The compounded tragedy of Covid-19 vaccine skeptics dying from the virus 1

The compounded tragedy of Covid-19 vaccine skeptics dying from the virus

Anti-mask and anti-vaccine crusaders have stuck to their word against science … that is until a string of the most vocal skeptics fell victim to Covid-19. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains how the anti-vaccine contingency has changed its tone, and how these deaths could’ve been completely avoidable all along.


3rd conservative radio host who condemned vaccines dies of Covid

Anti-mask activist who organized protests in Texas dies of COVID-19

Conservative radio host and vaccine critic dies of covid-19 complications

Phil Valentine, a radio host who scoffed at Covid, then urged his followers to get vaccinated, dies.

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Effectiveness of Mask Wearing to Control Community Spread of SARS-CoV-2

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‘He loved his family’: Caleb Wallace dies after battle with COVID-19, pregnant wife says

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    1. @Occam3132 I agree, immune systems are nonsense… we all need vaccines to survive or its the end of all humanity. Anti vaxxers will all die of covid. You smart.

    2. Or like a magician on stage with an audience that knows how his tricks are done but he still keeps going pretending they don’t know.

    3. @Brian Simmons it isn’t supposed to stop you from getting covid, only better equip your body to fight it. although despite that it does lessen your chance of contracting it

    1. @Jim Orloski you read the news your misinformed. If you don’t your uninformed. If you research on your own and come to your own conclusions your anti political science .

    1. @curtis reeves Then get it from one of the 100’s of other sources. Get it from the places that track the infections/deaths. Get it from the 1000’s of reports directly quoting what people in the hospitals see. Get it somewhere. And remember who’s lying to you when you do.

  1. I’m unvaccinated, I had Covid, and I survived with no symptoms at all. So what’s your point? What does someone else’s experience have to do with the decisions I made for MY body? Just because someone will die in a car crash today should I be afraid to drive? Just because someone will choke on their food today should I not eat? Lol is covid the only way to die? Because that’s the narrative these idiots are pushing

    1. Because you could unknowingly pass it off to someone with a weak immune system or preexisting conditions and turn those conditions deadly coupled with covid. I don’t know why I’m answering that though. You knew the answer. You have to at this point. We really still doin this?

    1. @Evan Saves The World Pharmaceutical grade to give for parasites in people is nothing like what the idiots are taking which is a strength for a horse or cow. And there is no evidence that it prevents Covid. You are brainwashed by internet garbage spread by people with no credibility. Good luck with that, it’s commonly called Russian Roulette. Sooner or later….brains on the wall. Sadder.

    1. And why do we have to threaten those with loss of their livelihood if they don’t? There has been so much fear mongering and blaming!

    2. @Rhonda Gregory Because their (antivaxxer peeps’) existence threatens those who have comorbidities or other things that make COVID more likely to result in their death. We don’t have to put up with your bullshit if it hurts other people.

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