The Even Weirder Backstory Behind Bizarre Gaetz Sex Trafficking Investigation Story | Rachel Maddow

The Even Weirder Backstory Behind Bizarre Gaetz Sex Trafficking Investigation Story | Rachel Maddow 1


  1. Who woulda thunk the guy who turns up to work wearing two-tone shoes and a gasmask would turn out to be a giant pervert?!

    1. @Maxine Fowler Try learning to read yourself, cupcake. I know you think you are the center of the universe, but I made no mention of you. Maybe next time an adult can help you with the big words, little girl. Meanwhile, don’t play with anything sharp. And maybe rent a sense of humor.

    1. Exactly! I am here and I thank all the people who voted these criminals in. From DeSantis to the tax collector

    2. @Daniel Palma I feel you friend. I’m in Texas, an Independent voter, and I backed Biden but the deplorables over here give ALL of us a bad name. 🙄

    3. @Daniel Palma I have family and friends all over FL. There are great places, that for sure! I surf, Love the coast! But it’s more the people. Sorry to say that, but I’ve lived all over the country, North, South, East and West!

    1. Yup, with Republicans it’s always weird. Democrats have scandals and some of them are weird. But Republicans… it’s always over the top weird or extreme. Wife sleeps with pool boy… not good enough! I need to watch! Affair with secretary, nope with secretaries husband. Lol😂

  2. Gaetz is going around saying *”17 year old woman”* in his defense… His daddy’s gonna have a tough time fixing this one.

    1. @Forrest Rous Goodness, to oversimplify things…
      We see the LEFT using every Νаᴢі, ƒɑѕсіѕт technique in the book. They are the ones using Goebbels-type propaganda in order to manipulate the election. Propaganda which you seem all too keen to use yourself.

      It should be harder to vote illegally.

      Gerrymandering, the old friend of the Democrat Party, wouldn’t have a thing to do with the Republicans. Why would it suddenly switch sides?

    2. @Thɑт Spοk How is it oversimplifying to relate the facts and events exactly as they happened? Trump told his supporters to march on the Capitol. He told lies about election fraud and got his supporters incensed to attack the institutions of democracy, very Hitleresque. What am I missing here, or what do you claim I’m missing here? You seem to be lacking confidence and coherence in your response

    3. @Thɑт Spοk I don’t know, do you think that strawnman isn’t a dead giveaway that you don’t know what you’re talking about? Thanks for playing and making my point

    1. @Robert Arthurs I think you’re Triggered, to borrow the title of a best selling author’s book. And your “news sources”: Fox, Newsmax, OAN couldn’t exist without the gullible. Those such as yourself, that troll real news sites.

    1. Brian brush much? Dare we mention the Clintons? Pervs and criminals come from the left and the right. Make no mistake.

    2. I agree. What’s sad is the Republican saps that can’t tell the difference between reality and the Fox news Alex Jones reality tv show.

  3. Saturdays Are For The Boys vibes but in an Orlando suburbs Tax Collector’s office. This is ripe with material for a satirical adult animated series.

  4. Don’t forget that Matt Gaetz also committed Witness Intimidation against Michael Cohen on national television. Maybe we should also have him indicted for that, too.

    1. i dont remember her talking about clinton..oh wait..hes a dem and can do no wrong..btw, this is not the first story she has gotten wrong…remember the whole russia hoax she swore was true? remember smollet she swore was true..many more

    2. Him and matt gaetz are wonder why gaetz voted against the human trafficking bill. That should had sparked investigation alone.

    3. @deb, believe it or not, 9 out of 10 physicians recommend not drinking the Kool-Aid. Unfortunately the 10th recently succumbed to injuries sustained by a spontaneously combusting wall.

    4. @deb which Clinton are you talking about? I’m sure if there was a story about Clinton she would be on it. And Trump was found to have colluded with Russia.

  5. I love how you put together a story, and present it in a way that anyone could understand. This one though…WOW!

    1. How many times has this network gotten stories completely wrong. I’m going to hold off believing this because the more outrageous the more skeptical I am. Why do you people still watch this joke of a channel.

    2. @Paula Turk so I suppose you didn’t you see this link, click on it and then watch like the rest of us…gotcha! 👍🏾😂

  6. WOW – I love this deeper dive into this news… How did no one note what he was doing? How do you charge way over a million bucks out of a small office like that?
    And Gaetz, the grown up Butthead is unsurprisingly involved…
    I need to take a shower now…

    1. I’m sure folks who bring this up or investigate such goings on will be deemed deep state troublemakers.

  7. Hollywood producers would laugh someone out of the building if they tried to pitch a story like this, lol.

  8. I think we are all pretty aware of all the things that can go wrong if we elect the wrong person!😂😢😳

    1. Melissa I wish that were true, but you’re dealing with Republican voters who live in a Bizzaro world where everything is the opposite.

  9. Gosh, if you wrote a fiction story with a character like this it would seem unbelievable. How could he not expect to get caught?!

    1. It’s Trump’s America.
      I can see why he’d believe the overwhelming majority of people were sedentary cattle.

    2. Q anon‘s narrative. Duh. That’s why they were saying trumps investigating a cabal of pedophiles so when it came out that he was standing next to the pedophiles and endorsing the pedophiles he will look like the valiant hero? That’s why that was a huge part of the narrative spin. Im just grossed out,

  10. This is just so on-brand for the GOP. It’s not even shocking that they did it but what IS shocking is how many people were involved/knew about it.

  11. Tax Collector: We don’t need no stinking badges, we’ve got drones, body armor and a bunch of guns!!!!!!

  12. Funny when he refers to her as “a 17 year old woman” in his Tucker Carlson interview from yesterday. Funny weird, not funny haha.

  13. Someone needs to audit that tax office’s electric bill. He was obviously running a cryptocurrency farm and letting the office pay the Bill. To the extent that he caught the place on fire. Duh.

    1. It is what happens when you have a system where people get elected to administrative jobs rather than get appointed on the basis of experience and competence. The positions become politicised and gamed by the political parties. They then become attractive to crooks and con-men. The only positive thing about this story is that it took only 4 years to investigate and arrest the guy. Imagine if he had been a little more careful, he could have been there for decades! (Corruption of course occurs with appointed positions too, but there are more checks and balances; appointments are not a political popularity contest.)

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