The DOJ Sues The State of Georgia Over New Restrictive Voting Law 1

The DOJ Sues The State of Georgia Over New Restrictive Voting Law


Attorney General Merrick Garland announces lawsuit against Georgia after the state’s Republican-led legislature passes a restrictive voting law that could deny Black voters equal access to the ballot.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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DOJ Sues The State of Georgia Over New Restrictive Voting Law


    1. @Brigadier Harsh – When and where did Democrats cheat? I haven’t heard even one person lay out a plausible theory of how the “conspirators” recruited operatives, stole identities from many locations, counterfeited ballots unique to a variety of machines, stole the information to put on the ballots, smuggled them into many polling locations, bankrolled the operation, laundered the money, got poll watchers to leave without protest, infiltrated the offices in charge of mail-in voting, etc., and made the whole plan come together.

  1. I heard they have been sued about 8 times and by Ms Abrams herself. None of which succeeded. So there is hope that people will see through this charade.

    1. @E there’s one thing you can say about conservative women they are so much better looking then Democrat women!

  2. Quick dems stop them so you can close up for the day and keep counting votes all night without oversight!

    1. @J Groovy These people are so delusional, that you can’t fix stupid…..We just had the most secure election in our history. Why change

    2. @redbulls2 that qualification uses circular logic. Tell me what did they use to gauge ‘the most secure election in our history’? Was it more secure than the 1852 election? Or 1836? 1900? Can you qualify that statement at all? Are you just making sounds to get attention?

  3. The state of Illinois forced me to show ID to buy alcohol. I want the DOJ to sue Illinois for their racist policy. It’s unfair to blacks because we don’t have ID.

  4. it’s quite clear that Marxism is infecting politics, authoritarian, totalitarian power grabs are occurring towards a one-party regime lasting decades, if not century (ies).

  5. Funny that they expect anyone to believe them. I’d have actually some respect for them if they came out and said, “we don’t believe there was any fraud, lets investigate it together”. Instead we get reeeeee.

  6. MSDNC once again mischaracterizes what is happening: In reality the DOJ is suing Georgia for fighting voter fraud.

    1. There was no voter fraud according to your republican leaders. Who is the duly elected president now?

    2. @Leo Peridot those are RINOs, republicans in name only. There was election fraud, Biden is not a duly elected president.

    3. @cjmerobot there isn’t any proof though. Cyber ninjas already got caught with black/blue pens. Nothing they say is going to hold up in court.

      The election has been certified. Keep crying about it.

    1. We DON’T CHEAT! And they aren’t complaining about showing a fkn ID!! You people need to step back into REALITY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE

  7. The doj the Democrats are saying hey we have to have the law change, dead people can’t get IDs.

  8. So when is the DOJ going to sue all the other states like Delaware hat have even more restrictive voting laws the DOJ is full of idiots with law degrees go figure

  9. Anyone fighting these bills that only make it harder to CHEAT has a vested interest in cheating. Typical democrat kid sniffers.

  10. I have to show my ID when I go to the doctor’s office and my being medically suppressed ? Why shouldn’t you have to show an ID when you’re voting?

  11. If Democrats wanted to weaponize the DOJ, we would have asked Criminal Barr to come back to finish destroying the DOJ.

  12. Seems like a common theme…New York and Colorado also. Draconian?!Wonder why they’re picking on a Georgia?

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