1. Frankly, one way we COULD stop some of this stuff from happening, some of these narratives to form is:
    Only report on the results once we have the results.

    I get that these elections are gold for the media. The fact that they can turn it into this sports-game-events certainly helps their clicks and ratings…
    But frankly, there is actually no PRACTICAL point to any of this. And people kinda suck at understanding these weird shifts in voter shares, where at one point one candidate is ahead and then later the other candidate is leading.
    And people go crazy, when they follow this circus for hours during election night and then every other day after that…

    Just report once you have the results.

    1. @Clint Chard , what lies? The one when fox correctly called Arizona in 2020? 🤣 Nope. Those who MANUFACTURE lies need to be held accountable, and that’s most of the far right trump suppprters and canpaigners.

    2. I got a better idea.
      Vote in person.
      End ballot curing.
      Term limits.
      News media outlets cannot report on any candidate

    3. The networks survive on ratings and advertisement. Without both, the only media left are those PAID by political parties. We want independent media serving their viewers, not those media serving the owners of capital.

  2. It’s such an evil move to spread doubt and mistrust to undermine and destabilise society for his own ego has to make him the most irresponsible , ego driven madman but unfair as the woman said many people fall for this as they do other scams. Easy to hurt hard to repair.

    1. @Jock Young what about the Bush gore election, actually when was the last election you accepted that you lost? Didn’t Stacy Abraham’s say she was cheated…….

    2. @Liam Devine not directly but it’s far more susceptible to fraud. Explain why polling stations have exclusion zones, cross party monitors, private booths and restrictions on photography? It’s too stop corruption and fraud.
      Mail in balloting has none of those safeguards. Which is why it was illegal till about WWII and until the pandemic, restricted.
      If you accept universal mail in ballots you can do away with any security at polling stations.

    1. @matt no I was just kidding. It wouldn’t matter anyways. You would have to have a lot of fraud, a lot of fraud for it to affect anything. One or two people or a couple things here and there you’re always going to get that nothing’s perfect. nothing that constitute fraud though. That is the reason why they can’t ever find it. They can claim it for 2 years. Without a single shred of proof. And if you had some proof you didn’t get it from a reliable source. If they could have found fraud they would have found some. And here we F and go again

  3. Well Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was registered to vote in three states at the same time Washington Post reports, amid an investigation in North Carolina into potential voter fraud after he voted from an address, he did not reside at during the 2020 election. Meadows was registered to vote in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia …

    1. They will when its too late. And there is voter fraud…from Republicans only and they are getting more extreme in their scams. They have a financial interest to create fraud so they can claim fraud. They keep saying it until it becomes real. And that needs to stop or soon nothing will matter. I believe we need MANY more law suits against liars to the point where FOX and co. deincentivised to lie and cheat.

    2. Yes the GOP has been trying to save face by pointing fingers at those who have the knowledge experience and support of all people every where all around the world I’ll never understand or comprehend why they challenge the basic principles of Democracy 😠😭

    3. And what would that be? The fact that biden is corrupt and selling us out. CNN isn’t even talking about the investigation by doj into the bidens

  4. When I retired in 2020, I chose to train and work as an election judge here in MN. I was and am SO IMPRESSED by the system we have—the attention to detail, the care, the dedication…we use paper ballots, and we have peaceful, orderly elections. I worked again this month…and I recommend being an election judge to anyone who worries about our system. We take an oath. Voters sign an oath. People bring their kids to see their parents vote, as I did with my own children. And yes, there was a challenger seated in a corner to observe the process—who had nothing to challenge. We had 0 mistakes.

    1. Wow , an oath! I guess that’s that then. I was worried that our system was opaque and vulnerable to fraud but now that you said you took an oath, I know now for real that the USA really does have the safest most securist election of ALL TIME! Except for 2016. That was totally stolen.

    2. @Samuel sherwood I can only speak for my city, which has one of the highest voter turnouts in one of the highest voter turnout states. We WANT our citizens to participate, and make their voices heard. St. Louis Park.

  5. I’d like to publicly thank all the workers in Maricopa. You guys worked your butts off and went above and beyond under prejudiced scrutiny, dealing with pre-existing bias and did an excellent job. My thanks!

    1. Did an excellent job??? Where have you been? What happened in Arizona is a disgrace. They were still counting votes a week after the polls closed, and had all those problems with their machines. It was a national embarrassment.

  6. Thank you 😊 💓 for your hard work all of you do have to deal with the crazies but in the end you do what is right thank you again 💗

  7. Katie “The Chicken” Hobbs didn’t recuse herself from oversight of her own election. Nuff Said!

  8. Excellent discussion. Thank you for hosting such a level-headed, informative, down-to-earth, fact-based exchange of ideas.

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