The MU Variant of the Coronavirus | TVJ News - Sept 15 2021 1

The MU Variant of the Coronavirus | TVJ News – Sept 15 2021


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    1. @Misha J I am holding on the vax. Not for me but for the continuation of freedom and the world..Even if its take my life.

    2. @Misha J didn’t CDC and WHO say 80% of the population are A-SYMPTOMATIC?? therefore most ppl get the virus but feel no symptoms while the most of the latter 20% get mild symptoms? And the minor get severe symptoms? Don’t let CNN brain wash you … the virus is a 99.7% survival rate virus..

  1. some form of protection, Question is what form of protection, How do you guys go about calculating these unvaccinated and vaccinated death, we need data why is it so private? guest we only hearing one side

  2. Do not comply,. No to vaccine passports, no to mandatory vaccines. No to masks, no to tests, a total disgrace. Say no to tyranny. Utter disgrace say no.

  3. yes man when them done wid we. needle is gonna be the next norm. how much more variant. mu alfa what next omega. yes the end!!!!

    1. Cow reach goat or elephant mabe next
      I hope all TVJ workers take the vaccine it’s safe for the workers of TVJ on the front line

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