1. @Bob MC Only three ridings in 2019 were affected by this “vote split” but to the contrary of what many odd conservatives say about the PPC base, its not100% ex-conservative supporters. They’re pulling from all other parties, but sure, mainly the cons. The actual insanely ironic thing is that the Conservatives need to gain Liberal votes and seats to win. Not keep the PPC votes. I’m not sure if you’ve ever looked into elections before, but the Liberals have their vote split 4-ways every single election and still win against you guys.

    2. @Bob MC PPC is a movement that will continue to grow. If the Liberals win then Canada gets what they deserve. I don’t think you want to be PM over the next 4 years, considering what is still to come. The distraction is working! Be afraid of a flu virus, and climate change. Don’t pay any attention to the world economy about to crash like never before seen in history! Nothing to see here folks. Stay in your houses!

    3. @Bob MC Not necessarily it depends on how many votes he actually gets right? If all of Canada is on the same page and they all vote for PPC then there can’t be any vote splitting

    1. Why is the PQ even aloud to be in a federal election when it is a provincial party…. make no sence that they can be in a debate but not ppc

    2. They are afraid of hearing the TRUTH and that is what Maxime speaks. Vote PPC the Conservatives are more like Liberals every day!.

  1. Just say no to strategic voting. Vote for the party or the candidate that you believe in most and we will start to see real change for once.

  2. Oh wow, an actual decent human being who stands for the rights of people’s civil liberties. This is quite rare in the realm of politics.

    1. what are the 4 fundamental rights according to the constitution.???? none of what he says is covered constitutionally….

  3. When I checked, Mainstreet research and EKOS have him consistently polling around 7%. How is that considered polling in the low single digits?!?

    1. Look closely at their policies. PC are pro business…will change the nation back to a nation of business and polices that work…Canada cannot afford more time under Liberal rule…Well go bust.

  4. “a party polling in low single digits”

    Never heard you describe Greens like that and you cover them ten times more than PPC, your bias is embarrassing

  5. Let’s pretend they did a party platform blind test, all Canadians were asked to review each parties platform but only once they chose their preferred platform was the party revealed, I wonder how the vote would turn out. The PPC platform looks fair and reasonable.

  6. Nice intro: “Polling in the low single digits”, “operates on the fringe”. They are doing a lot better numbers than the Green party; do you introduce all your reports about them as dismissively?

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