1. Mitch Mcconnell had 15 millon dollar donation for his reelection. He does not care about regular people. He needs to be impeached. Grim Reaper

    1. And his clueless Kentucky clan love being abused by their overlord. If that relationship isn’t sick and dysfunctional I don’t know what is.

    2. @M.G Agreed with you right there. And those same cult supporters are the same folks that bluntly force others to find jobs when there are no available opportunities to earn a spot for hire. So disheartening. No wonder they enjoy defending a elected official who is not willing to protect and defend the common worker

  2. The worst Senator in America history and he’s still in our Government Vote Democratic Senate all the way For God Sake

    1. @Feeble Minded McQuim too busy at the rifle range you bellend. Your side aint preparing. awful stupid

    2. @Frances Odom you guys will be blaming the bomb blasts and spree shootings on Trump as if he’s in charge of it all! LOL he’s just laughing from the golf course as you marxists are being slaughtered

  3. America really is a third world country…. no protection in healthcare, employment…nothing, such a selfish society.

    1. @Tall Guy Yes..so true. Only the rich survive coz’ greedy McConnell collude to make things even better for the rich friend donors

  4. Please Georgians,vote blue so that we can break this cycle in the senate,not doing their job and playing politics why people die out there.

  5. Has anyone else noticed that, On November 4th, tens of thousands of bot accounts suddenly just up and vanished, like a fart on the wind?

  6. mcconnell isn’t saying ok bc he wants to give his donating buddies a break so they don’t get sued if they don’t take care of their employees

    1. McConnell is defunding the police. Local governments are going broke, first responders are not free. Local taxes aren’t being collected, local governments have had to expend all their reserves

    2. The Self Proclaimed Grim Reaper Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Have A Morgage Or Rent Problem. Nor A Delinquent Bill And Or Food Shortages. Plus All The Medical And Dental At His Discretion 24/7. This Is The SOB Making All The Decision For Millions Of Desperate Hardworking Americans That Have No Other Options Or Avenues To Turn Too. “TRUST ME I WAS ALOT BETTER OFF WHEN AMERICA WAS NOT GREAT AGAIN” !!!

    3. Shame on the voters in KY for re-electing him (I have suspicions of voter fraud).
      Shame on the Republican Party for keeping him as majority leader.

  7. This is making America great again?! This is the trump administration people. HIM AND HIS GOONS DO NOT CARE as you can see.

  8. No one should ever call the Republican party the party of “family values” ever again. Republicans don’t care about families or any other people.

    1. Only way to defeat McConnell is for Democrats to win both seats in GA.
      Mitch does NOT care!
      He is so old, either he will pass away before his 6yrs is up, or he will retire after this term.
      He has shown he does not care about people, unless they put money in his pocket.
      And since this is his last term, you cannot scare him with votes.

      He is a suicidal, drunk driver, going 120mph, down a dark highway, with no lights on, and American Citizens are being forced to ride shotgun.

  9. As much as the GOP hates the “squad”, Mitch created them since he’s so out of touch. He only cares about businesses and millionaires not the taxpayers.

  10. The voters in all 50 states needs to wake up and stop being an blend voters.because i guarantee that lots of those republicans voters are in needs of a government check .

  11. Friend and family tell your family and friends to vote Democrats. Call them up today, so we can get some help with money and food and to keep you from getting evicted

    1. In Canada my cousin has had 4 stimulus cheques and they have 1 yr of leave but that’s a healthcare issue we don’t have in this country. 😕

    2. the election these antifa rigged is even more disgraceful,. and they arent americans anymore. they are marxist parasites that must be eradicated

    3. @michael boultinghouse Everyone is facing an economic crisis, unless YOU have lots of money in NASDAQ?? I really don’t think people waiting in line for free groceries or people on the verge of losing their living space has much to do with politics. I would bet a nickel these people who are suffering are Democrats AND Republicans.
      Maybe you could do something to help? Otherwise, I would quote the Supreme court as moot.

    1. Yes. In their eyes, if you can’t afford outrageous health care, higher education, or housing costs, then you’re just “lazy.” How many of those in food assistance lines are Trump/Republican supporters (but we’re not supposed to say they’re stupid).

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