1. I think u r right. But I wouldn’t let the homeless guy in by rule. I’d have an open heart though. Negatives and positives exist in science and I love that conservatism calls for local differences of states rights that let us be different under the same rule of freedom. Science and Spirit and sociology all rock because they’re all the same thing ❤️https://youtu.be/N0–_R6xThs

    1. Independent Voter because I’m forced for med school applications. Even requires a profile picture. It’s unfair to the highest degree

  1. Ladies we need each other and we need all….we can’t do this alone …all are welcome. ..we do this together

  2. MSNBS, tell us about the shooting death in Seattle’s autonomous zone. Then tell us how great their “communist utopia” is working out.

    1. So much has one trump supporter at that rally gets sick… That is all you will hear about for 2 weeks.

    2. @Brian Nave She’s having a passionate affair with the dead Karl Marx. Or maybe his dead wife.

  3. Thank you for your protesting. I wish I was young and healthy enough to be by your side’s. Please stay safe and please wear your mask 😷😷

    1. Lovemygrandkids they aren’t protesting they are rioting animals who want to destroy America and bring on communism wake up fool.

  4. I love this! Thank you for standing with me. I’m still experiencing salary disparity and so many of us are. Our standing up for ourselves, even though nothing is done to resolve the problem, they know we know there’s still a problem. Stay woke!

    1. start your OWN business and give yourself a big fat raise whenever you want one. good luck,,thank me later TRUMP2020 MAGA

    2. Get another job and quit whining. Everybody is tired of your complaining. It’s your fault and no one else’s

  5. Omar and her squad love watching Americans burn their own flag, riot, loot as does all of our partisan, fake news outlets. Especially MSDNC.

  6. Democrats want you to believe you are a victim so you will need to rely on big government.
    Republicans want to keep government small and empower the individual so you can have a good job, get married and have kids, while spending less than you earn so you can invest to retire wealthy.
    Empower yourself, vote red.

    1. Here are the thinkers and writers that all of America’s young people
      ought to read and consider instead of a tired defeatist and false
      narrative of nobody giving the other person a chance. All Americans have a chance, if you study and work, true, there is no equality of outcome, and yes life can be unfair, but if you study and work, nowhere else do you have the opportunities that America for millions of people had advantaged themselves and made their lives better.

      The vision of the anointed — with Thomas Sowell

      Thomas Sowell discusses his newest book, Intellectuals and Race

      Discrimination and Disparities with Thomas Sowell

      …Polarized Our Country. Basic Books. 2015. ISBN 0-4650-6697-6.
      by Shelby Steele

      The greatest barrier to racial equality today is not overt racism, Shelby Steele argues in but white liberals. Under the guise of benevolence, liberals today maintain their position of power over blacks by continuing to cast them as victims in need of saving. This ideology underlies liberal social policies from affirmative action to welfare, which actually exacerbate racial inequality rather than mitigating it. Drawing on empirical data as well as his own personal experience, Steele demonstrates that these policies have not only failed, but have made it impossible to address the problems that plague the modern black community, and have ensured that black Americans will never be truly equal to their white countrymen, in their own minds or in practice.

      Forrest Gump on the LEFTIST movement or “stupid is as stupid does” and never take a little advice on the false leftist narrative of systemic racism, Forrest says: “My Mama always said you’ve got to put the past behind you before you can move on.” – Forrest.

    2. I’m a white women and I’ve been treated like crap by them but I changed my life and I’m a upstanding citizen now. We need our Police!!!!

  7. You new the fire burning down businesses ? Or the Wendy’s in Atlanta ? Or the mom and pop shops who lost their life’s work? Dirt bags

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