The family of Andrew Brown Jr. speak after seeing body cam footage | USA TODAY 1

The family of Andrew Brown Jr. speak after seeing body cam footage | USA TODAY


The mayor of Elizabeth City declared a state of emergency Monday as authorities in North Carolina worked to redact bodycam footage of the fatal shooting of Andrew Brown Jr. before allowing the Black man's family and lawyers to view it.

The family and its representatives plan on viewing the video at the Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office, lawyers said at a news conference where they urged immediate release of the video.

“City officials realize there may potentially be a period of civil unrest within the city following the public release of that footage,” Mayor Bettie Parker said in the emergency declaration.

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    1. @Angry Patriots If it isn’t then why is the family keeping it public. We all have a right to know if this cop did wrong or was in the right.


  1. Release the video to the public. Until then I’m not backing either side. People should have learned from the last shooting by now. Release the bodycam and things turn out better.

    1. @J D well I guess that’s why he was convicted and DOJ is looking into the 2017 incident when he did the same thing to a 14 year old. Ok so possible more charges to come. Does everyone in your orbit die of an overdose? Enough of your ignorance and fuckery! If you understood the judicial system then we could have a coherent conversation, but NOOOT


    1. @ARMY PROUD I agree like Candace Owens she will find some kind of way to make it the black man’s fault it never fails

    2. @razorwireclouds I have much respect for La Cosa Nostra these idiots in blue are Criminals Thugs in Uniform giving the rest a bad name

    1. Totally. I mean, sorry, but I don’t believe ANY of these stories until I can see it with my own eyes.

      These family members and the lawyer are maybe gonna be biased, because they just lost a family member.

    1. @Aaron Henderson Your comments are the ones that actually sound racist. Moreover, if your “PP” (known as a penis in the adult world) is the central focus of your identity then you are one shallow individual. Moreover, it’s that type of sexual irresponsibility that has produced so many fatherless homes — which is really at the root of this issue and idea that lives matter (especially those of your own children).

    2. @Joe JG Recent studies show that the U.S. is about the least racist nation in the world. Commonplace for leftist fools to look for problems where there aren’t really any to be found.

  2. Not saying who is wrong or who is right, the Video should have started from the moment the officer steps out of the patrol car and all the way when the person was pronounced dead, 20 seconds NO WAY

    1. When the video comes out, wonder if its what the lady says, look at her face, smiling as she tells the story, of what she claims a man gunned down with his family behind her, 9 seconds, and the ohio shooting was clear, and people still say you dont know what led up to it, 9 seconds is all the cop got, that saved a life. I dont know what this video shows, but the way the lawyers talk, they should be arrested for insighting riots, but then again they are there just for the money we know how people can turn a rightous shooting, that saved a life, into it was just kids fighting with a knife. We just had justice served in this country, and u still have lawyers that are still saying people are guilty until proven innocent, if the police are guilty, then they are, justice should be served in due time, the lawyers are just tryin to make a name for their selves, and are farther dividing this nation, especially if the video shows a whole different story, and its clear they are just after 2 days of fame till it is, if any riots arise from the moment of this video, and they are in the wrong and not the cops, they should be accountable for them.

    2. @Warrior Waitress when your trying to get away in a car, you gonna have two hands on stealing wheel. There’s a zero significance to that statement. These are lawyers talking. By nature of their job, lawyers have to lie and twist facts for their client. Don’t put too much stock in what they say, especially if Mr Crump is around


  3. He had his hands on the steering wheel? Was he driving? Was he trying to run over the police? Was he just sitting there with his hands on the wheel. I don’t trust any of these people. Release the body cam footage now.

    1. @ezridax you do realize that a car is just as deadly as a gun, right? I’m not making a determination on whether cops were justified in shooting or not until I see the video, but you can’t have this mindset that cops can’t shoot until they’re being shot at.


    3. @Kyle Komarek I understand your position and respect it. I just missed the days when people were apprehended is all

  4. Don’t be so quick to judge until we see the whole video.

    To this gentlemen’s family and friends I am so very sorry this has happened.

    1. A heroin/meth dealing career criminal with a 180 page criminal record dating back to 1988 when he was only 10 who probably killed someone by selling them drugs (OD).. who has wasted countless taxpayers dollars, victimized countless people, and lived his life as (to me) an enemy of the people is not a gentleman. He’s trash and got what was coming to him. BTW a 3 year old black kid was murdered by gang violence in Miami.. Not a peep from BLM about it.. What a joke.

    2. @Markel Whitfield I don’t use God and God hates crime, God is about Law and Order, now if a police officer kills someone simply because of their race then that’s murder, but these shootings aren’t random are they? No and neither is God’s judgement.

    3. @Marie Armstrong Gentlemen don’t sell Crack/Meth/Heroin and have a 180-page long criminal record. Do you even care about the countless amount of people this guy has victimized by being a criminal since he was 10? This guy was not a gentleman you idiot, he was no good & part of the destruction of our society.

  5. Let them know if they try to cover up or do anything illegal with the evidence you will be prosecuted.

  6. What a shame. I am glad the Sherriff was at least respectful. What a mess. Very sorry for this horrible situation

    1. @R P Man, you know this isn’t right. Doesn’t matter if he has previous crimes. In this country that is not punishable by death, these are values that the founding fathers set for us.

    2. You’re so sorry their 42-year-old career criminal meth/heroin dealing family member died? He had a 180 page criminal history of misdemeanors & felonies. Hes had a criminal record since 1988 when he was only 9 or 10. Considering the amount of heroin overdoses, this guy probably killed someone he’s dealt drugs to & he never learned his lesson. Justice was served by getting rid of this guy instead of wasting our tax dollars for him to go to court, go to jail, or victimize more people if he’s set free. And Ryan Rudel, you’re an idiot, the founding fathers and the government (for a very long time) collected bounties dead or alive and actually killed insurrectionists.. They used to kill people for robbing a bank. Only modern “justice” lets life-long offenders, child rapists, serial killers, illegal aliens killing our citizens, etc… live.

  7. I’ll say this. Even though we can’t know for sure until we see the video with our own eyes, it looks REAL bad on law enforcement in this county to be DELAYING the release of this video. When the girl in Ohio was trying to stab someone, the police were FAST to release that video because they knew it made the shooting more justified. So when they’re trying to avoid and limit what the public sees, that usually means some unjustifiable homicide took place.

    1. It’s been turned over to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation so it requires a court order to be released to the public which the sheriff said he’s requesting.

    2. Is the commenter familiar with state law in each case, pertaining to release of footage? Is the commenter knowledgeable as to what members of law enforcement were present at each event in order to know why there might be delay such as protecting identity of officers working undercover? One does not have to be expert, but one should at least employ some critical thinking. The commenter is not employing critical thinking and neither are you. You are both operating EMOTIONALLY, in your weakness and lack of self-discipline.

  8. “The risks that accrue to you for speaking the truth are so much more minimal than the risks that accrue to you from deceiving yourself and other people that they’re not even in the same universe…speak the truth!”

    1. At one time that was true. Now days when one speaks the truth they come under attack because the people don’t want to hear the truth. They only want to hear what fits their narrative and their misguided beliefs.


  10. Haha. Yeah, he had his hands “firmly” on the steering wheel trying to run over anybody that got in his way. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

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