1. Here in Alberta it’s privatized and since it was privatized we get shortages quite regularly. Ralph Klein in his day privatized it and the entire distribution went to a company owned by a long time pal of his.

    1. theylied1776 Nope. Climate change and the sky falling changed the length of summer until November

    1. Trump said it was the aliens, forget about Iran we’re attacking the aliens in 5 minutes

  1. They actually believe that there is a shortage Toronto loves to lose money city hall just proved it

  2. To bad supply couldn’t be temporary diverted from other provinces until things returned to normal.

  3. I wonder if Domestic violence will go down due to less poision on the streets. Or up….because there is less poison on the streets

  4. Weird, never seen a widespread liquor shortage in a province that runs things more privately (Alberta, for example). Can anyone explain why the government should be in the liquor-sales business? Me neither.

  5. Seems like Ontario can’t handle it’s booze… or it’s cannabis. Privatize both of these industries!!

  6. Just another affect of climate change. Hopefully they put more taxes on booze to rectify this problem

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