The One Line That Exposes Trump's Real Plan To Overturn The 2020 Election 1

The One Line That Exposes Trump’s Real Plan To Overturn The 2020 Election


Rachel Maddow points to the one spot in acting deputy attorney general Richard Donoghue's handwritten notes on Donald Trump's call to acting-Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen that shows how Republican state legislatures sympathetic to Trump figured into Trump's plan to overturn the legitimate outcome of the 2020 election.
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    1. @Fritz Fedke try Civics class again ooops! The public schools do not teach Civics any more. what a joke

  1. If DOJ doesn’t investigate and bring every witness nto the grand jury to get truth on the record , it will happen again.

    1. @Sun Dial From your lips to Satan’s ears. Your mother must be so proud. What an absolute failure you are.

    2. @James Faulkner II
      Democrats are the NEW NAZIS..stopping Free speech and banning any opposing views and cancelling those who do…with the help of their fellow Nazis FB and Twitter and YouTube….and CNN

    3. @Robert Cowling Wow, Robert, I didn’t know some of that. Absolutely shocking and disgusting. Makes me sick to my stomach thinking of the greed. I admit I’ve been on autopilot for decades and have only recently opened my eyes because of the obvious danger of Trump. But Trump’s not the problem, is he? What we’re seeing now has been building for decades. I think you take Trump out of the equation and our country is still in deep trouble.

    4. @Maggie But, what to I know. I’m a public educated, community college graduated government major who has a great grasp for what appears to be happening. Money has won. People, and their lives, have lost. The GOP is about as pro-life as brain cancer. As long as the money flows, they will end American Democracy, because it’s not profitable enough. Truly sad…

    1. @Cecilia Lamson Not arresting Trump is a passive behavior that lacks the drama of an arrest and, therefore, it’s more likely to fade than otherwise, especially if Trump starts losing his influence over time.

    2. @Evette Fernandez I’m not sure if spreading misinformation (excluding libel cases and the like) is prosecutable. Free speech is highly protected.
      The price of freedom allows for free speech. The advantage is that, presumably, over time, the public will see through the lies and react accordingly (i.e., voting out a lying legislator, President, etc.).

  2. TALK IS CHEAP: NOW, LET’S SEE SOME ACTION. Why aren’t arrests being made and charges laid againt these pro Nazi’s, e.g. Trump and his cohorts. ROUND THEM UP.

  3. Think when you see mccarthy or grahm or mcconnel speaking about the infrastructure bill and remember they all knew about this and actively worked to make it happen and now are working to hide their actions and involvement.

    1. Despicable. There’s an entire party of traitors in the US.
      I don’t even know where to begin on that one. Even the very last bastion of democracy, the democratic election, the People’s vote, has been completely undermined by a party who no longer wants the elections that they cannot win without cheating. It’d be easier to install the dictator they’ve been waiting for all their lives, for life. The magats are totally okay with this, half the insurrectionists they busted, didn’t even bother to vote. Much like they did at BLM protests, the right wing trash just showed up for the violence. They’ve also been waiting for a POS trailer trash in that office and don’t want to lose him.

      Fortunately, that last shred of democracy held fast. But the rope’s on fire and all it takes is for drump and his filth to attack again. Or out with drump and in with someone more savvy. Which is why the DoJ and the courts need to start taking the homegrown domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol the first time, more seriously.

    2. @Ѕқџ Gęṃἱחἱ Bless you, Sku! You are spot on, indeed!!! We need to start seeing some arrests very soon, and I’m talking about the Republican representatives who encouraged the Trump coup attemp every step of the way– and still do. They’re traitors, pure and simple. Take care.

  4. Sadly he wasn’t lying about the Georgia Republican legislature, they were on board with it. Look at the laws they passed in response to the people exercising their right vote.

    1. @extra ghost when was the last one that got in by winning the popular vote. It feels like voting is like betting on a sporting event. The electoral college is like the bookie offering a point spread. The republicans don’t need to win the game outright, they just need to cover.

    2. @Marco Maniaci Ah, Marco, Marco. You know, one thing Republicans like to do is make everything either/or, as if there were no other alternative and never could be. This is a well-known logical fallacy, called a false dilemma. First, it requires limiting options, as Marco has tried to do. Then, it is necessary to make one of the two bad choices seem worse than the other. What is one to do? There seem to be only two choices and the one I like produces results even worse than the one I don’t like. What a dilemma I find myself in! The listener to the argument is stuck choosing the lesser of two evils instead of considering other better alternatives. I learned in high school not to accept the premise of only two choices in the first place. Why couldn’t there be a new Republican Party that actually tried to appeal to the whole electorate and maintained certain principles, not just a slogan here, a slogan there that changes day to day or has no specific meaning, like MAGA. If Marco allowed us to consider or create a third choice, you wouldn’t end up with one-party rule by Democrats. Turns out we would not be facing a dilemma at all. However, just to tweak you, Marco, the Republican Party almost did disappear in 1936. The Congress that met in 1937 had, in effect, 347 D’s and 88 R’s in the House and 79 D’s and 17 R’s in the Senate. The Democrats didn’t do such a bad job, history tells us. But times have changed, and no one is asking for that now, just that Republicans act like they want to be part of the government, not just draw a salary and perks from it. If most of them don’t want to govern, as many of those as possible should be voted out. Those that do want to do their jobs should set up a new party in the middle, get 30% of the seats in Congress. That would force the Dems and Trumpians to change the rules and allow a third caucus that would, in effect, hold the balance of power, with each individual in it having to be persuaded to support whoever was running for leadership positions or running themselves for Speaker or Senate Majority Leader. It only takes some guts. So far, nearly all Republicans have shown themselves to have none, to always want to take the easy way out, whether it be gerrymandering themselves into districts they can’t lose or not bothering to make the effort to win close elections at all, just throwing out results they don’t like. Beware, Georgia Republicans, if you want your party to keep even one House seat in NY or CA or NJ or NM, for they have Democratic legislatures and governors who could adopt the same sort of vote-counting changes you are contemplating and overturn the election of every Republican in their states. How would that sit with your national leadership?

  5. Written and verbal evidence is a road map of what they wanted to achieve. How much more do they need? Honestly.

    And I love how there was no “fraud” to question in red states.

    1. @fred sims I like your memory, fred. That’s the ONLY way Republicans know how to campaign, because they NEVER have a candidate with any real merits — so they have to dump a bunch of lies on their opponents. And the Republican ‘base’ just eats it up and then — when it was proven to be a lie — they just look away toward the next Republican lie they want to believe.

    2. @Luke_SkyWanker And there’s so many lies it’s impossible to keep up with them. Of course I’ve never seen any of them concerned with truth or updating themselves on outcomes that would show the truth. My own mother still thinks that Obama isn’t an American and that Trump was right. I told her that even Trump now admits that Obama is an American. The shock, the confusion, and her inability to reconcile the lie with the truth at that point was too much for her so she changed the subject. I see this pattern of behavior with all right wing people.

    3. @Maggie Yes, I’ve seen it too. If a fact conflicts with their ‘cult programming’ they default back to believing the lie or getting away from the truth by any means necessary. Sorry it had to be your mom, though. I’ve shed a number of “friends” who drank the Trump kool aid (more like “kook aid”) because I just didn’t want to waste any more of my time with them.

    4. @Luke_SkyWanker Thanks…the truth is that my whole birth family are Trumpists and I’ve spent decades loving them even though they lie, and abuse like we all breathe air. I can thank Trump for finally waking me up and setting the boundaries that are allowing me to finally have some peace. I know the mental makeup of a Trumpist. They will never admit fault. They will continue to lie to themselves and others. It never gets better because they never take responsibility to be better. I want to be around people that are honest, kind, and take responsibility. I won’t waste any more of my life. I’m glad to see you feel the same. I’m seeing this with many people in our country and I like to seeing people putting their feet down and making a stand for goodness.

    5. And no “fraud” with the House & Senate vote results, or the results of any of the gubernatorial and local races, only the presidential votes were wrong…

  6. Glad to have you back. Most of this we had heard, but it’s great to have you pull in additional details and tie it all together.

  7. These fools documented their own crimes. If the DOJ doesn’t bring them to justice then our country is done.

    1. @Mike Hunt No, he and his spawn are corrupt and he surrounded himself with corrupt people. Even the people he associated with throughout much of his life were corrupt.

    2. @Mike Hunt Dude he lost. Find yourself a winner instead of the pathetic lying loser. You’re going to lose again.

    3. @Mike Hunt If that does indeed happen, our great country will be destroyed from within. tRump haters will destroy our democracy. It almost happened on Jan 6th.

  8. Don the Con has been Blackmailing the GOP members including the likes of “Lyin’ Ted”, “Little Marco”, “Loser Lindsey”…!!! These guys have taken the insults from Don the Con, and still kiss the behind of Don the Con, because they are being Blackmailed.

    1. your sick. Trump never ever Blackmailed anyone.little marco noy[thing wrong with that. DEMACRATS AND RINO,s LIE IT GOT THEM IN PRISON> MOREARE GOING Party done with defunct corporation inc thats done wake up real biden wasexecuted thats actor Thats the way he talks learn something You must have gotten kicked out of preschool

    2. @marlene mead Please refer to him with proper title, which is Don the Con….If you use the family name you are insulting other family members who may not be as big a Con- Artist as Don the Con…!!!

    3. donald is like an old eel who manages to slime his way out situations but one day that old eel gona run out of slime

    4. @marlene mead Biden has not been executed and is alive and well stop watching rags like military news it’s fake news

  9. Everything has been premeditated, I sincerely hope that the light of the U.S. Laws shines like always and punishes all of those that participated in this scam and go to jail for a long time.

  10. Besides prosecuting these corrupt officials, including the chief corruptor himself, we need to finally abolish the electoral college. The popular vote should win by majority rule. This is long overdue.

    1. @Dee Wood I didn’t say or refer to what you claim… it’s what “they” told you … and it’s all lies

    2. @Dee Wood Could they pick a worse President? Your orange hero reduced America from the shining city on the hill to an absolute joke in 4 years.

      Best you just kick back, turn on Bette Midler’s “The Rose” and triumph over Karaoke

    3. The Electrol college casts their votes for the person who wins the popular vote in their state. The Dems. Have won the popular vote in the last 7 or 8 Elections. But not necessarily the states with the most Electrol votes. Look at an map, population of each state, and the Electrol votes in each state. I agree though. Seems to me the elections should be decided by the Will of The People. Us. The Gerry mandering will continue though, and that usually benefits the republicants.

    1. …He was looking for some votes to steal.
      He was in a bind, he was way behind, his fear of defeat’s for real.

      Hell’s broke loose in Georgia and the Devil deals them hard.
      If you win you show you have a strong brave heart of gold!
      If you lose the devil gets your soul!

      Georgia, you can stand proud. Governor, Secretary of State. All others who resisted the pressure. America and the world owes you thanks.

  11. Rachel: Since “45” was under oath to protect and defend the Constitution on January 6 and before and after while trying to circumvent and VOID it, how is that not treason? Otherwise, is the oath of office of the President of the United States not meaningless?

  12. I want to know why are all these creeps still walking around free? Justice jails people for walking out of a store who forgot to pay for an item worth less than one dollar.

  13. The more we know, the worse this gets. Here you’ve got the acting head of DOJ’s Civil Division, which has no jurisdiction over election-related matters, advising a state (so much for federalism) to overturn its electoral results. Clark needs to be hauled before the Select Committee right away, and then put in an appearance before a federal judge.

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