‘The fear is undeniable’: Feds working to support James Smith Cree First Nation after stabbing


  1. There is an obvious problem that surrounds the indigenous in saskatchewan.

    I say the sentences are too lax. 59 different crimes the guy commited many were violent. He is 30 years old.
    How do you expect these indigenous communities to advance abd better themselves when criminals walk free among them?

    1. Sentencing in Canada makes my not want to live here. The system truly is an embarrassment. I can’t imagine having an offence be committed against one of your my family members and getting to see the criminal get a laughable sentence.

      My heart goes out to anyone who has had to go through that in the past as well as everyone involved in this attack

    1. then they will buy him a new car with a new house
      and he will live for ever happily after..
      happy endings…
      plus he talk about genocide and given release

  2. If the indigenous across the country want to be self governing shouldn’t they provide their own policing?..

    1. They do but just like any rural police force, they don’t have the manpower and resources to deal with a major incident and will bring in outside support when needed. Every police force does that.

    2. @Judy Ives that is why we should be able to protect ourselves by any means because by the time the police get to the crime scene its to late

  3. What’s to support? The damage is done, he was let out of early parole. Canada a revolving door for criminals.

    1. The community? This would definitely not help the coming generations if you just drop support for them during this time wtf

    1. or if canada had no committed genocide and marked their past forever with vengeance..
      some heads are gonna roll…

  4. Omg thanks so much for the hopes and prayers and ground support! im glad i was not allowed to have a gun during this tragic time

    1. Not allowed? Did you have to ask permission? I thought you types did stuff no matter what “the gubermunt” does or says. Or are you so frightened that you’ll complain here instead of actually voting or lobbying for gun rights.

  5. “Hey did you hear Sanderson jumped parole? Been out a few months….
    Partner….Ya… so like what kind of donuts should we get today?
    Cool, our brothers are safe, the Police Association dues paid, who cares about the general public?
    $138,000 a year buys me a lot of donuts. Both laugh.

  6. Other than driving through love all the back roads don’t really know the relationship between partners. I know the Yukon very well anyway what a shame. Sawadee Khap.

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