1. Never imagined this year would have turned out in such a catastrophic way so far. Let’s hope the second half include better days and real changes 🙌💯

    1. @Kirk Moore Thats only a crime when Trump does it, when the Dems do it its perfectly fine, when Clinton walks a reset button up to Putin to push thats diplomacy, when she hands over 20% of our uranium to Russia, its the right thing, when China sends over a Wuhan virus, Dems blame Trump, not China, thats perfectly rational. Are you really this unperceptive, or are you subsidized? If the Dems didnt have double standards they would have standards at all, they give hypocrisy a knew meaning and theyre counting on MOMOs like you not to notice. P.S. you on the libs hit list, guilted white boy.

    2. Yes! We still have the second half of 2020 to get through (which starts July 1st). Let’s hope things get better. 🙏

      Also, to everyone with common sense and decency, just ignore the Trump bots that have invaded this comment section. They’re all a bunch of entitled morons.

    3. @Legit Ruler Problem is that Karl Rove is now behind Trump! Forget the bots – Karl Rove is an actual threat! That man is rotten to the core and he is absolutely ruthless!!

    4. ​@24james “Kung flu” is a racial slur that Trump called COVID-19 which is a type of pneumonia virus. Big difference between the flu and pneumonia. Stop spreading your ignorance.

  2. The horror escalated 2016 when they installed a monster into the white house. An evil Racist Monster.

    1. Another racist spews division. GTH or somewhere other then breathing the same air as normal Americans. You are a poster card of terror and misery.

    2. @Nemo Krada Wouldn’t that be lowering unemployment for all races?
      Would it be the opportunity zones set up in the city to aid in black business?
      Hmmm? nope, can’t think of a single thing.

    3. Fake racism and orange man bad is all you got? What’s Biden running on, hairy legs and cornpop?

    1. 2020 is already ½ over. Everyone is trapped by bad news of many problems. & a virus we can’t see.

    2. Omg you’re right… it’s like when you’re watching a terrible movie and you pull up the timeline menu and you realize it’s only halfway over

    1. At the time, I thought it was very naive and too hopeful that with Trump in the White House, 2017 and beyond would be better than 2016.

    2. @GoGreen1977 I thought it was going to be good having a person who wasn’t a career politician in office. I still do but Trump was obviously the wrong person.

    1. Seeing racism for what it is. Seeing Trump, Pence, Barr, Pompeo, McConnell, and others for what they are. The list goes on.

    2. @LL Frcs All of the Republican leaders are no better than Hitler. In fact, they are more than just Hitler, they are monsters and demons in disguise like sheep’s clothing.

  3. dont know what that officer was thinking.i think he needed someone to snap him out of it.unacceptable!

    1. You don’t “snap out” of a power trip brought on by a culture of punishment and white-supremacy.

    2. @Kevin W. if i was there i would have knocked him off that dude.that cop was touched in the head for sure


  4. 2020 is kind of like 1918 (pandemic), 1929 (depression), and 1968 (social unrest) all combined. “Winning” with Trump!

    1. It’s time for all Americans to look deep within their hearts and ask themselves – is this really the kind of world we want to leave to Keith Richards?

  5. Saw Jaws when it came out. I was about 10. The movie scared the daylights out of me. The sequels were worse because, dang! They were for kaka. Esp 3-D–underwater–in the dark. Maybe “Bruce” kept breaking down so much when filming the first movie because he had precognition and didn’t want to be a part of the franchise to come.

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