The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: June 4 | MSNBC

The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell Highlights: June 4 | MSNBC 1


    1. After Real Americans Re-elect President Trump in November The Angry Mob,anti-American, , baby killing Democrats and their hench women klantifa will be Rioting,Looting and Destroying Property AGAIN !!

    2. @mr ady and mim yay So instead, we should let empty spaces where no one lives dictate the policies over where more actual people live? You’re arguing against the exact thing you think you’re arguing for. Instead of the greatest good for the most people, you’re saying no….maximize the good for the fewer.
      And if this system is supposed to even the field, why are Red states the ones who rank at the bottom for education, healthcare, economic mobility? Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, West Virginia. Dead last. Doesn’t seem to be working out too well. 🤔

    3. @Ro G You only have to be patient. In just 20 years the Democrats will win every election due to demographic change and the decline of the white middle class. In your lifetime, America will become a one party state. Democrats will have absolute power and control. All you have to do is wait.

    4. @j t Are you Stroking your 15 Gauge Shotgun while writing this comment? This actually sounds familiar since I have seen other You Tube people “Fondling their GUNS” on their Channels.

  1. In 2017 Trump called for increased police brutality. Trump should be held accountable.

    1. @RFI-Crypto Lab They use to support him. I am guessing that it is now about 1%. The death of George and the Covid Fiascos, has dealt him a “Political Death Blow”. Good luck in Novemeber.

    2. Football Nerd I don’t need to see it to believe it. He just did the same sort of thing earlier this week.

    3. RFI-Crypto Lab how long ago. I just googled and on March 9 the article said 24% black men and 6% black women. That doesn’t add up to 50% and I bet his rating has gone down since.

    4. Teresa S -Those people, touting false statistics about the distribution of votes for 45, simply mean to distract. What is real and relevant, is what you are seeing before you.

    1. @13bustah You are either ignorant of our American History, or else you are trying to deceive people. While it is true that Lincoln was a republican, and that after the Civil War the racists in the South became almost exclusively democrats, it is also true that the Southern racists largely abandoned the Democratic Party in protest of Kennedy/Johnson’s support of Civil Rights in the 1960s. Meanwhile, most African-Americans are now democrats precisely because of Kennedy’Johnson’s support of the Civil Rights movement. This historical realignment of the political parties on racial issues is something republicans willfully ignore in the hopes that nobody will notice their deception or bother to study our real American History.

    2. He is not the first. He is passing racism on to the next white boy elected in office. ..

    3. @13bustah I heard Lincoln was assassinated at a Theather…Are you saying Trump needs to be killed? Interesting!

  2. People who are complicit in evil should suffer just as much as the culprits who orchestrated the evil suffer

    1. Yes,the rioters – those who took part in the homicidal violence,burning,and looting – were evil,and those who encouraged and helped them were complicit in that evil. Absolutely disgusting people.
      American culture believes in law and order – if you don’t,you are not part of American culture,..and you never will be.
      Trump 2020. Red Wave.

    2. So should the Chief Justice. Imagine the George trial and NO NEW WITNESSES were called!
      Or Discovery was denied. The bigger issue is the system of Justice.

    3. American culture believes in Law and Order. Steel Celt – come out ye Black and Tans! Give me a break DUDE! Thought you were for the Molly Malones – I am.

    4. @steel celt Get real! The Coward of the Country encourages this kind of behavior. If it’s okay for the military to be brought in to attack American citizens and the police encouraged to violence…expect violence in return. I hate to see our country lowered into this despicable behavior. But… it’s coming from the top down. Instead if trying to solve violence, Tramps just inciting it.

    1. Now America! YOU ARE TO BE GOVERNED BY Trumpsky`s version of “Law and Order!“ Not to be confused with the TV show.

    2. I told everyone that would listen from the time he got in office that America crossed the line by electing Trump. Majority voted for him out of greed and some because they were angry with the government and the rest from stupidity. So in the end the stains are on the citizens hands. People better take voting more serious and research the candidates, your life depends on it. Trump is evil and stupid, a bad combination. Trump has been talking to Putin twice recently, very convenient.

    3. @Alan Fanning no, the majority, of American People Voted for Hilary in spite of their dislike for her, by 6,000,000 votes
      It was the Electoral College that gave this
      presidency to djt, u know the upper echelon, that never have to worry about
      Our petty life struggles(struggles),, after
      All We are the New Peasants according
      To their doctrine, note: ( u are with us, or against us), get on board u New Knuckle Dragging Slaves, and STFU.!,, THAT’S WHAT shows within their actions since
      The glorious glide down the escalator into, and unto now, except, they want us, the rest of us, and our children to eat ,
      Their fecal matter, and say that it’s ice
      Cream…Their’s,, which they are convinced is the best, Zeig.!

  3. You have a little girl 17 years old who knew better then a police officer I’m shut you down right there

  4. I’ve never been a police officer. I know you don’t just stand there when another officer is hurting someone severely. Three or two or one of them, might have been able to help save a life. They didn’t even try.

    1. Lisa Carr -EMS didn’t even render aid. Not one person, on the scene acted responsibly, during nor after the murder. They should all be prosecuted, as would anyone that murdered someone, while their cohorts stood by.

  5. WHY IS HE STILL IN OFFICE? If we have evidence that he is abusing power, ridding of our Democracy and is wiping his a** with our CONSTITUTION, why is he still there?

    1. 13bustah we didn’t vot him in. He lost popular vote. Electoral college gets all the credit.

    2. The only reason is because the majority in the Senate is Republican, and they let him do what he wants. Remember the impeachment ? The only reason is because the majority in the Senate. Congress asked for witnesses. Trump said no. Congress asked for Documents trump said no. The case goes the senate. They asked the Senate for witnesses. Republicans said no. They asked for documents. Republicans said no. And at the end republicans said: You See ? They don’t have any proof case closed.

    3. That’s easy to answer, the Republicans under Moscow Mitch.
      They are in cahoots with Trump and the Russians. They have actively refused to do their duty as a checks and balance. And they not only enabled but engage in illegal activities themselves.
      We need to get rid of Trump, of course, but also to vote out ALL the Republicas because they have been working against our laws and undermining our Constitution .
      Trump would never have been able to break so many laws if he had been blocked by the Republicans even just a little.
      They are why he is still in power and so out of control.

  6. So those two new officers defence is they didn’t know the difference between right and wrong?

    1. @Cathey Ware we don’t need any more witnesses..we have all the people there watching..yelling out to them..there are a dozen videos plus their body excuses..common decency should have told those cops to stop Chauvin AND to get off that man’s back…what a shame..

    2. @CherBear .. Look read the comment clearly before you start your chattering at me. Enough of you peoples foolishnes.
      I said nothing about needing more witness. I said two of the guys only been cops for 3 to 4 todays. As a result they were doing to testify on the senior officer who killef George.
      Two of theses ex-police officers were in their orientation, which means they will most likely have the opportunity to turn state evident against the killer to save their on skin. Keep silent when you have know knowledge about the law and how it works.
      People get off murder everyday cause there are loop holes these people have built into the law. That is why when the cops walk our community is always heartbroken.

  7. Poor training of police but not an excuse to use their common sense and do the job which is to protect public safety

  8. I like how Lawrence O’Donnell despises Donald tRump like I do. Thin-skinned tRump even tried to sue Lawrence but wasn’t successful.

    1. The Coward of the Country sues anyone and everyone he can! He also has a suit against Rachel Maddow

    2. Trump is your President, your leader and your master. Trump owns you. He lives in your head. There is no escape. You will obey.

  9. What happeneds. When the verdict does not come back like the people want it to??? How will we survive it? We need a leader, not a ruler!

    1. Hopefully the future does convict them, but Trump will no longer be the a President by then. We all know the a Justice Department is slow.

    2. There is NO way they will not be convicted! If they did walk free, they probably won’t live long. Get all those cops out of there. Get rid of that no count mayor and governor. Take control of your city. Tear it down and burn it up!

  10. What a bs defense from the other cops. Even the bystanders could tell they were killing George. Don’t use the excuse that the other cops didn’t know any better!!! Disgusting.

  11. Can that Chauvin guy put his knee on Donny’s neck for about 30 minutes, please? 😒

    1. Thats what I been saying since this Shitparade of a GOP Administration started their crap…
      To think it was the USA that freed Europe from the Nazis…
      and now .. they are using the Nazi playbook

      why the looting suddenly stop after it was found that most aressted looters where from white supremacy groups.

      the magas say Antifa has been infiltrated not grasping the fact that anyone that is against facism is Antifa

      its Anti Facisg for crying out loud you know like those anti facists that landed in Normandy ln D Day

      also do they not grasp that most wouldnt be aryan enough ?
      that most of them would have ended up in the “camps”

  12. They were junior officer in their 4th day? All white? With a senior officer showing off his abuse of power? And you cannot see the recipe for disaster in all this? WOW!

  13. You go Joe. Righteousness will prevail. Visualize it everyone, act, vote, and we can end this clown show!

    1. Trump Force, AG Barr your busted! Busted!
      Trump is going out with a fist fight. Call your senator, State Rep. Govenors. Elected officials emails and phone calls are logged.
      Make our Voices heard!
      Trump has Abuse his Power” and Violating human rights.

  14. I,m French Canadian and in the 4 years the u.s.a was a country now it,s a mess sorry but trump ,coviod and the killing things have to change and it will

  15. So… The police officer’s defense is, “I was just following orders.”
    That defense didn’t work out too well for the Nazis at Nuremberg.
    When you forget your humanity, you deserve the punishment…

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