The Drip, Drip, Drip Of The Matt Gaetz Investigation | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

The Drip, Drip, Drip Of The Matt Gaetz Investigation | The Last Word | MSNBC


Matt Gaetz said earlier this week there would be a “drip, drip, drip” of leaks coming out about the Justice Department investigation into potential violations of sex trafficking laws– and he was right. Now under DOJ scrutiny: a trip Gaetz took to the Bahamas. Aired on 04/08/2021.
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The Drip, Drip, Drip Of The Matt Gaetz Investigation | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Dakota Fletcher What about Cuomo? This story has nothing to do with him… Go be a traitor elsewhere.

    2. @Dakota Fletcher The subject matter is Matt Gaetz at this time. Stop with the Whataboutism. Go click on Fox if you want to talk about Cuomo. I’m sure that’s the subject matter there, it always is. And while you’re there, try to change the subject and leave a comment that says, “What about Matt Gaetz? Say that about Matt Gaetz!”

    3. @Dakota Fletcher The Subject at hand is Gaetz. When they cover a robbery in Chicago, do you expect commenters to talk about robberies in other cities?

    4. @David Cartertrump and epstein victims:
      rebecca conway-12
      kelly feuer-12
      michael parker-10
      charles bacon-11
      maria olivera-12
      kevin knoll-11

  1. As usual Matt Gaetz was drunk when Melania gave him moral advice. She told him to ‘be best’ and he heard the words: ‘Be a beast’.

    1. @Boss Hicks this guy was born a rich brat and as he grew his ego grew bigger. He flaunts what he did because he never thought he get caught . Now that he did , he playing the Trump card by denying it and by doing so the facts get are coming out since his party is pushing him out to dry .

  2. Trump: “OJ said it wasn’t him. He was very strong and powerful in his denial. So I don’t see any reason why it would be him.”

    1. Yeah, funny how Trump didn’t take strong denial as proof of innocence when it came to the five innocent black men he took out a full page ad in the New York Times calling for the death sentence for!

  3. Matt is very drip, drip, drippy….
    Squeeze a scum bag and it will drip, drip, drip….
    Who will Matt drip on, now that Joel is dripping on him?

    1. When both, orange one and hot potato head,claim “they’re coming for you” they don’t send this message to their voters but buddies up in the ranking who were hanging out and partying with them.
      Certainly, they are not or never were interested in actual fighting for the people but were all for immunity from their crimes and other benefits they seek for.

    2. NOW this could turn into the house of cards , everyone in the GOP has a
      finger to point.

  4. Trump – “Matt, who? I’ve heard of him but never met him in my life. I think he’s coming to Mar-a-Lago, but I won’t be there.”

  5. Mr Gaetz has some great Extacsy insight going for him.. he must, of course know what is going to happen to him payback time!

    1. He won’t go to jail. The gaetz family are 1%ers, very very wealthy. The rich pay their followers, embedded throughout our society and justice system to let them get away with whatever they want.

  6. Beautiful … The jail Gaetz will soon slam shut.He’ll be the underage girl on the cell block.

    1. Today They said the ladies were 18 and 19 years old. The best way to think when over 18 years old is 18 and above. When you are my age it should be 25 and above even though 18 is legal.

    1. Nope, expect a Dennis Hastert type of plea deal where Gaetz gets less than 2 years and resigns from Congress. That seat is a safe red seat, making Gaetz quite expendable

    1. What are you talking about? Marjorie is the most beloved Republican today – not to mention she is bringing in the money.

  7. Matt is as toxic and radioactive as that pool of waste water in Florida. Ain’t nobody trying to get any of that on them.

    1. Hes a 1%er. He won’t have to. Daddy is super rich. You can see from the magidiots that the wealthy have their followers embedded throughout our society and justice system who will let them get away with whatever.

    1. Not sure why scotch keeps getting mentioned. I’ve never celebrated with that stuff. Now if you’ve got some Ron Zapata, I’ve got some 25 year old cubans…

  8. “You hang out with shady people. You have no friends. And your lawn is dying. And someone said they saw you on the roof, signaling with a flashlight…” the guy is living in a Tom Waits song. Matt might have better luck getting a blanket party than a pardon.

  9. I just cant get over the poetic justice of Rump cutting Mattboy lose like dead weight – after all the sphincter-ring kissing he did!

    1. Remember that Trump does not like a loser. If Gaetz gets away with any wrong doing, Trump will welcome him into his circle; otherwise, Gaetz is a loser and Trump will turn his back on him.

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