1. Dont forget he is also the reason there is no parliament sitting and the gun control happening because the ndp sided with blackface on those issues

  1. Open up the economy, or is that just for rioters and protesters? The hypocrisy is blatant and ridiculous.

    1. The government can’t make the protesters be quiet as they have the right to freedom of speech. The economy is going to open up soon but you can’t compare the situation with the protesting with that of the economy.

    2. Fredrick James I also support the protesters rights (not the rioters). I support everyone else’s right to safely make a living. Just pointing out hypocritical standard that is applied.

    3. Fredrick James well the comparison works because the economy is closed to ensure social distancing. Police have handed out tickets for breaking social distancing. They won’t for protesters but if you want to try to make a living? Well that’s still not okay. I’m sure your restaurant or store or lawfirm or dentist or hairdresser won’t have crowds of thousands. But that’s too risky. Just like reopening parliament. The hypocrisy would gag a maggot.

  2. Let me help you dummy, there is no “half way” with Trudeau, he’s too arrogant and he has no respect for you. If he doesn’t meet you half way then the flip side to that is you do the same to him when the time comes.

    1. It’s interesting that both of them grew up with money but only one of them thinks about the less fortunate.

  3. Trudeau wants specific laws in place for future crackdowns on other things, there is no reason to make new laws when there is plenty of fraud laws on the books now

  4. He’s the only one that seems to have any empathy for Canadians and is the only one being reasonable.

    1. And he grew up well off too, so it’s all the more impressive that someone who isn’t poor has consideration for those less fortunate. 👍

  5. Maybe if the NDP hadn’t been so keen to keep the Trudeau Liberals afloat we could have had a vote of no confidence in this government and maybe we could have rid ourselves of the incompetent Trudeau Liberals and elected a REAL government. But the ultra left wing NDP are only out for themselves and how they can continue to be king makers and to he** with Canadians. All your posturing isn’t real and is just a ploy to get a deal that gives the NDP more control.

  6. Pippen enters the comments section
    Pippen: What about CERB?
    Aragorn: you’ve already had it.
    Pippen: we’ve had one yes, what about second CERB?

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