1. Congratulations to astronaut Vande Hei. An American hero. And I must say that he does look like one of the astronauts from the “Thunderbirds” TV series. Not an inconsequential coincidence.

  2. We ever build a huge space station in the future it will probably be common for people to stay for years before coming home.

    1. It would have to be able to simulate a certain gravity to be viable. Until that happens, there are very real limits on how much prolonged zero gravity exposure a person can take. The human musculature just atrophies when not stimulated for long periods of time. There’s no way around that. Even the exercise equipment on board only prolongs the inevitable because it only exercises a select number of muscles.

    2. They will definitely have no choice but to finally build a rotating ring or drum eventually to make this viable long term. It is a big construction project, but it is one we cannot put off anymore.

  3. A year in zero gravity…wow. I envy him as much as I don’t envy him. His musculature must be so atrophied by now that it will take months of rehabilitation to become fully functional again…Still. I very much would. Seems worth it. Can you imagine the perspective on life you would get suspended 8n Earth’s orbit for a year…I would love to read a book written by him about his experience.

    1. @Robin Lillian The exercise is very limited to a certain group of muscles which only barely ensure that they remain ambulatory.

    2. @Алексей Румянцев Z Вырастешь, поймёшь. Z это слоган слабости

    3. @Алексей Румянцев Z

      Kim Jong-un is a North Korean politician
      who has been Supreme Leader of North Korea during their greatest growth and experiences traveled time and space personally to save the world.
      Between CERN & The Philadelphia Experience seems to have created fractal diversity as we all experiencing the Mandela Effects.
      To be fair & honest- during the early 1900’s the science was still motivated my men like Rasputin due to political pressures.

      On the other hand – we do kinda look like an uplifted species who were tricked into mining resources for aliens…

      So it all really depends on where ya get your news, what kinda litmus test you use & how many fallacies you are aware of…

    1. Ah, the days when Humans where ruling the universe were short lived. Now it’s up to robots, their evolutionary offspring to act worthy of that inheritence.

    2. 2 airplanes have ran into food plants in the last 2 weeks. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

  4. If I went to space. I think it would still be in the back of my mind all the suffering on earth.

  5. “What has four legs in the morning, two at lunch, and three in the evening?”[1] The Sphinx (Σφίγξ[2], Sphinx) is an imaginary animal originally found in Greek art and folklore, mainly depicted as a beast with a snake tail with the body of a lioness, the head of a human female, the wings of a bird and the head of a snake. . In Greek and Roman mythology, which is seen as a cartoon, there were no snake parts. The sphinx originally came from the famous Greek myth of the ‘mysterious sphinx’. However, even outside Greece, relics of animals mixed with humans [3] appear well in lion habitats such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, and Southeast Asia. These relics depict local gods or monsters, but as records were lost and then rediscovered, all sphinx-like objects were named sphinx and became a common noun.

  6. You mean *_”The longest an American has laid low on a green screen Soundstage while pretending you’re in space”….._*

  7. I’m pretty sure CNN+ set a record too. =D Trying to get people to pay to watch something they already don’t want to watch. Genius move.

  8. Whoever follows the legacy media just know this. The ominous music looms around you more than you know.

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