The Most Dishonest Speech Of Trump's Presidency? | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

The Most Dishonest Speech Of Trump’s Presidency? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Reporter Yamiche Alcindor reacts to the president's 46-minute, factually incorrect video disputing the results of the 2020 election. Aired on 12/03/2020.
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The Most Dishonest Speech Of Trump's Presidency? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Diane Cadeau But you just named the main problem, you dog is not able to do these things because it’s not smart enough, cannot write, and has no opposable thumbs. Same problem trump supporters have (except your dogs is a lot smarter).

    2. @Kathy Jacobsen I actually think they put something in that cool aid because no one in their right mind can believe this

    1. @Trump! The Socialist destroyer fact …and all 36 courts to date have dismissed trump’s nonsense. It is one thing to blab on news shows and on video, it,s another thing when you’re in a court room in front of a judge.

    2. He is to muh for a minute not 46 minutes please. God deliver us. But i forgot he said he was the second coming. If he is i guess we can stop praying

    1. @Trump! The Socialist destroyer fact they are not intellectually involved we can’t change them with fact but they are spiritually involved

    1. @B. T. hahahaha california has 15 of the worse performaning school districts in the country. Baltimore has a few as well.

      Aren’t those areas blue?

      Must be why you inbreeding cultists elected ilhan Omar. The first member of Congress to successfully marry her brother you progressives sure are progressive

    2. @Trump! The Socialist destroyer fact
      Mickey and Donald have been charged with voter fraud.
      Quick send them money for their legal defense fund!

    3. You can’t. You all have TDS. Seriously. You DNC mob drones need a memory wipe. Trump Derangement Syndrome since 2016 is bad for your health.

    1. You are listening to msm and yet you think you are qualified to call others stupid?? Here this is an example of your stupidity ,,.. you are watching msm tell you there is no evidence yet there are over two thousand sworn affidavits and video clearly proving the fraud and illegal activity , here ,

  1. While the crazy, deposed king rants to his court jesters, the people shake their heads and quietly plant the next harvest.

    1. @brenda north yawn? after asking for evidence for weeks, there’s now videos which undeniably, objectively show them committing fraud and your reaction is ‘yawn’? What a complete embarassment you are.

    2. @Rafa17 It’s too soon and there are always two sides to a story. I’ll wake up when the dust has settled. No sense gettin’ your undies in a bunch just yet. There…that enough folksy clichés for you?

    1. @Insignificant360 Yes. Subtract the voter fraud and count ONLY the legal votes, Donald J Trump WON IN A LANDSLIDE. B )

    2. @Christopher Peninger Trump did say he wanted to Bush v Gore this after the GOP shoved Serena Joy in the SC. But after all the failed lawsuits you think they’ll actually hear it?

    3. @terak So you never gave him a chance? You’re a smart one , you are. Let someone else tell you what to think. Why waste time on making your own choices… amirite?

    1. what press? i didn’t think we have a press. Do you mean the propaganda machine who cares nothing about the questions of the people but their own agenda. We are better off with these clowns.

    1. @George Albert Sorry mate but a sheep is someone that belives what the msm are feeding them without qustion , as for me I am only on a comment thread on a msnbc video I don’t watch it. The difference is that I will research to find the truth I also have three or four independant journalists that reseach and show their findings clearly , going into reports in depth. The reason I use these journalists is that if something can not be proved as fact then they will not blindly put it out just because they may consider it to be true.. everything can be backed up and this is also how I research myself. So with this in mind I very much doubt that a viewer of any msm would do the same, because if they did then they would already know that the msm is full of crap. So this is how I know I am not a sheep … do you go to as much trouble to find the truth or maybe it is you that should put that question to yourself. I guess if you do rely on the msm then it would suggest that you could well be a sheep

    2. @mark griff
      You “wrongly” assume other’s don’t research…you also assume “your” research skills are superior, rather than inferior…a clear predisposition…and then you say if they did…they wouldn’t watch msm because they’re full of crap….a viewer can’t know programming is crap, unless they watch the content…but, in your reality, if you watch the content they’re “sheep”…so who do you watch…FOX, OAN, or NEWSMAX? smdh

    1. the man has done more than biden done, the 50 years he was in politics.Name one thing biden has done in the 50yrs. in politics, I`m waiting.

    2. @Gregory Guidry Took bribes and sold out to China …oh plus fund the Wuhan lab with Obama and specifically the study of corona virus to human transmition … That was convienient for the dems don’t you think

  2. He is probably fighting for his life after losing there is no way he can pay back the money he took from Putin.

    1. That’s why he’s asking for donations towards his 2024 campaign. It’s actually going to pay his loans off.

    2. you mean biden and hunter. hunter getting 80 grand a month and clinton selling uranium to the russians, and obama giving millions to the Iranians, and obama selling weapons to the drug cartel, too many to name.

    3. @Fean Marie
      If you dont like President Trump…..
      Joe Biden needs your money


      Donald Trump is doubling down on lawsuits.
      We need to be able to afford the legal battles ahead, and ensure Trump doesn’t win them just because we don’t have the funds to fight back. Will you donate directly to the Biden Fight Fund right now so that we can pay for the new round of legal resources for our campaign and for Democrats across the country?

    1. @Big Boomer Nah you didn’t tell him on November 3rd. Go back and look. Around 4am the next day you might have

    2. @Mickey Jones “racist but very uneducated” why? I ask you a simple question if you think is a racist country why can black people can do those things?

    3. @Rino Ponce well after laws began to pass we were able to do more! We are fighting still to have equality! But hopefully in time! And again educate yourself on Black American’s! Alot of history! Take time to read! Have a good evening!

  3. Everyone: why haven’t we seen this great healthcare plan ?

    Donald *:Because it’s broken up into eight horcruxes* .

    1. It’s right under my tax returns as soon as I find those you will have the new and better healthcare plan

    2. Because the democrats are too busy locking the nation down for a plandemic. We have to spend trillions in stimulus. We can’t move forward as a country because the demonrats need control and are willing to ruin the economy to do so

    1. @Jerome Taperman wgatch the witness testimonies dummy, oh and don’t watch them from CNN, MSNBC, ABC etc, just watch the actual raw footage, not doctored edited and narrated footage. Democrats are thr fascist mob, you know mafia unionist communist Democrats??? Yeah, all they do historically is lie. Cheat, subvert, brainwash and out right lie to you pretending they are the “greater good”…

    2. @Jefe Anson – Oh, I’m so hurt you called me dummy. This isn’t up to me or you to decide. Trump has had recounts, audits, and lawsuits. He’s had more than his fair share of days in court. Judges and officials all over the country have said that the election was done properly. Trump got outvoted; that is quite literally all there is to this. Of course, the conspiracy theorists can never accept the simplest, most likely explanation. Trump lost. Time to move on.

    3. @mark griff – So sorry but YOU are the one being easily fooled by lies. You rail against the mainstream media and prefer to poison your mind with conspiracy theories from ridiculous outfits such as OAN, whose only purpose is to promote the extreme right agenda, not caring about the facts. What do I see here? I see a video of some poll workers going about their business in a normal way. You see Bigfoot and alien lizard people. Why don’t you try Alex Jones’s channel? He’s bound to be cooking up something you’ll like.

    1. Because they are scared you democrats might hear the truth and turn on them!
      Proof- new video on NTD of ballot fraud in Georgia. Ha, we caught you!

    2. @Brenda Sue Nuh uh. Affidavits and anecdotes are not evidence. Trump cries ‘fraud’ in every election he’s involved. He said in 2016 the election was rigged. But then the fool won. So his claim means a whole lot of nothing. Stop with the lies.

    3. @Brenda Sue The star witness in Trump’s ‘voter fraud’ case only finished probation a few months ago for committing computer crime. Mellissa Carone was sentenced to 12 months of probation for the offense in September 2019, stemming from an incident in November 2018.

    1. No. That will just give Pence the ability to pardon him. He must serve as a role model of what happens when a president attempts a coup d’tat.

    2. Even if he could…..he won’t. He threw in the towel and is looking at how he can screw everything up before he exists. I sure am looking forward to January 20th.

  4. He is making a case for himself to be a martyr. This gives his base passion to right the “wrong” of the 2020 election. Passion is always stronger than logic.

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