‘The Only Winner Here Is The Virus. Period.’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. But they will shed the virus to all those they come in contact with…
      The #trumpvirus doesn’t know political parties.

    2. @Dale Jones Have you heard them talk? I don’t think I could stand to be in the same room as them long enough to get sick. The only people they will be near is other like minded individuals. (eg. Mindless)

  1. The only justice will be if Trump himself is infected. Will Trump be standing behind spray shields?

    1. teek75ifty
      And you telling adults to try “looking like an adult” isn’t belittling?
      Hypocrisy, much?

  2. Trump is the pied piper of Tulsa and the transmission rate around the USA will skyrocket.. Like lambs to the slaughter, common sense has gone out of the window.

    1. @fendermaestro What a stupid comment. Bunker boy? How juvenile.
      TRUMP! TRUMP! 2020! 🇺🇲

    2. Mr. Slattery, New Yorkers have known Trump’s been a racist for years. He was forced into an agreement for housing discrimination years ago. His bigotry and xenophobia became obvious from the day he descended the escalator. He inherited hundreds of millions from his father, screwing his siblings in the process. He’s filed bankruptcy six times, scamming investors on the process, been sued over 4,200 times for non payment, stiffing contractors, suppliers and workers alike. Most of his money today came from laundering money for the Russian mob, Saudis, and other assorted rich lowlifes. He used bigotry and racism to create a cult of hate with himself as messiah. Truth, facts, logic and reason don’t matter only the pronouncements of Trump. As long as he feeds and validates your hate, you will continue to support him. Treason and the Constitution, even the country don’t matter. Like petulant schoolchildren you will defy reason risking your lives, and the lives of your family and neighbors, for the gratification of Trump’s ego and to feed your hate. You can’t even present reason for it only platitudes and propaganda, because it has become so deeply ingrained. So go to your rallies, proudly display your stupidity, the whatabouts the protesters really doesn’t matter, this is your choice to be stupid, not anyone else’s.

  3. Trump; “A crowd like nobody seen before…” This will be a crowd of stupid people inhaling the Covid-19 virus for their cult leader.

    1. @Laurie VanDyk I want to see the cellphone tracking data from the rally, then two weeks later. Hospitals and graveyards.

    2. @Stephen Slattery Democrats govern. Trumpublicans seek to “control”. Foundational difference in mindset. The first one is the essence of America. The latter is for those wishing for an authoritarian daddy.

    3. Where was the outcry from MSNBC when there were rallies, protests and riots just a few weeks ago??? I don’t get involved in politics, because I think that the majority of politicians are full of crap. I wasn’t even on board with Trump in 2016, but the way that he gets attacked by the mainstream media is beyond ridiculous. I still don’t understand how the narrative of the mainstream media went from “Covid19… Covid19… Covid19… to protest, protest, protest!” And now it’s right back to “Covid19, Covid19, Covid19!” We had been quarantined for over 2 months. We were told that we could not even go to church, because we would all be killed from Covid19! But it was okay to assemble in large groups to march, rally and protest. But now it’s not okay again to go to rallies??? There just seems to be one rule for one group and another rule for another group.

    1. @Daniel Chen Once upon a time I thought you were reasonable people, NOT ANYMORE ! ………….

  4. It’s a shame he doesn’t have the balls to get out there and shake hands with those idiots.

    1. Yes, but he probably has the (tiny) hands to get out there and shake balls with those idiots. Seems to me that would be more his style.

  5. To put it in mythological terms. They are defying the will of the gods and that is hubris, and hubris is offensive to the gods! They will have their revenge and there will be death.

    1. Do you NPCs seriously not remember all the endless riots that CNN and MSNBC have been cheering on for the last three weeks where the virus wasn’t mentioned once? Now all of a sudden the virus is real again once conservatives want to _peacefully_ assemble? TDS is going to be one of the most notable historical events of the 21st century.

    2. Fake news said three million people were going to die and we’re cheering for the virus , your gods are fake news and democrats.

    3. Mauritius,
      Ignore the trolls. Very beautifully expressed. Trumpf is a Greek tragedy, and it will end very badly for him. Whom the Gods wish to destroy, they make mad.

    4. @Cartoonishly Inept You obviously didn’t watch CNN’s reports and interviews during the protests when they were certainly bringing up the virus and the issue of lots of protestors not wearing masks! Don’t spread your fake news and lies, “Friend of FOX!” 😂 I don’t see fox caring for anyone but bunker boy hero and his orangey ego!

  6. If there’s a positive to be had here, it’s that, when things go really bad in Tulsa in two weeks, maybe this will dissuade other future venues from allowing Trump rallies. Too bad people will need to get sick and die to accomplish this.

    1. I’m guessing other places already turned him down, and Tulsa was pretty far down on the list. That city is taking a wild risk for very little gain but so much to lose on behalf of someone who never saw fit to build one of his ‘famous’ hotels in their city. Their leaders are loonies, and unfortunately there are more places like that.

  7. If Donald Trump certainly morphed himself into Satan I wouldn’t be surprised 👹☠️💀

    1. Israel will ask Trump to dedicate the rebuilding of Herod’s Third Temple in Jerusalem and Trump will get the chance to blaspheme God and spark Armageddon! He is the Greatest President the World has ever seen! Trump 2020!

  8. Trump’s medical waiver is pathetically written. Those who don’t attend his rally but who become sick, or die, from attendees’ contagion can still sue. And should.

    1. Common, Trump’s opposition always makes the claims that Trump is tyrannical. You couldn’t call a presidential mandate that eliminates the people’s choice anything but tyrannical, yet here you are expecting him to impose such mandates.

    2. teek75ifty Choice and consequence are fine as long as the one making the choice is the only one facing the consequences; the problem with a highly contagious virus is that it will spread from the people who made the choice to not wear a mask, and be around other people not wearing masks, to people who didn’t make that choice. If the virus wasn’t going to spread from people who attend the rally to other people, I don’t think anyone would care — if you want to risk your life that’s your choice, but it’s not fair that people who are smart enough to not go to the rally will likely still get sick and possibly die because of exposure from people who attended the rally. The whole idea behind face masks is my mask protects you and your mask protects me, so people who don’t wear masks are selfish with no concern for other people while they benefit from the responsible people wearing masks, who are protecting them. The only way this rally should be allowed to happen is if everyone present quarantines for the appropriate amount of time and agrees to not use medical services if they do get sick because why should doctors and nurses have to risk their lives for people who are ignoring medical advice.

    3. Highly contagious means an individual is at risk regardless of where they are, Heather. Also, in this sense, I have no responsibility to keep you safe as you have no responsibility to keep me safe— the responsibility lies with me and me alone. If you fear the risks associated with the presence a “highly contagious” virus then stay home as that’s the safest bet.

      As far as nurses and doctors risking their lives— that risk is in their job description. If they don’t want the inherent risk of the profession then choose a new career.

    4. Stephen Slattery 😂🤣😂 Learning to babble from a master, Stephen? You look like a very good student. Congratulations!! 😂🤣😂

    1. I think the DEMS should have congress impeach again… Thay had a lot of hear say to go on…. 🙄

  9. The ER staff should quit in protest. But I know they are great people who will bear the brunt of of this. Bless Em

    1. Guess that’s how cult leaders do now days People have to be desperate to go there and trump loves it

  10. Offered a waiver that their grandparents did not sign. How’s Mangolini going to duck that one.

    1. That’s what I’m saying, if they’d rather boost the idiot’s ego than worry about their health let em, weed out the idiots!

    1. paid by taxpayer money… i don’t understand how are Americans letting that moron spend all that money for his own political gain.

    2. @Crimdor How is telling people that it’s okay to gather by the thousands in an enclosed space going to help that. 65 people is several times the size of my family. How many of your family are you willing to loose. You talk of them as a number… like it’s okay… because the number is small… that’s people’s lives. That’s your sister, your brother, your wife, your parents… that all the people in your life you love. What number of them are you willing to sacrifice to Trump? I don’t know about you but human sacrifice isn’t something I want to do… not to that orange faced clown!

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