The History of Black Sacrifice Remembered as Memorial Day Approaches 1

The History of Black Sacrifice Remembered as Memorial Day Approaches


Rev. Al Sharpton highlights early contributions of Black soldiers ahead of this year's Memorial Day holiday. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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The History of Black Sacrifice Remembered as Memorial Day Approaches


    1. @Mutton Chops Oh yeah, add another 200 lbs to his weight also. He is not a good man at all.

    2. @Mutton Chops I was a kid, but back in the 70’s he weight around 250 lbs more. That man took people’s welfare checks and food stamps for his side business while their children went hungry, but he calls himself a man of god. I voted for Biden.

    3. @John Smith i believe you .I will look into it when iam done with the news .he like to complain a lot never really does anything.

    4. @Mutton Chops It is irrelevant if you believe me or not, because you can always Google him.

  1. Let’s not forget to support the widdows and children of our servicemen who have passed.

  2. Those who don’t do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. Good work, Reverend sharpton!

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    1. God cant bless this man. He disobeys the Lord. He spews hate and division. Satan is his father,pray to him on behalf of this pos.

  4. *do you people have the feeling* … somebody in this world… isn’t believing what is true?…

    1. @OrcaBob 27
      belief is a footstep.. your choice.. look out into the world… but be wary.. there is such a thing as gravity…

    2. @OrcaBob 27
      here’s the thing… lost in the forest.. do you continue?… or.. do you set up camp and wait?… they recommend not going further if you’re lost… so… in the interim… lots to do settling in here…

    3. @OrcaBob 27
      _”move forward in a well balanced life.”_
      ok.. my advice to you.. book of the dead…

  5. And the question is still asked ? Why stay in a toxic relationship Me: looking for better days some where else….. Life is short

    1. @Ashley Horne But that was back when democrats were waving the rebel flag? Who’s waving that same flag today?

    2. Roger Out; wouldn’t be here to wave if it weren’t birthed by democrats. Just like antebellum, Jim Crow, slavery, the klan, civil war. And today in democrat controlled cities, blacks are kept in slums, ghettos, housing projects, killed by police. Democrats haven’t changed. They just changed there strategy.

    3. Roger Out; the offspring of democrats. I can answer the same question as many times as you like. The offspring of democrats are waving the racist flag that racist democrats created.

    4. Roger Out; again, as bad as you want to claim republicans are the racist ones, it doesn’t hide the history of the democrats and the way minorities are interned in democrat controlled cities. There are provable facts, and then there’s your useless opinion.

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    1. ​@JauDonna Daniels hate to break it to yah, but our history is white. The white population in America is a lot bigger than the black population. Also I’m not saying to not recognize these people for what they did for this country, but literally only acknowledging the black soldiers on this day is unfair for all the other veterans that did the exact same.

  7. Using this holiday as your political racist bs, is disgusting. It is a holiday to remember ALL service members who had lost their lives defending this country.

  8. “In American politics, the Southern strategy was a Republican Party electoral strategy to increase political support among white voters in the South by appealing to racism against African Americans…”

  9. I fear for the future, where human people on Mars turn into Martians in a few human generations time. And then the natural born Martians will want to be independent from the Earth. And start discriminating against earthlings.

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