1. @Cornpop 5050 you are talking about yourself – it’s clear to everyone else. Just wanted to make sure you understand that too.

    2. @cortical1 u need to take easy… I’m taking politics. You went on an rant. But no worries, Joe Biden blows on being good for the 🌎

  1. It is pathetic that humanity hasn’t figured out how to live peacefully and thrive together by now. We don’t deserve Earth.

    1. @huss1205 Is America responsible for the lack of initiative in Europe? WWII was almost 80 years ago, and yet the major European powers look to the US for direction. Why?

  2. Yes, there is a price for keeping freedom. However, there is also a price for not keeping freedom. We should have learned that lesson in 1914 and 1939.

    1. He doesn’t remember he read something on the teleprompter . He’s tugged in bed now with his teddy bear .

    2. @Dennethe invasion is happening under Democrat rule and with Democrat support. you can’t spin your way out of this one. another strike against Democrats in their display of incompetence. not qualified to lead! what’s next? the Democrat clown car rides on.

    3. Yes there’s a price for freedom and that’s why Russia is trying to protect the freedom of the two independent regions that the Ukrainian government is invading after signing a peace treaty with them. Unfortunately warmongers like Barack Obama and Joe Biden don’t care about a country’s sovereignty as they allow illegal aliens to pour into America by the Millions with Joe Biden even during a pandemic. But they proved they don’t care about a country’s sovereignty once again by attacking Russia’s peacemaking efforts trying to stop Ukrainian government from taking over these two independent peaceful regions. But let’s not forget it was Joe Biden and Barack Obama that gave white supremacist Zionist Israel’s military 30 billion dollars to continue to take over the land of the indigenous black people of Palestine. Matter-of-fact Joe just doing another billion a month ago. Matter-of-fact fake Latino Jewish AOC didn’t even vote against it I guess she only hates white supremacy when it’s made up and about Christian civilization what she loves it when it’s really happening and it’s done by her fellow Jewish people. She actually had the nerve to cry after it was passed if it made her cry why didn’t you vote against it, she made up those fake tears because she didn’t want to expose herself to her crew which is mostly made up of Muslims. Joe Biden thinks Putin is a terrorist because he’s trying to help these independent regions from being taken over just like he thinks parents of schoolchildren are terrorists because they don’t want their children being brainwashed an exposed to by way-sexual perverts that want to sexualize them and also indoctrinate them into their gender faith including compelling them in speech. They also being labeled terrorists because they don’t want their children being taught how to be racist.

  3. “I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.” – George McGovern

    1. @Stephen David Bailey 👈. Oh BS. biden got 13 American hero’s killed and 20 civilians because he didn’t listen to his generals. Then he said (in his wimpy weak voice) “No Americans will be left behind”, WHOOPS!!! If you’re a biden supporter then you’re a fool.

    2. @M Hall Trump’s vanity, recklessness, and sheer malfeasance got half a million plus American citizens dead. Arithmetic has no mercy, Red. If you’re worried about twenty, half a million must really make your borscht boil? Right, Red?

    3. @Maloy Audy 1/2 million huh? When data shows lock downs and any other precaution did next to nothing to stop the virus. You leftist have a serious problem living in reality. Maybe try looking at actual studies and reports instead of the msm that’s lied their asses off for years now.

    1. There is no way this will end well. There will be tanks rolling through the neighborhoods of a fellow democracy. I am not religious, but I am praying for Ukraine. I’m very concerned for their citizens. The children and being brought up in a war torn, on your front doorstep, environment. We take so much for granted.

    2. @Teratology next time you have a thought, we’ll first, congratulations! Proud of you! But if that day ever comes again, stop sucking the ink out of your pen, and write that on a piece of paper. Write that fleeting thought down. Don’t share it with anyone though. It will be like a personal secret. Yeah, keep your next thought a secret!

  4. If you want to fight for freedom focus more on Canada’s freedom rather then freedom on the other side of the globe. Your points don’t add up and are contradicting

    1. The absolute last thing any country in the world needs is having the US involved in their government or politics…it’s never about what they can do to help *insert country here*, it’s always all about what they can gain for their own country by inserting themselves where they don’t belong. As peacekeepers they’re fine, as mediators and negotiators they suck large hairy gonads.

  5. “War is rich old men protecting their property by sending middle class and lower class young men off to die. It always has been.”
    - George Carlin

  6. Pass it on: The honorable thing for Chris Noth to do at this point is to hand in all his PLAYER cards…

    Look, dude obviously doesn’t have game, and sure the thought was he coulda been one of the great ones. But, on the other hand, he ain’t the first and definitely won’t be the last not to reach the BENNY HILL level of this thing…

    So, again, pass. it. on!!

  7. Joe Brandon; “My fellow geraniums of the Tided Slates of Jamerica.” I told Putin “Terinaduatorpresser!” So he will stop being a meany pants.”

  8. Lower class will become no class,middle class will become lower class…some rich will become middle class…ultra rich will be more richer…

  9. Former Soviet Union’s peoples and satellites [including Russians] never had the geopolitical luck to rise like the West without some Czar or Stalin-like ‘Holodomorist’ stepping on our neck… May Putin be the last to try. Peace on Earth and God bless Ukraine!

  10. Biden said the “Cost of Freedom “? Man I feel like I’m living in 2003-2004… I remember when a couple good ole boys sold that idea to the American people… God Bless Americans and there 3 second memories… fleecing this Country is so simple, gonna make the 80s and early 2000s look like a nursery rhyme 📈📈💴💵

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