The Death Penalty Belongs In The 'Dustbin Of History' | MSNBC 1

The Death Penalty Belongs In The ‘Dustbin Of History’ | MSNBC


Rev. Al Sharpton calls for an end to capital punishment. In twenty-four states across the country, the death penalty is still perfectly legal. 

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The Death Penalty Belongs In The 'Dustbin Of History' | MSNBC


  1. In Europe, there is one country. Belarus. Even Russia abolished capital punishment (although it is unclear if the Russian Secret Service was informed)

    1. And why is Europe supposed to be considered a model to follow everytime? Japan, Taiwan and Singapore are democracies and developped countries and have death penalty

  2. The problem with the death penalty is that there will always be innocents people convicted of crimes. With a life time sentence you can at least reveres the sentence if at a later date it shows that a mistake was made. Also a death penalty cost 3x more then a life time sentence.

    All the other arguments that Al Sharpton brings up here is not really relevant. The dead can’t feel anything, they no longer exist. You can easily argue that a life time sentence is a mush harder and/or cruel punishment then a death penalty.

    1. I agree, which is why I think the death penalty should be restricted to truly depraved individuals like serial killers, such as Jeffery Dahmer. You got a freezer full of half-eaten victims? Yeah, that’s not someone we can even begin to rehabilitate.

  3. I completely disagree with the Reverend on this. Some people commit such heinous acts there is no reforming them and it is pointless and senseless to waste money to spoil them behind bars when they commit such evil acts and it’s beyond the shadow of a doubt which is our law.

  4. Using an absolute punishment that can’t be reversed for a system you know is flawed and imperfect….seems like a silly idea.

  5. Al Sharpton is my favorite race baiting character! Jesse Jackson and Ben crump are also pretty good.

  6. What we need to fix is the justice system so it incarcerates the right people. If someone deliberately kills another human being then they forfeit the right to life and deserve to die too. An eye for an eye!!!

    1. The COMMENTER should be aware we are not in a theocracy and THEIR religious views should not interfere into politics

    2. @Better Name Having religious views isn’t a disqualifier to having an opinion, if that’s the case than you’re living in an autocracy, now aren’t you?
      Isn’t that what you just spent 4 years screaming and yelling about yet here you are automatically telling the OP his views are of no value, rather hypocritical, no?

  7. “Death Penalty belongs in the dustbin of historic”
    Yes this should be remo… Oh wait, -Donald Trump. Maybe we should wa it a little bit with that.

  8. I believe that for a very very few it’s appropriate, serial killers in particular like Gary Ridgeway the Green River killer

    1. Yes, exactly. Dahmer comes to mind. He had been keeping the bodies in his own apartment. There’s no reasonable doubt. He admitted it, and he admitted he wouldn’t/couldn’t have stopped on his own. He ate parts of his victims. I don’t think an individual can come back from that. Yet, Wisconsin hadn’t had the death penalty in a long time. Dahmer was killed by another inmate.

  9. In a land that values Freedom, yes, the best Punishment for murderers is to Lock them up for Life, for them to think on their crimes till death comes for them. JUSTICE.

  10. I would advise people to read ‘American Serial Killers: The Epidemic Years 1950-2000’ you might come away being in support of the death penalty.

  11. Justice is blind, or so the saying goes, but the statistics prove otherwise. Justice is definitely not color blind.

  12. YEAH true.. linching was lawful and convicting black folks without evidences was permissible. IT’S A MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE.

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  14. Google a map of “death penalty around the world,” study it for a bit, and then decide which countries you’d prefer to be more like.

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