The First Priority Is To Gather Information At The Scene In Investigation | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

The First Priority Is To Gather Information At The Scene In Investigation | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Katherine Schweit, former executive in charge of the FBI's active shooter program, joins Kasie Hunt to discuss the shooting that killed eight people at an Indianapolis Fedex facility yesterday. Schweit explains that the delay in answers are because the investigation is still ongoing. "Even though people are impatient and I appreciate that they want answers, you only get one time to interview people," she says. Aired on 04/16/2021.
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The First Priority Is To Gather Information At The Scene In Investigation | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. 19 years old, why? Why didn’t they follow through with the investigation into this youth after a family member warned them of his troubles? This one could have been avoided!

    1. His parents, teachers, and peers are probably all radical DNC extremists.. No need look into his background.

    2. @J Why don’t you become part of the solution instead of part of the problem! Such a stupid comment! No wonder your country is such a mess!

    1. @D Engelhard so do most normal human beings, “regulations” doesn’t mean confiscating all guns like the gun-nutz would have people believe.

    2. @truth troll

      I wouldn’t know.

      I live in Europe in a country where all guns are illegal. You need a permit for a replica and my husband has replicas and he had to go through so many checks to get approved it was insane.

      So: no guns allowed.

      Guess how many mass shootings we had last year? Okay the last 10 years? Okay the last 20?

      How many did America have?

      Yeah but my 2nd amendment right to get shot in schools and warehouses mèèèèh

    3. @D Engelhard I’m honestly not for banning all guns, I own several high-powered hunting rifles and shotguns, but guns specifically designed for the military which are capable of rapidly taking out multiple people in seconds don’t belong in civilian hands and it’s proven over and over that people can’t be trusted with them! Thanks for explaining how it works there and the success such policies can have!

    1. Just because there is no law against stupidity does not mean you should keep coming back to MSDNC for state sponsored “news”/opinions.

    1. Honey, coming from a country where all guns are illegal:

      We had 2 mass shootings in the last 20 years.

      What did you guys have?

      Ah. Right. Okay.

      But “gun regulation” is radical. Yeah I get it. Cant fix stupid. Goodluck.

  2. 8 people killed and several people wounded in less than 2 minutes. That assault rifle performed perfectly. It performed the way it was designed for, mass carnage.


    2. @chivimbe Since his mother reported him, if there were red flag laws, he would have been unable to buy more weapons.

    3. @Travis Reynolds Pity that Chicago gun regulation is easily flouted, by driving to Indiana. Nobody likes all the deaths in Chicago. That’s one reason, sane people are for sensible federal gun regulation.

    4. @chivimbe you believe criminals shouldn’t be apprehended because they’re in their homes? _BLATHER AND DRIVEL_ if they were BLM you’d SCREAM for their heads hypocrite, Where’s the “well-formed and well-regulated militia” described in the constitution you buffoons love to misinterpret?

  3. CNN’s Ana Cabrera reported that the suspect, Brandon Scott Hole, was on authorities’ radar before the mass shooting.
    “Authorities were warned about FedEx suspect’s potential for violence in the past, sources say,” she wrote on Twitter. “The suspect in the Indianapolis mass shooting was known to federal and local authorities prior to the attack.”

  4. So if the “authorities ” were warned about the potential violence of this teenager, why did he have access to at least two rifles?

    1. It is because in this country Caucasians are granted the benefit of the doubt even when they pose a obvious threat. How else do you explain when the mass shooter does their damage the police always are able to apprehend with no problem unless the suspect murders themselves.

    2. @mykoal5 because they don’t want people to fight back, most just drop the gun when cops show up.

  5. The Second Amendment doesn’t give you the Right to possess a Weapon of War.
    It doesn’t and you should have it confiscated.
    Keep your pistols, shotguns and hunting rifles.
    The combat weapons have to go.

    1. Since that piece of the constitution was written when they were still using muskets, I think it’s fair to allow these gun freaks to own muskets.

  6. Why is the weapon only described as a rifle?
    It’s real hard to shoot yourself with a rifle.
    Why no mention of his race?


  8. Kasey would be far more effective if she didn’t say “uh” “uhh” “uh” “uh” 348 times in an interview… Just sayin’

  9. I thought the first priority was to sow racial division for political reasons.
    But I guess thats only if you can blame a white person.

  10. We simply need to pass a law that requires criminals to abide by the law. Problem solved. Leftist logic.

  11. Wait what there was another?

    At this point it feels everytime I open the news, there is either another mass shooting or the police gunned down another black person … this really disturbing from afar, can’t imagine how horrible it must be for people who live through this :/

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