The O.J. Simpson car chase lasted 45 minutes. Watch it unfold

Watch O.J. Simpson's infamous 1994 Bronco chase, including rare audio of a phone call Simpson made to police during the chase. On June 17, 1994, Simpson had been charged with two counts of murder in the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Simpson fled from the police and was declared a fugitive. When a helicopter news camera spotted Simpson's Bronco driving on the highway, CNN interrupted Larry King’s broadcast to air the police chase live. Millions of Americans tuned in to watch the pursuit. #CNN #News


  1. That was fun.

    It’s also covered in this documentary about all the events of that day: ESPN 30 for 30 – 15 – June 17th 1994.

  2. I live in the Chicago area and I remember turning on the TV and finding out that he was under arrest. There was a local connection because he had been in a Chicago hotel.

  3. I watched it live when I lived in north Hollywood… All of it. The North Hollywood shootout too. News helicopter hay day it was!

    1. How could you forget Donald Trump who fked this country up the azz and then Incited a white trash riot at the Capitol?

    2. Wow, OJ killed 2 people and walked free, Santos is an obvious liar. Why no story on Biden having classified documents in his garage. You couldn’t listen or a radio or tv without hearing about Trump being a criminal and traitor after the FBI raided his home!

  4. I’ve watched it live, when it happened. It was during the 1994 Football World Cup and we where at Michael Jordan’s Sports-Bar expecting to see the recaps of the match day… instead there was a white car on the big screens with no sound played and it took a while until i realized what this was actually about.

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