the majority of Republicans in office.

    1. Those Republican enablers didn’t even know what they were helping Trump cover up. That’s how very little they cared about the United States and the well being of the American People and our Democracy.

    2. Would you want him as a witness? All he does is besmirch a sitting president, which should be treasonous and actually is, ask any lawyer.

    3. All is because of them they new all was true they just block everything to stay in the office illegally but no one can hide from god. God will bring them down they like it or not so sad Americans couldnt see this coming. We are watch all from the whole world. I feel sorry for American their life is changed with this man. Hope all learn from this and temove7 him from the office now is people’s power do all a favour to yourself and the world.

  5. Imagine him testifying
    With all these info.
    But instead of being a patriot he chose to make money

    1. Randy Reneau dictatorships begin like that. E.g. Hitler didn’t have a majority as well. good luck, I hope it does not end like that

    2. Shiro Games very few times does a dictatorship have the majority. Most have the military. What fears me it the time between the election and Jan.

    3. Randy Reneau…Not borderline !!!! He is a Dictator…Look at all the actions that makes a leader a Dictator…

  6. When John Brennan yelled Treason, many thought he went too far, but now everyone agrees with John Brennan

    1. Yes thank God for Trump…. U really don’t see threw. Deep state. Dems… And msm…. what do you have for the next year after year did you see China tactic and propaganda to twist the minds of the People… To eazy to see….

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