The Dangers Of Trump's Big Lie—And Republicans Actually Believing It 1

The Dangers Of Trump’s Big Lie—And Republicans Actually Believing It


“In the same way cult members might follow a self-described prophet who seems like an obvious crank to outsiders, the people inside the movement are true believers,” says Chris Hayes. “That is where we are right now—except this movement is one of America's two political parties."
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  1. “Accuse Your Enemy Of What You Are Doing, As You Are Doing It To Create Confusion”

    1. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid It’s funny to hear fools like you try to perpetuate what you believe in when it’s based on no factual evidence. just accusing people of blatant lies like the media has been going to trump for years.

    2. @John Clarke lol The only true Russian connection in our government is via OG pols such as Biden and Kerry. Trump’s “Russian collusion” was a big fat elaborate lie. It was a put-up job by the FBI/CIA/Clinton campaign.

  2. At least with internet and YT the world can choose more wisely (if wisdom isn’t unearthly here) their/our references.

  3. This seems to be going in the direction of — a coup, a civil war, secession, a North American realignment, the implications of a weakened U.S., a world war, the proliferation of authoritarianism … exactly what Putin wants

    1. Putin is inconsequential compared to Xi and China – they would be the winners and our Establishment knows that and is complicit. Globalist oligarchs will glean huge gains while turning us over to China.

    2. @cattycorner You don’t think that Russia’s missile arsenal, it’s built-up military, it’s cyber-attack skills, the alliances Russia has developed and Putin’s wealth (some sources claim he’s the wealthiest man on the planet) aren’t matters to be concerned about? That said, China is also a major concern but it’s GDP would take a major hit with widespread boycotts by Western countries.

    3. @Foniks Monkee That is an outright lie. Don’t try gaslighting me. All Trump supporters are accused of being white supremacists and he said white supremacy is the number one threat. Got that? Half of the country (or more) voted for Trump. Got that? How many white supremacists attacks have you seen lately? How many white supremacist to you know? Any neighbours that are white supremacists? Do they march in the streets and burn buildings in your city? Are they hijacking airplanes? Show me your receipts? Biden is a mouthpiece for the far left because he is beyond having a coherent thought. By the way, I’m not an American so I didn’t vote for Trump.

    4. Trump was clearly his agent and racism let him reign… white Americans are being played with if they knew any better they’d pick a new leader…. I’m fine with believing what u want but pick a different leader …what comes after Trump?

    5. @Bonnie Lass “Half the country (or more) voted for Trump.”

      Are you sure about that? You need reliable, verifiable evidence to back up such assertions. Where is it?

  4. Check out your likes and dislikes. Even though this is a left narrative channel. 80 million Americans know the truth. Sleepy Joe can’t get more than a few thousand people to watch him talk and even then the dislikes far out weigh the few likes. This is a joke.

  5. When you lose hope in yourself, or are afraid to move on and stuck in the past. You will start to follow others. Be different, embrace the pain of change and you will be in full bliss. Only a few of you will get this and will be successful in life and will be happy when you have everything and happy when you have nothing. good luck.

  6. “Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of man who can fabricate it.”
    ― Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

    “The embrace, by working Americans, of policies that hurt their own interests can be understood on the basis of Ferenczi’s model of identification with the aggressor. Intrafamilial child abuse is often followed by the abuser’s denial. Children typically comply with abuse, in behavior and by embracing the abuser’s false reality, under threat of emotional abandonment. Similarly in the sociopolitical sphere, increasing threats of cultural and economic dispossession have pressed working Americans to adopt an ideology that misrepresents reality and justifies their oppression. In society as in the family, there can be a compensatory narcissistic reaction to forfeiting one’s rights that, ironically, encourages feelings of power and specialness while facilitating submission.”
    (The traumatic basis for the resurgence of right-wing politics among working Americans)
    DOI: 10.1057/pcs.2015.53

    1. So true! Yet so many are being led to Leftist totalitarianism *deliberately* by all major “news” organisations. Why is this? They give us only rank lies and propaganda. It would be funny if it were not so dire.

    2. Yes, The psychoanalysis that keeps people from using common sense and their eyes and their brain. If you cannot see that this current administration is a puppet regime using or trying to use racism as a false pretense and the pandemic in cahoots with China, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. CNN and MSNBC are arms of the Democratic Party propaganda

  7. Holy cow, the trolls and bots are out in force… I wonder if they get paid well to dislike videos online.

  8. Wow…seems like George P wasn’t thrilled to be called “out” for a photo op..sure took him long enough to appear, though he obviously was dragging a trail of sleeze in his wake!

  9. “In the same way cult members might follow a self-described prophet who seems like an obvious crank to outsiders, the people inside the movement are true believers,” says Chris Hayes. “That is where we are right now—except this movement is one of America’s two political parties.” TRUE INDEED !!!

  10. This is kinda like:
    “No, Doctor, I don’t believe you. I have to check for myself whether I really do have cancer or not. You don’t know what you’re doing. Also, the libs told you to tell me I have cancer.”

  11. So we just calling “Shotgun” on president now?…Well im calling shotgun on vice president, Ive dibs it, by law, so is my new regime starting in August?…cant wait

  12. In the eyes of the fanatical right wing (is there any other type?), there is no such thing as a democrat legitimately winning office. These fascists are for real and we have to deal with their childish emotionally driven lunacy.

  13. Well, at least Jeb’s wife wasn’t called ugly or had his family accused of being part of the plot that assassinated JFK.

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