7 Comments on "The dangers of cheap lip fillers"

  1. this woman looks like the botox queen, or maybe her makeup is atrocious

    • she needs to take her own advice and lay off the lip injections. she is one
      more procedure away from looking strange. its not so bad now. no hate.

    • In 2000 she was listed in the Guinness World record book for having had
      more cosmetic surgery procedures than anyone else. x 🙂

  2. Do people really care that much about lips?

  3. I’m surprised she was able to talk … ô,0

  4. My Puritanical Opinion | October 14, 2016 at 5:34 PM | Reply

    This woman looks like she has been burned, or like a bit of a monster. It’s
    a good look for her though.

  5. woman is vulgar

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