1. Trump will go down in history as the only person to lose a presidential election multiple times in one year. 😆

    1. @M Hall Yeah, enjoy your fictional conspiracy theorist alternate reality pal. Now off you pop back to Neverland, OAN is that way 👇

    2. @TheBase1aransas I have been reading “this” from Trump tools for five weeks now: you’ll see, wait, hold your breath and the only thing that is happening is Trump lawyers who gets humiliated again and again and Trump cultist just goes deeper and deeper in their fantasy world. Trump is a notorious liar and con man, you are a victim. He doesn’t care about you and he is using you. Good night.

    3. @Gary McDonald I am pretty sure that the constitution doesn’t allow a sitting president who lost an election to stay 4 more years. And Trump lost both the popular vote and the Electoral College. But I can be wrong…

    1. I knew that when this man started tweeting everything as soon as he got in the wht house that he is an idiot and knows nothing about politics, some of my 7-8th students knows more about politics than this evil mean old man

    2. @Kathy Bath “We can disagree and still love each other
      …unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my right to exist.”
      – James Baldwin

      Approving of or taking a neutral stance when it comes to racism does make you a racist even if you have a couple of non white freinds, even if you have a non white spouse or kids, even if you mean well or are nice. None of that exempts anyone from their racism. And having racism in you doesn’t always been you are a bad person. Your racism does affect others though.

      In order to deal with it you have to stop minimizing it, justifying it and defending it. A first step is acknowledging the racism that is lodged inside you, then you’ve got to put in the work.

      If you’re comfortable with your racism then you have the privledge of not worrying about it with little consequence, but don’t think this country is the same for everyone. At this point it’s safe to say we all have a connection to this land, but life liberty or the pursuit of happiness was never the intention for everyone here and so our relationships with this country may not all be the same.

      I’m just throwing that out there.

  2. He asked if those Supreme Court Justices would have the Courage to do the right thing. Surprise Surprise, they did.

    1. @Qflame 18 likes huh? The sheep run deep on CNN 🐑😂 What’s fake? Are you serious? Continue believing CNN you see where its gotten yall in 4 years. Nothing but bs👌

    2. @William Crinigan again yall are so brainwashed it’s unreal. How many times CNN been exposed? You still believe them? Hey more power to yall🤦‍♂️ Just prepare for 4 more years and don’t cry about it either cuz I warned you😏

    3. @aka_just_matt the Texas AG wants to be in trumps good graces so he’ll get a pardon for the ongoing crime investigation currently against him. He knows this lawsuit is going nowhere.

    4. Ugh. It’s not really courage. They’re doing their jobs. And by that I mean that they’re doing the bare minimum if their jobs.

    1. @Michael Smyer just because we were not overly obsessed in a cult likeness about Biden doesn’t mean we didn’t want him to win….. Hell Ronald McDonald could have ran …I just wanted Trump out!!!

    2. @icin4d Bravo my friend, you win the prize for most level headed comment. It was the Biden voters that were the silent majority. 👏👏👏

  3. It doesn’t matter. He’ll just keep denying reality and living in this alternate universe. He’s making too much money off his sucker supporters to concede.

    1. @Simon Niskanen The fact that you have to ask how Trump supporters are suckers, must mean you’re one!………

    2. @Freshly Squeezed Not enough phony Trump votes? Is that why he believed he would win; because he thought he had it fixed and couldn’t lose? How do you know it was rigged? Court cases, DHS, DOJ, state election officials, or hearsay?

    1. @treverfox become real…don”t you see that Trump is like a kid who is not getting his ice cream!!!.. people have chosed and that’s a fact…let us all move on…

    2. @Jesse Wright Sadly, the only way Trump’s devoted core supporters would realize who and what he is, would be for Trump to be installed as ruler of somewhere like Alaska or Greenland, all his supporters to move there and the world to look on as their situation deteriorated, while Trump claimed they were a shining beacon to the rest of the world, backed up by Trump propaganda media and a paramilitary. Orwell’s ‘1984’ effectively.

  4. no no, what he is asking for is 4 years of these cases, you know, until he is suure he lost XD just throw him out like the trash he is

  5. If Don the Con hates this ruling, he’s really going to lose it when they confirm he can’t self pardon or pardon his coconspirators.

    1. @Tupac Caldwell did you just realize it wasn’t Trump’s case lol? It was Pennsylvania Republicans asking to postpone any further election process. The decision doesn’t really matter

    2. @mr Pepperidge Farms that’s wierd you didn’t respond to my question asking if you thought 80 million people voted for Biden

  6. “There is no path forward for Trump.” How many times have I heard that before? I won’t be satisfied until Biden is sworn in.

    1. I won’t be satisfied until the orange butt plug is behind bars. Otherwise I guarandamntee he will continue to be a cancer on our democracy. I will never understand how he was/is able to garner millions behind him.

    2. @Freshly Squeezed No election has been checked for fraud as much as this one and Republicans & Democrats, officials and judges all agree – there is no evidence the election was rigged. This is the safest fairest election in history. They even recounted the votes BY HAND more than once. No fraud.

    3. @your mom Some idiot on a website does not change the FACT that this election has been the most thoroughly checked in history and no fraud happened. No evidence was presented to any judge. Trump is making up stuff and manipulating his followers to keep sending him money. Stop listening to random web-sites and start listening to the JUDGES and the Republican governors etc… You are being manipulated and lied to.

    1. @Alchemystical Adventures “Biden crime family” LOL someone has been spending too much time on right wing conspiracy theories

    2. Trump won 18 out of 19 bellwether counties. Not possible that Joe won.
      That in of itself proves there was foul play. A Presidential candidate who wins 16 or more bellwether states also wins the whole election. This has been true since 1980.

    3. @R Dot88 These people only know what CNN tells them. Don’t confuse them with facts. ; ) Please think for your self people. You may be surprised what you discover.

    4. @R Dot88 dude 159 million out of 232 million registered voted. voter fraud is statistically .0025% thats like 4000 votes

      biden won by how many again in total? dude trump cannot win at all he won too many states that trump ended up losing. step into reality

    5. @R Dot88 Wow, I guess we don’t even need to have an election then. We’ll just have 19 counties vote and decide based on that. Do you realize how stupid the argument you’re making is? Things that have “never happened since 1980” happen every single presidential election.

  7. The sad thing is that Trump would have no problems stealing 4 more years of presidency against the will of the people.

  8. He’s just going to keep moving goalposts and saying things like “more to come” to keep the scam going.

    1. Exactly, I wonder how people can be so dumb in keeping following a fraud and scam like Trump. I think I know what that ideology is😄, MAGA!!!

    2. Hes just getting more money for his exit and the trumpets just keeps on donating their money to this so called voter fraud BS…and he can walk away with the money that’s left over when all this is over….oh yeah he has them thinking he’ll run for President again in 2024…. he’ll be close to 80yrs old…his cult believes anything

    3. @Eric Tchindongo Im not sure all that money is coming in from domestic donors. RNC is taking about 40% of the money from this scam, and they aren’t vetting these donations like they would a normal presidential campaign. This seems like it’s going to be rife with foreign influence and a huge chance of blowing up on the RNC in yet another huge scandal to add to the pile of Trump-era scandals.

  9. He is going to keep the grifting up and drain the pockets of his legion of fools. It’s all about money now.

  10. “President Trump” will go down in history as the only person to lose a presidential election multiple times in one year. 😆

  11. “Let’s see if they have the courage to do what everybody in this country knows is right.” Indeed, they do.

    1. Guess you guys didn’t hear about texas sueing states, supreme Court will kick it to the states and then the states electors will decide and that works out quite well for trump,he’s staying for another 4 yrs my friends,stay classy 😘

    2. Just that neither Trump nor his GOP sycophants are capable of anything long-term – they’re a hear-and-now kind who fail to live a life

  12. This could hurt his fundraising. He should bring more suits. Hard to fleece the rubes without the illusion of action.

    1. I don’t believe that he ever had covid 19 . If you wouldn’t protect the president first just who would you protect..It’s another lie along with the rest of his lies

    2. I always said if he put as much time and effort into fighting covid as he did fighting the release of his tax returns a lot of lives would have been saved

    3. If they had, they’d probably have been reelected. He was never in it for the right reasons, it’s all TV to him.

    4. @terry bigler No kidding, he had Covid for what, 2 days? mcanany got it, was back on air in two or three days. Unless time got away from me, it seems that it was all lies. His wife caught it, no biggie, his son, no red flag warnings from the president. More like, “Hey, see, it’s no big deal, money please!”

    5. They can’t they took the cares act money now they can’t help the Americans because manuchin keep having excuses if he releases that money the American people get help i can’t wait till all of them go to jail

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