The Importance Of The Puerto Rican Vote | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

The Importance Of The Puerto Rican Vote | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Morning Joe's Daniela Pierre Bravo talks with Puerto Rican voters about their priorities in the November election. Aired on 10/29/2020.
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The Importance Of The Puerto Rican Vote | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. I will absolutely not vote for Joe Biden b/c he said he won’t ban fracking. Vote for Howie Hawkins 2020.

    2. Interesting that Cuban Americans can no longer recognize a dictator wannabe like Donnie. I guess Fidel’s brainwashing worked.

  1. He tried selling Puerto Rico. Trump panders to Latinos NOW that he needs them. How can they forget what he has done in the recent past? Held up recovery funds and tried selling Puerto Rico.

    1. @Charles I heard Trump wish a suspected child molester “well” on National television. Vote blue to protect the kids from the monsters Trump supports

    2. GOP is blocking Puerto Rico and The District of Columbia aka Washington D.C. from becoming states because they are 80% Democrat leaning! We need a Blue Tsunami!

      There are too many leftover white supremacy laws and statutes in the Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Amendments that are supporting systematic racism and income equality as well as making the American Dream unattainable for 90% of Americans.

      We need a government: executive, legislative and judicial working together to ensure 90% of Americans can and will become the American dream recipients!

    3. @Actor Charming
      I could really tell during his 2016 campaign and the 2018 midterm elections! I know he shows his love with all of those pets names: murders, gang members and rapists! Please don’t forget the welcome to the neighborhood party for the caravans in 2018! I just hope they enjoyed the party because I haven’t heard from them since 11/06/2018!

    1. One more of lie!!!!! do not believe him he is a compulsive liar I am from Puerto Rico and I could tell you that is not true he knows he’s not welcome in Puerto Rico we don’t forget what he did when he visit the island

    2. It all started way back in the day when a Puerto Rican took his girl. And he worked for the post office. Lol. Gotta love a Latin Lover.

    3. Boricua Don”t vote for this Racist who called US Dirty and Corrupt and treats US like a Slave master who thinks he can sell our homeland. How dare he. Our people have fought in at least 6 American Wars since WWI protecting America and this COWARD lied about having flat feet to dodge his Patriotic Responsibility. He denied our people the 11 billion he released on Oct 16th,2020. These funds were approved in 2027 after Hurricane Maria and this Corrupt Puerto Rican hating Racist held this money for three years. He is a Ruthless and disgraceful excuse for a Human being. VOTE for BIDEN! Trump is an EVIL pathological liar , a CORRUPT Treasonous opportunistic President and a FAILED business man. He should not only be voted OUT , but incarcerated. I’ll gladly bring you paper towels to wipe your tears when you are locked up in prison. VOTEN PORT BIDEN! Trump es El Presidente Mas CORRUPTO que ha existido en Los Estado Unidos.

    1. Same here!! My family of 12 members voted for Biden but we’re in California lol but still every vote matters lol

  2. I thought this guy wanted to sell Puerto Rico ? Lol I guess he needs their vote in Florida. Vote Blue Pueto Rico!

    1. @First Last Not sure what this comment has to do with anything. Maybe you are not surrounding yourself with or are around the right people. All the Puerto Rican’s I know work and don’t sell drugs. Maybe you need to stop doing drugs lol.

    1. @vote red Trump 2020 **Australian accent**watch as the trump supporter demonstrates his mating dance: trolling. Unfortunately he is unsuccessful in finding a mate. He will now have to go home and fondle his portrait of Donald trump while curled up in his confederate flag blanket.

  3. Puerto Ricans should remember your throwing rolls of paper towels to them after the hurricane ! Paper towels really ?

  4. He loves Hispanic’s, especially when they are washing his shortes and housekeeping at his failing hotels. For 6 bucks an hour..

    1. @DPG
      Jesus was a brown socialist Palestinian jew,,, he wouldn’t like no ignorant racist GOP magat

    2. The sad thing, they pretend to be pro Trump so they can get some peace of people to tell them “Speak English” or “Go back to where you came from”. Sad but true!

    3. @covariation
      ignorant GOP racists and traitors are the biggest threat to America not immigrants or muslims

  5. My aunt lives in Puerto Rico and they ALL hate trump. They know trump took away emergency support and that he’s a con.

    1. @Slappywag Waggings Really Slappy? Trump has been under investigation for the past 4 years and there is nothing. What I wrote is proven and it is true.
      Feel free to show me the facts (not speculation from CNN, Fox News, or any of the other trash on TV) about what you’re saying. There isn’t any.

    2. @Charles Oj Simpson was guilty too and we know what happened there
      And the biggest sellout in the room IS THE WHITE GUY

  6. You have to be kidding me.
    He spoke terrible about Latinos now he needs their votes.
    Please give me a break.

    1. Puerto Ricans voting for President Donald J. Trump are.., “Obtuse Idiots ! !”. Should be ashamed of themselves’.. Non Puerto Rico and Non-American ! ! ! “Vote Him Out ! !” Save.., (Puerto Rico and America).., “Dump Trump ! !”..

    2. Michael OBrien Go watch the video again. The video clearly said, Puerto Rican people are Democrats voters. Cuban are Republicans.

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