The dirty little secret about Trump’s endorsements 1

The dirty little secret about Trump’s endorsements

Former President Donald Trump boasts his winning endorsement record any chance he gets, but is his seal of approval really all it’s cracked up to be? In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza breaks down the numbers that show Trump’s picks aren’t quite as unbeatable as he wants you to think.


Jake Ellzey wins Texas special election runoff, CNN projects

GOP Rep. Ron Wright dies following Covid diagnosis

Donald Trump’s PAC makes last-minute ad buy for Susan Wright in District 6 congressional race

Trump boosts Julia Letlow ahead of Louisiana special election

Endorsements by Donald Trump

Daily Kos Elections' presidential results by congressional district for 2020, 2016, and 2012

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Writer: Chris Cillizza
Producer: Moira Donohue
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    1. Not much. But it helps me a great deal: Endorsed by Trump? I’m not voting for that candidate.

      I had a gnarly day at work last Tuesday, but made the effort to vote on the way home for “not Susan Wright,” leaving the poll at 6:55pm.

      I also want to thank you for your viewpoint over the past four+ years. Since we didn’t have an adult in the room at the White House, your research and reporting provided a rational interpretation of the chaos.

    1. @Edward Mullendore The democratic party has been trying for almost six years by any means to get rid of him. Do you think the Biden = Hunter deal would stand six years of scrutiny by the main stream media. Nope because they are way up the but of democrats.

    2. @Andrew Pinson biden is working for us you idiot as far as his son it has been proven there’s nothing he did his job what they hired him for.getting rid of crime you are so off track of real life.

  1. Widows running for deceased husband’s Congressional seat. Does it get any more Banana Republic than that? Is any more evidence needed that Congress is worthless?

    1. @UCYIdDXU25X5zj-RLJPZY7BA here is another secret. TRump was accused of raping a 14 year old girl, paid the family off. Trump raped E.Jean Carroll, who is currently suing him. She didn’t d it while president, due to immunity by Barr, and tRump sexually assaulted at least 20 other young ladies. Now! Those are dirty deviant non secrets.

    1. @Lisa Ruth Your favorite sexual predator governor just released a new book.
      Grabbing Fannies
      Killing Grannies.
      You should grab one, maybe he will sign it for you.

    2. Lisa Ruth Maybe if you and CNN would stop talking about him he would be irrelevant but no your bias and hypocrisy is so bad that you end up liking the man (Trump)

    3. if you look at the frontpage of CNN they are talking all about it. Can you provide evidence that they aren’t talking about it?

  2. Based on the comments that I’ve read all the way down, I would say that someone is fiddling the like/dislike ratio! Probably getting some practice in for 2022!

  3. Funny how CNN doesn’t want to cover the attorney general’s findings on Cuomo’s sexual assault findings…..

    1. Another democratic president hopeful bites the dust. Michael Avenatti, Andrew Cuomo, Kamala Harris. You smooth brains really know how to pick em.

    2. @nagaslrac Do you pay any attention to CNN or are you incapable from telling truth from lies. Hint – read real slow now = there is no difference between CNN and FOX other than who they support. NONE = ZERO.

    3. Funny how the top headline on CNN reads “Gov. Cuomo sexually harassed women, investigation finds”.

    1. It actually is also on their page? You realize CNN has multiple shows? Like this isn’t even a news show? Sooooo what’s your uneducated and :sheeplike point?

    2. @Ben Angelo it’s not on their YouTube channel. I’m sure I don’t need to scroll far to find more trump videos.

  4. Hey Fredo, does sexual harassment run in the family? We already know lying does. When do you think you will have time to get to that story?

  5. America First except they won’t wear masks, get a vaccine, fight for a living wage, better healthcare, roads and bridges etc etc. Does anyone even know what “America First” even means?

  6. Let’s hear more details about how Fredo coached his big brother to come out ‘on top’ literally from his perverse scandals!

    1. Adults can talk about both.

      Red herring fallacy is a diversion tactic to distract others or yourself from the main point. Often, it drives the conversation or action in an entirely different direction causing an incorrect conclusion or outcome. It is closely related to the straw man fallacy.

    2. This appears to be The Whatabouttery Defence. “Your honour, Yes, I stabbed him – but Lenny shot him! Why are you trying to hold ME accountable when Look Over There!” Tiresome stuff.

    1. @Traitor Joe’s of course Donnie has none of that… totally innocent criminal, that poor Donnie guy

  7. This was a good breakdown! I’d love to see what the numbers were after covid started, and also post 1/6. I’d be curious to see if either seems to have had a negative effect on his stats.

  8. Hahahahaha I was watching Governor Cuomo’s statement about him perving the ladies. Geez at the end of it I’m pretty sure we need to send him for victim counseling. This guy is the sleaziest of the sleazy. I don’t buy one word he says.

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