The Math To The Madness Of President Donald Trump Merchandise | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

The Math To The Madness Of President Donald Trump Merchandise | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1


President Trump’s official merchandise is bringing in more than just big money – there is a math to the madness. Stephanie Ruhle is joined by Axios Media Reporter Sara Fischer and former Congressman Steve Israel to break down how this is all part of the Trump campaign’s digital strategy and why this could be bad news for Democrats. Aired on 10/29/19.
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The Math To The Madness Of President Donald Trump Merchandise | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

63 Comments on "The Math To The Madness Of President Donald Trump Merchandise | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC"

  1. Jan Tuechthuesen | October 29, 2019 at 2:16 PM | Reply

    As a german, to me those MAGA hats closely resemble a swastika…

    • Vinsmoke Sanji | October 30, 2019 at 1:21 AM | Reply

      @Ingrid Like Americans will let anthing happen to the Jewish people again 1000 Nazi scalps

    • Does it reminds you of your nazi war crimes

    • Vito Antinarella | October 30, 2019 at 6:39 AM | Reply

      Are you a Nazi, Jan? Most liberal-democrats are.

    • Tequila D’killa wrong political party. Democrats are the party of KKK, Jim Crowe laws, all the evils you are trying to place on Republicans. Democrats continue to this day w/Planned Parenthood killing a disproportionate amount of black children. Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, a White woman who hated people of a different color, who decided she could eliminate them before birth & worship Moloch at the same time.

    • Jan Tuechthuesen you obviously need history lessons. Democrats are the racist party, the party of intolerance, hate. They try to spin, or pull fancy Nancy Pelosi wrap up smears, to twist the truth.

  2. Lets not forget how that 2016 info was given to the russians, and how Cambridge Analytica used it…

  3. And it’s ALL “Made in China” folks!

    (sarcastic grin)

    “Make America Great Again”, was it?

    So, Republicans, does that mean, that for the last three years beneath Trump, America never got “Great” as promised?

    Explain that, Team Red.

    I’m listening…

  4. Lol his idiots pay him their hard earned money for tat so trump can troll them!

    • flynnbrown2001 | October 29, 2019 at 6:04 PM | Reply

      Where is this garbage made? China!? Or somewhere secretly in Florida…basements in maralago?

    • flynnbrown2001 I was very curious so I checked. As far as you can trust them, each product on their website says “proudly made in USA” (which doesn’t sound like something an American would write, but I’ll leave it there).

    • Marian da Silva Almeida | October 30, 2019 at 11:35 AM | Reply

      They ought to get it for free.

  5. So they are compiling a database of total fukn idiot’s names
    .. nice

    • The list won’t be long~!

    • @Stoney Curtis youre right. i’m pretty sure they dont sell much of it. i live in idaho, which is probably the reddest state in the country. for real. even our liberal college-town urban centers go red. only sun valley has enough liberals to vote blue. thats it. when you see the blue spot on trumps map in idaho, thats… like… 600 liberals that live in sun valley all year long. buried under 14 feet of snow. growin weed, probably. and thats it. i’m not kiddin, either. much.
      we’re as red as it gets here, and i’ve never seen anybody ever wear any of that stuff. not even the maga hat. but then trumps never held a rally here, either. probably. i dunno.

    • @Flashy Paws Idaho sounds awful

    • @Jay Fuller My nephew was stationed there for a year while he was in the Airforce. He and his wife hated living there and couldn’t wait to leave and come back to the south. No magats in our family.

  6. Randall P. McMurphy | October 29, 2019 at 2:20 PM | Reply

    Priceless merchandise for a worthless man.

    • Randall P. McMurphy | October 29, 2019 at 4:58 PM | Reply

      @jeff mcgowan Just jobs from farmers and city funds for those lame rallies. Over a half-million just to Mpls and a lot more than that to Washington DC. Your mama needs her back shaved again. Get on that, you’re getting lazy!

    • @Randall P. McMurphy He took from charities to give to his charity and then swindled it. He swindled his own kids’ charity.

  7. NATIVE LATINOS Fook TRUMP | October 29, 2019 at 2:22 PM | Reply

    🍔 Trump loves to lie to those Squidbillies

  8. Matthew Martin | October 29, 2019 at 2:22 PM | Reply

    It seems as a way of distributing uniforms to his fighters for his civil war he seems to desperately want

  9. And after 2020 all this trumpster garbage will be worthless.

    • Bob Loblaw That’s funny coming from someone that worships at the altar of Propaganda. “Orange Man bad”. 🤣

    • @Mayan Ruins I guess they can stand outside the courthouse and cheer for him when he’s indicted for all his crimes?

    • Wrong again moose lips

    • Not so, if we manage to banish the OrangeCunt into the annals of history, these MAGA products might become part of history. Artifacts of an era where we were led by a moron. It would make a nice exhibit for a history lesson.

  10. NATIVE LATINOS Fook TRUMP | October 29, 2019 at 2:23 PM | Reply

    😶 Studies have been done in the 70s 80s 90s and early 2000s racist people have a very low IQ covfefe

  11. He’s still going to lose in 2020.

    • Wolf'Jarl Gr'Bane | October 29, 2019 at 8:01 PM | Reply

      @Josef No get it straight, The Electoral Collage stole our right to vote. Easiest form of jerrymandering.

    • @Wolf’Jarl Gr’Bane so let’s just say, we use the popular vote. You know what that means? People in Middle America would have no vote. That sounds like tyranny to me. Another fun fact, granted Hillary did win the popular vote but look at counties between Trump and Clinton’s winnings..

    • 😂😂 so no refunds for the 2020 merch😩

  12. Getting it for free? When will Trump start paying the bill for his rallies of lowlives? Let me guess. Never.

    • Truth!! He owes nm for disrupting our downtown traffic.

    • Wolf'Jarl Gr'Bane | October 29, 2019 at 8:19 PM | Reply

      He probly owes Putin what if his taxes show he borrowed money from putin for not only his 2016 campaign, but his trump tower plans. Hmm. Putin would hunt him like the swine he is.

  13. Tequila D'killa | October 29, 2019 at 2:29 PM | Reply

    The maga hat of today is the kkk hood of yesterday

    • Yes it is !!

    • Tequila D'killa | October 29, 2019 at 9:04 PM | Reply

      @Rod Allen
      I’m sorry he didn’t talk about his lynching when he was there

    • @Rod Allen Is that supposed to make up for all his blatant racist talk? When has he apologized for his comments on the Central Park Five who were found innocent? He still wanted them jailed, remember? And, all those black people he discriminated against in the apartments he owned, was prosecuted for discrimination, and continued doing it. Did he find “his black guy” at his rally yet?

    • and tomorrow.

    • Dan Sotelo that’s so silly that you get mad over Trump campaign stuff

  14. Secretary of Education | October 29, 2019 at 2:33 PM | Reply

    There’s a sucker born every minute = the Trump phenomenon


    • @jeff mcgowan he has no morals,,, you freak

    • claude ghendrih | October 29, 2019 at 5:06 PM | Reply

      @jeff mcgowan Definitely found multiple counts of obstruction of justice a crime btw , definitely found collusion not a crime but still could be decided impeachable and convictable were not the senate dominated by party politics , did not find hard evidence of a conspiracy(between Trump and a foreign government ) to defraud etc… the crime he halfheartedly was supposed to uncover .
      However given both the limited scope of his investigation; he didn’t follow the money , didn’t have Trump testify directly , and considering the repeated counts of obstruction of justice his “failure” to find evidence of a conspiracy involving Trump or his campaign isn’t compelling in the least .
      That is why the crime of obstruction of justice or just the attempt to obstruct justice during an inquiry is a crime and suggests the offense under inquiry probably occurred.
      When multiple attempts at obstruction of justice have been evidenced , there is no way an inquirer, or anyone for that matter, could assert some were not successful (and therefore undetected ) thus covering for a crime , and especially not when the offender is the head of the executive branch .

  16. Even Trump’s Merchandise has a dark hidden underlying agenda…

  17. I bet 💯 made in China 🤣. I swear! His supporters are lunatic!

  18. angelinshagows | October 29, 2019 at 3:09 PM | Reply

    I would buy them for a bonfire when he’s removed.
    Tacky as Trump is.

  19. Pepper Grinder | October 29, 2019 at 3:10 PM | Reply

    Trump knows how to fleece his SUCKERS.

  20. Imagine trying to MAGA by buying Chinese merchandise.

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