The GOP Admits Their Goal Is To Obstruct Biden’s Agenda

As Biden takes his agenda on tour to the reddest of districts, Republicans admit that their strategy is to obstruct it. White House reporter for the Associated Press Jonathan Lemire and writer-at-large for the Bulwark Tim Miller discuss.

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    1. @Amira Alois Technically, no, water is the only substance on the planet who can’t get wet 🙂

  1. If roads and bridges are funded without massive investment in renewable energy and the remodeling of the nation’s grid, then it will only worsen the effects of climate change. Refurbished highways and bridges will make it easier to burn even more oil.

    1. So when is it a bad thing to love your country and put American citizens and jobs first. You cannot help anyone on a plane going down unless you are safely prepared yourself. We do not want Communism and we do not want our children brainwashed to hate each other and hate America. Remember Reporters, Nuremberg hung journalists for lying and spewing propaganda. All we heard out of you guys since 2016 was Russia, Russia, Russia. It was the Dems that sold them 1/5th of our Uranium. It was Biden that crushed our energy jobs and helped Russia. Wake the heck up! I do not want to live in a 3rd world country. Your party is killing our cities!

    2. @Gin C If our children are brainwashed to hate each other, it’s because their parents served as their role models. Hatred of others is learned at home.

    3. @Jim S Yes Jim it’s about me losing, not about the country being destroyed. Do you see why we need to bring natural selection back. You’re all about division, to do what ever you could to get potato Joe in. Understand the crimes against humanity have been caught and your fairy tale will end soon. Good day zombie.

  2. ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING! One party attempting to obstruct the other’s agenda? In DC?…….Well I never!

    1. When they’re supposed to work together and compromise, yes. Solely obstructing the other side goes against the actual job.

  3. “Let me describe for you a worthless and a wicked man;
    first,he is a constant liar;
    he signals his true intentions to his friends with eyes and feet and fingers.”
    PROVERBS 6:12-13

  4. Lol over 100 days in and they are just realising that’s the game of politics. I mean what the heck was the last four years?

    1. @Cognitive Supreme Well, want to play tribalism BS. I would agree with Washington and others about “party’s” lol

    2. @Cognitive Supreme yeah. Those democrats who’ve stated their goal is to block everything. Oh wait…

    3. @phantomliger2012 Yep they have. They have used the filibuster more than anyone. They blocked stimulus during the plandemic and infrastructure. They are the worst.

  5. Nooooo, you mean “opposing” opinions or values means you try to “stop” or check the “other” political party? UnHEARD of! Except for maybe….ADULTS.

    1. The problem is not that Sen. McConnell will not vote for something he considers to be bad, but that 1) he is then reminding Kentuckians that it will actually help them once Democrats pass it (so McConnell doesn’t want to help his constituents just to spite Biden?) and 2) he stated that he is going to oppose every single thing Biden proposes. I imagine that when Biden proclaims Thanksgiving this year, McConnell will support repealing the holiday. That’s what’s different about the Republican Party now, virtually the whole Republican Party in Washington and state capitals. Sen. McConnell doesn’t oppose the opinions of Pres. Biden. How do I know? Because he doesn’t produce alternative legislation that the two parties can argue in public debate about and compromise on…like they used to, even when an extremely popular Republican president like Reagan was in office. Sen. McConnell has no opinions except that he hates everything Biden likes. That has nothing to do with presenting your own opinions, and presenting your own opinions has nothing to do with obstruction.

  6. What’s good for the goose is good for the Gander.
    What goes around comes around.
    You get what you give.
    …Need any more of these to understand what’s going on?

  7. Oh god like the whole agenda when TRUMP was in office was to obstruct every single thing he did.

    1. More like fixing..everything obummer broke. Obama was a disaster. Biden is that same disaster..amplified

  8. What a scoop of a story, the reporter should win a Pulitzer. An out of power political group is trying to tie the hands of the political group in power. Wow. Thanks for this bombshell.

  9. Does one really need to hear an admission of guilt to know obstruction of Biden’s agenda is what they do? Obstructing is McConnell’s only skill set other than screwing Kentuckians…

  10. Remember this: Democrats are trying to change things to help people (maybe not you all the time), while republicans try to block (often do block) that help. Who do you want to put in charge in 2022, 2024? Help for the common people or tax cuts for the 1%?

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