The Doctor Is In. Backlash Ensues Over WSJ Op-ed About Dr. Jill Biden | MSNBC 1

The Doctor Is In. Backlash Ensues Over WSJ Op-ed About Dr. Jill Biden | MSNBC


A new op-ed suggests Dr. Jill Biden should stop calling herself a doctor. She is one. So why would a fellow educator claim she’s not? “American Voices” host Alicia Menendez gets to the bottom of it. Aired on 12/14/2020.
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The Doctor Is In. Backlash Ensues Over WSJ Op-ed About Dr. Jill Biden | MSNBC


    1. Agreed. “To permit is to participate”

      He just INSULTED a host of people!:

      -Full Time faculty Professors in colleges and Universities!

      -DOCTOR Martin Luthor King Jr (who did a tremendous amount of social work for this country, above and beyond most MDs)
      and other freedom fighters


      -Therapists (physical *and* mental!)


      -Journalists (who have terminal degrees)

      -Certain Pastors and Religios Dignitaries


      *The fool litearlly has offended EVERYONE who has worked hard to receive a Terminal Degree!*

  1. Maybe the WSJ doesn’t care if they lose half their subscribers…? I can’t even think about reading such disrespectful trash again… they just put their credibility rating on par with OAN…

    1. @gorey4more Free speech doesn’t mean ZERO consequences. He has every right to say any stupid, asinine thing that occupies his pointy little head. & their readers have the right to cancel their subscriptions over it!

    2. @P Webb I never said they didn’t. People are free to boycott if they choose. I’m not into censorship on any level or cancel culture. That is my personal choice. I don’t just follow media that agrees with my viewpoints.

  2. If he thinks this one is pulitzer prize worthy, he might want to write another about “constitutional law scholar”, Jenna Ellis. At least Dr. Biden can show receipts.

    1. Loving these comments…. you said everything that was on my mind. BTW, I am a practicing physician, with a thriving clinic in Colorado. Dr. Biden deserves her earned title, same as I do.

  3. The ‘facts don’t care about your feelings’ crowd, sure have been having a hard time lately squaring the facts with their feelings…..

    1. Republicans are scared The current The First Lady is a unemployed uneducated immigrant, republicans want their First Lady to be dumb and uneducated and a mail order bride immigrant from another country

    2. @Harris Biden 2020 WON !!! I thought democrats were all about Immigrants. Double standard racist bigots. You’re all full of

    1. @Kelvin Blackstone and you’re someone who thinks insulting people in YT comment sections makes you a tough guy.

    2. @Rosa AlcarazObama was the one who built those cages. Secondly, what kind of a moron brings their own kids with them to illegally cross international borders? Mexico needs to look after their own poor!

    3. @Duke Of Prunes be that as it may, Trump continued to use them. As to why ppl bring their kids, only they know for sure. But when you have a chance to give your family a better life, you take it. I am almost sure that were you in their same situation, you would not hesitate to do as they have done

    1. @Dexter Haven Okay. The newspaper doesn’t have to call her a doctor, if what you said was true and it is a rule in their newspaper handbook. Dr. Jill Biden, however, is neither affilated nor is an employee of the newspaper. She doesn’t have to abide by that handbook and has every right to call herself a doctor. If you ever end up in an university, you will learn that professors with a doctorate are ALL addressed as Dr. regardless of what a newspaper handbook might say.

    2. @P Webb No one said she didn’t earn it, you fool. You are so dumb that you don’t even seem to realize the term of doctor is customarily reserved for medical doctors, to prevent confusion; that is how we have always learned the term since we were children. It turns out Jill only got the degree, she said, so she could be called doctor. So the real issue is her vanity. A pretentious dumb broad who couldn’t get a degree in a hard major. And you are too ditzy or sexist to see it.

    3. @meghnac78 Yes, I agree. She can call herself that. And Epstein can say it’s in bad taste and vain. The issue now is how bad the left looks for lying about Epstein as sexist and trying to get him fired, like a bunch of vindictive Stalinists. And for defending Jill’s pretense and vanity in the face of fair criticism. [I also have a doctor’s degree in the humanities, btw, but I’m not so pretentious as to call myself “doctor.”]

    4. @Dexter Haven You mean you have a doctorate in humanities. People usually don’t say doctor’s in humanities, specially those who have Ph.Ds. You don’t need to be vain enough to call yourself a doctor but people do that out of respect. Like I said, at the college level or at a post-grad level, we addressed our professors as Dr. It was a sign of respect for them, not vanity on their part. Not a single one of my professors had ever asked us to address them as such.

    1. Republicans are scared The current The First Lady is a unemployed uneducated immigrant, republicans want their First Lady to be dumb and uneducated and a mail order bride immigrant from another country

    2. For both of my children, the midwife delivered them. The Doctor, which we paid huge sums for was stuck in traffic for one birth (he was on the golf course), the other he stood back and let the midwife deliver. So, using Joe Epstein’s logic, all midwives should be called Doctor too. It’s starting to make sense now, I think to be a part of the right-wing you need to be below a certain IQ or to have never received an education above grade school.


  4. A doctorate in education being disparaged speaks loudly about Epstein’s lack of value for education. His false claim that he was a teacher at Nothwestern only underscores that.

    1. Epstein shouldn’t let anyone know that he probably miseducated a lot of students who paid a lot of money to attend Northwestern.

    1. @David McNamara you don’t think he already has people talking about him? He clearly has written this story to get a reaction. I think that, as much as I hate to raise his profile, he needs to be called out on it. Women are sick and tired of being undervalued and then told to keep quiet about it. If you can, try and put yourself in the same situation and see how easy it is to just ignore someone who puts down your life’s work. I don’t think you’d be so blasé about it.

    2. @Lynne Green he has been called out. No one is telling you what to do. Think about it.

      This is a writer on the NY Post which is owned by Rupert Murdoch. The same guy who owns Fox. A higher profile means more NY Post sales. Rupert eats steak off all the outrage.

      The writer can’t get a real gig and he’s already going down in history as a dummy. What more do you want? He’ll be forgotten by the time trump tweets he’s not conceding.

    3. @David McNamara you might like to get your facts straight. It was the Wall Street Journal that printed the article, not the New York Post. Not that it matters which paper ran it. It was an offensive piece of writing that would never have been written about a man.

    4. @David McNamara I think we’re heading off on a tangent. The point I’m making is that no matter if it brings this creep some small bit of notoriety, this kind of derogatory article should be called out for what it is – an unwarranted attack on the character of a women in the spotlight who has done absolutely nothing wrong. It’s highly unlikely this “journalist” would have gone after a male doing the same thing. Please don’t bother mansplaining to me again. Of course you’re entitled to your opinion, just as I am.

    1. Georgia republicans-“don’t vote for the republicans on the Jan 5 run off , don’t give these republicans candidates your votes” this is the head of the Republicans saying this maybe listen? The election has been decided alread

    1. @Danie B BTW, Biden won. That’s it. You’re done. Time to move on. Be as smitten as a kitten like in 2008. Don’t be a bad winner.

    2. @Tom Edwards who you talking to?
      I voted for Biden I think Drumpf is narcissistic psychopath who just murdered 300,000 people. Needlessly.

  5. Wall Street Journal? More like The Daily Mansplainer.

    And a guy named J. Epstein calling Dr. Biden “kiddo”? The joke writes itself.

    1. @Cindy Favorite people like you are the problem. How did he mock her losses? YOU demean her losses by trying to use them as a shield to cover her from a valid topic of discussion. Just because someone earned a PhD doesn’t mean everyone has to address that person as “Dr.” all the time. Gimme a break

  6. Epstein sounds like a Trump admirer and emulator – misogynistic, spiteful and jealous.
    I hope Dr. Biden just ignores him.

    1. And those that admire Biden are emulators that suffer from Misopedia to the point of supporting abortion rights, and are also spiteful and jealous so I guess that makes it even….LMAO!

    2. @Bud Morgan
      Have you contributed to child hunger programs?
      If a pregnant woman already has several children that she can’t properly care for, would you assist her financially?
      Are you in favour of maternity programs to assist those who have no food and no medical coverage? Have you ever seen a newborn whose mother is on drugs , suffering from withdrawal symptoms? Are you willing to adopt that child to love and nurture? If you answer no to these questions, and if you have not done anything to alleviate the sufferings of unwanted children, you don’t really care about the unborn babies. You must also care about what happens to them after they are born.
      Black and white, simplistic thinking is not helpful; life is too full of variables that one must consider before forming an informed, caring opinion.

    3. @Judy Woodburn : Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I am not a trump supporter. So I do support Social programs and I am in favor of maternity programs to assist those who have no food and no medical coverage. I myself am in recovery and I have seen newborns born to mother’s on drugs and when I was working I Have contributed to child hunger programs in the past like “Feed the children” and “Unisef” and I cannot adopt a child because I have severe financial difficulties . You obviously don’t support these programs or you wouldn’t be on here defending the murder of children, But here you are like a Hypocrite asking me if i support them? That is what you liberals like to do. You use your twisted narrow minded views of life to enforce your twisted support of death. You embrace Misopedia and attack Misogyny. In your twisted minds you view one as Evil and the other Good, when both are Evil and If it isn’t babies then it’s the elderly. It’s anyone you liberals deem in the way and how about you?, you were given the gift of life were you not and now you support death? What if your parents had the same mindset as you? then you would not be here now would you..

  7. A do nothing trophy wife or an educator…hmm…decisions decisions. Actually, the decision has already been made. Bye bye Diaper Don!

    1. Especially given that that was probably cited as a primary reason for not offering him a professorship! He didn’t qualify.

    1. @Roll Tide Because the WSJ has run many op-eds(the one that stands out is a piece on Henry Kissinger) where men who have Doctorates and PhD’s, but have never “delivered a baby”(Epstein’s apparent metric) are still referred-to as Doctor.


    2. @None Given Nobody cares about your idiotic link to a Trumpzombie blogger/youtuber/AMradio host. Prove fraud in court or GTFO.

    3. If he is from the Dinosaur age that should make him even more endearing to you Liberals since you Love Darwin and Dinosaurs…LOL!

    4. He is a pathetic adjunct lecturer with only a bachelors degree who wants to discredit anyone with a higher degree who has the audacity to use the honorific they achieved. Of course he’s threatened by women working far harder and achieving something he has not. Of course it is misogynistic because no person would dare write an article like this about a man. He is so clearly offended that a successful woman would chose to not lose her identity based on her husband’s success. She wants to continue to use her degrees and teach as First Lady, as she did as second lady. Kudos to Dr. Biden. Conservative men have always been threatened by strong, intelligent women. Makes it all the more satisfying to crush them.

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