The origins of vaccine hesitancy in US | Dr. Sanjay Gupta 1

The origins of vaccine hesitancy in US | Dr. Sanjay Gupta


CNN's chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta discusses new polls on overall vaccinations against Covid-19 in the US and the origins of vaccine hesitancy.

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  1. I got my vaccine the day before starting a new job. I’m cooking at a restaurant and around a lot of people that aren’t being careful.

    1. @Spiral Drillman Seems to me that you are the one “enslaved” to illogical, irrational, and easily known to be false ideology, by those individuals capable of critical thinking. You my friend are willingly given to servitude to the deranged and vile people who seek only to control you. I, on the other hand, think for myself and thereby truly free.

    2. @Spiral Drillman Bull! Amusement parks are a large part of the economy, and they really want that money flowing again. Nonsense can be easily beaten by simple logic.

  2. Demographic change it’s going after people that are younger. Now that they’re getting most of the older people vaccinated the virus must know it. Now it’s changed its Target it’s younger people. And not just a younger people getting it now but younger people are being hospitalized hospitalized hospitalized hospitalized. So so scary

    1. It hasn’t changed its target, it is a virus, not a thinking living being. What has happened is, through many cycles of viral replication, more contagious and deadly mutations have arisen. The older, vaccinated population is not presently at risk, but the unvaccinated are at greater risk, from these variants. The variants have a greater R value, they infect better, so they replicate better. There is not intelligence involved, just evolution in action. The danger lies in the fact that variants can arise, that vaccination can’t prevent. Stop the replication, get vaccinated now.

    2. Now that it might harm them, perhaps they might think about changing their behavior. It was the young people who died with the Spanish flu. I think we failed as parents of these young people. They are so entitled and care only about themselves. You don’t see this so much in other cultures.

    3. Viruses mutate, and the mutations that are most contagious or that can evade the body’s defenses are the ones that dominate…

  3. I was born in 1957.
    I got all the vaccinations given to US children through grade school.
    My parents never hesitated in getting me those vaccinations.
    Thanks Mom and Dad. Neither of you may have been smart. But you did the right thing for your only child.

    1. I cruise by a few hours later… and wow you got the deranged barely-hominid trolls frothing at the mouth real good. Congratulations! They’re positively hopping mad!

    1. @Mr. Nobody source? The coronavirus mRNA vaccine has been in development since March of last year.

    2. ​@NPC #1337 Wrong. Heres a short excerpt from Science Direct in Oct. 2019 before coronavirus was even a thing.

    3. @NPC #1337 btw i see what youre trying to do by saying “The coronavirus mRNA”. When i show you mRNA research has been around since the 90s youll counter with “uh, well for this coronavirus its only been a year” which tells me that you have no idea what youre talking about.

    4. @P Balix 99% rate statistic quoted just shows you don’t get out of your idiot cave. EVER. No one talks to you. Because individuals who have ACTUAL social contact with other individuals know that Covid has NASTY lingering side effects.

    5. @Lee – Child of God Another basement dweller that knows nothing, just repeating the “98 – 9% survival rate” broken telephone BLEAT. I have a friend who caught it, six months ago. He still can’t breathe freely. Feels like he got asthma. So eff off with your idiotic statistic. That’s literally WORSE than dying, because he can’t WORK comfortably now. Given he’s struggling to do daily tasks and has to live with it… just eff you!

    1. Gotta push those anti depressants! Mental health never finds your physical problems and give you pills lmao

    2. Get treatment for a capitalist industry! The doctors get kick backs from drug companies! You can look it up lmao

  4. “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”
    ― Issac Asimov, Newsweek 1980

    1. @Siculus Hort
      Naw, not really my style of degeneracy.

      Not new either, despite the recent creation of this account. Gotta love that censorship going around.

  5. Bertolucci’s Pasta e Vino, Huntington Beach, California. Fighting for your rights harder than you are.

  6. Couldn’t wait, although building trust with the public can be a process encompassing a wide spectrum of stances, not always directly related with pharmaceuticals, or guilt by association with other things. Although the polio vaccine and stuff like that could make for good story telling like he was saying as well these days.

  7. I just got my first shot of the Moderna vaccine yesterday. I feel fine, I haven’t turned into a lizard and no desire to eat people.

    1. @SGT McSalty then don’t get it. It’s a choice in this country.

      You certainly don’t need to pester people who are exercising their own right of choice.

    2. @SGT McSalty you’re totally right. My talking about politics and Covid handbook is out-dated. So in the 2020 version under the Republican quick reference appendix…since we disagree I’m either supposed to threaten a hanging death of your whole family from your front yard tree, call you a traitor and communist or just call your response fake news with no other explanation needed. Since I’m new to this I’ll let you choose.

    1. @Yellow Flash so what o you do with your life to take the time to comment on lonely attention seekers?

    2. @Yellow Flash i CAN NOT wait for you to report back to all of us on how the vaccine went. i love you with all my heart fucker.

    3. @Yellow Flash i for one fucking love you. i want you to be with me ALL ways. i want to know everything about you and where you live. we could hang out all the time! PLEASE PLEASEPEASE. I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!!!

  8. Here in Australia among people that I know personally who are against the vaccine and who enjoy the 8000 anti vaccine people rallies, are the same people who were very vocal and strongly believed that the world was going to end in 2012. I told them last week “so 2012 came and went, what happened?” I’m not sure if they will unfriend me

    1. I was hoping for a flat earther people. If you look at their model of the Earth they would have to explain where they where on it. Australia tends to not be on most flat Earth models.

    2. One thing about it 2012 had come and gone but we are living in hell now take your vaccines who cares .

    3. @Andrew Sadler where do you live that it’s like hell? Honestly, my life has been affected very little. I’m from Southern New Jersey by the ocean.

  9. I lost my grand dad to this pandemic and also lost my job. still haven’t gotten my stimulus cheque yet. so sad!

    1. @Jessica Crown sure, I’ll just listen to Jessica the clown. She watches the most trusted news on tv.

    2. @Jessica Crown no thank you. i am allergic to the ingredients used to make it. plus i do not trust the government. you can take mine.

  10. I am learning that even if you do vaccinate you can still catch the virus with symptoms.. I can’t call it, but taking vitamin C and not eating fast food has been working well..

    1. You may still catch it but if you do the vaccine in the vast majority of cases reduces severe symptoms, hospitalisation and death. Not taking it makes herd immunity harder to achieve and risks mutations from spread of the virus that could make the current vaccines ineffective putting us back to square one.

  11. My uncle will talk down the vaccine all day with his friends. Little do they know he had his second shot a month ago, lol. He’s diabetic and in his 70s though. He just doesn’t want to tell them…

    1. My 70 year old mother got it and recovered with no experimental vax the rushed just to make money from the gullible.

    2. @David Bourne Well, a 53 year old coworker of mine died. It was tragic. She left a husband and two kids (10 and 13). Also, my wife is a physician & one of the nurses she knew died (who was only 46). He got it taking care of covid patients. Not everyone is so lucky.

  12. Look, right now we all NEED to be careful and show more compassion. Recently, I was diagnosed with ANXIETY. Limit the caffeine intake and monitor your stressors. We’re in the RED ZONE. I can’t wait until COVID-19 is over. Hang on in there!!!!

    1. i have had anxiety all of my life, it does not get better. stop watching cnn, and stay off the internet . because it will get worse.

    2. it does get better. from time to time. just stay away from main strem media. tey are programing you and brainwashing you into a fear mind state.

  13. It’s a trust issue. Hell, you can’t even trust the Covid death count. Especially, after it was used for political purposes. Then there’s the media…

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