The New 'Poll Tax': See 82-year-Old Texas Dem Crush GOP Voting Bill On TV 1

The New ‘Poll Tax’: See 82-year-Old Texas Dem Crush GOP Voting Bill On TV


Longtime Texas Democratic Rep. Senfronia Thompson lays out the history of racist voter suppression in Texas and its link to today’s GOP voting bill in a detailed, emotional answer during an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber. Thompson spoke during her trip to Washington, which Democrats took to deny Texas Republicans a quorum to hold a vote on the controversial bill, and after her meeting with Sen. Joe Manchin, a key vote in the U.S. Senate for any voting reforms.
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    1. @netzoned

      The Bidens offshore accounts have grown too, lol. All these politicians getting rich 🙄

    2. @YouTube Censorship Sux If you actually think Biden is like Manchin you have not been paying attention.

    1. Popcorn gets stuck in your teeth real bad. We need Pirate’s Booty instead that’s easier to pick out of the teeth.

    1. @Tri Arb
      I did attend film school, however, and therefore have a bit of experience in spotting such things.

  1. Eighty-two. Somebody find out what this lady’s eating. Her skin is that of someone thirty or more years younger. Oh, and thank you ma’am for your noble service.

    1. And my ancestor Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation and was then shot in the head. So I know what he is talking about. Knowledge and wisdom isn’t passed via blood lines and times change.

    2. @Joe schmo Your only relation to Abraham Lincoln is through your relations to Adam and Eve. I doubt he’s your “ancestor”.

    1. @JC Houston has had black leadership in positions of power for many years. Mayor Turner got voted in by a majority white voter base. Take a look at leadership positions in that vicinity and try to say the majority white base is mostly racist. You can’t, because they been voting for many years just like they color blind.

      Some parts of the bayou city are still socially backasswards, is true, but stop trying to paint the entire community as racidt when for most of the region that’s been long past history since Gemini and Apollo days.

      Get out more and actually see how people act. Maybe smile instead of scowl at strangers if you don’t want them expecting you up to something. Most people of any group are more interested in their own life than what some stranger they’re walking past might be doing, if you aren’t actively catching their attention.

    2. @gypsieladie

      Idgaf what your opinion is, I’m more concerned with leftist nuts canceling ID to vote, I couldn’t care less if whiners don’t get their “preferred” time. MAKE time to vote if it’s important to you just like 99% of regular citizens lol, MAKE TIME

    3. @david canard , if you have to FIB to make your case then you’re probably on the wrong side.
      Harris County voters The county will still offer more than 800 polling locations.

  2. This lady is spot on..I love to have her debate governor Abbott on why it’s not easier to vote in the modern area.

    1. @Ben Bowman hearsay spreads like wildfire when you attach jail time if you give out water or some other no technicality.

    1. That’s how interviews work. Unlike right wing media where they just scream over people who try to tell the truth or relay facts.

  3. Rep. Senfronia Thompson is a BOSS. We need more people like her in Texas!! THANK YOU Rep. Senfronia Thompson!

  4. That Is One Tough Woman. She Has The Heart Of A Lion. She Truly, Has My Respect. We Really Need, More Like Her.

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