1. That’s short sighted. This goes much higher than the stupid liberal party and right to the heart of our democracy.

  1. This is probably the most convoluted opinion that I have seen, not sure which side of the fence this guy is on, he is so shockful in one moment, but everything is fine the next, rinse, and repeat.

    1. All lawyers in Canada are forced to swear allegiance to the Crown and monarchy democracy. I cant begin to point out thousands of instances where anyone connected to the Crown was let off scot free, while regular citizens had the book thrown at them for the most trivial of offenses.

    2. Anthony Quantrill Interesting observation. Don’t tell that to the monarchists though lol they’ll freak out.

  2. Criminals shouldn’t expect to be able to get away with their crimes. Yes the outcome was unfair for the criminals this time but without policing this country would fall apart.

    1. Criminals don’t deserve rights. Once you become a criminal you should be disposed of like trash.

    2. @Ted Wilson The only person convicted of a crime here is the off-duty cop. He is the only proven criminal. Could you explain further what you think should be done with him?

    1. The problem is when you claim self defense it becomes unclear. They had every right to step in and do something about the break in. And when the guy fights back things become heated. But it is more harm than it is worth. It just escalates an already bad situation. But really Miller should go live in Saudi Arabia and see what he will lose for theft.

  3. Hell with that, If I lost an eye and these two brothers get nothing. Hmmm, I don’t think so. Somebody is going to get hurt.

  4. The judge also uses jurisprudence to back his decision. There must be evidence that isn’t available to the public.

  5. Di luca is just trying to keep his job now and doing this for political reasons to please police. Bring out the GUILLOTINE!!!!!!

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